Alcohol and triglycerides

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  • I don’t know where to post this question, so I thought I’ll post here. Mods – Please feel free to move it where its appropriate.

    I’ve read that alcohol (not sugary mixed drinks or beer) processed by the liver turns mostly to tri-glycerides in your blood stream.
    Now I have been told Medium chain tri-glycerides are helping the liver burn more fat etc etc.

    Would alcohol not work the same way (mostly).


    Srinath – there’s a great video on Youtube – “Sugar the bitter truth” by Robert Lustig. In it he talks about how sugar affects the liver. In it he also talks about how alcohol affects it – they are very similar. You may find what you’re looking for there.

    I believe I’ve got some more info on it.
    MCT oil is typically C8 and C10. Very effective for thermiogenesis. 33% or so of coconut oil is these 2.
    C6 is even better, but bitter, and 1% of coconut oil is C6.
    C12 comprises of the 66% or so of coconut oil. All in all add up to good fat.
    By comparison Olive oil is heavy in the C16-18 chains.

    Human cholesterol is C27. Its like comparing a squirrel to an elephant.
    Even pig lard is C18 and C20. Far better.


    Explain what is the relationship between triglycerides and alcohol?

    I know that alcohol increases triglycerides in the blood in two main ways. Firstly, alcohol is fermented sugar, which the body converts into triglycerides if it is present in excess amounts. If the body cannot immediately use sugar for energy, the sugar turns into fat. People with high triglyceride levels are also advised to limit their sugar intake, as it is converted intо triglycerides the same way as alcoholic sugar. High triglycerides in the blood are a known health risk for atherosclerosis, a type of heart disease. That’s why it’s essential to maintain healthy triglyceride levels.

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