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  • I and my husband started 5:2 fast 18 months ago. I have since lost abt 15 cm fom my waist/abt. 17 kg. First faster, now a bit slower. I also had my cholesterol levels tested few weeks ago. Some years ago they were ok, but now they are excellent.

    In 5:2 fast I have finally found an easy way to control my weight without sacrifying my love for food :-). Also on fast days we eat well; why eat less tasty meals on days when you eat less?

    I believe we are in this for life. When traveling I have few times taken short one week breaks few times from 5:2 = missing two fast days. After a week in Greece I had gained 3,5 kg, but didn’t panic as I knew so the weight gain was mostly fluids from daily wine drinking with dinner and salty food.
    In four days (including two fast days) I had lost already 4 kg.

    I see this as lifestyle, not religion, so occasional shor breaks are ok, as long as I commit to the lifestyle abt 90% of time.

    I have collected my 5:2 fast day recipies and my thoughts on this lifestyle in my blog

    Hi Lumo Lifestyle

    Its refreshing to see a post that does not go on about muscle weight and BMI etc.. I started the 5:2 diet 8 weeks ago and lost 2 inches round my beer belly and a stone+ in weight. I also feel better for it. I’m off to Kos in 2 weeks all inclusive so it was nice to read that a break from the diet did no harm. I will lose 4 fasting days although I will try to eat and drink less on those days. I haven’t looked at your blog but am about to. Hope you get all you want from the 5:2 diet, and enjoy eating drinking and life.

    Good job Lumo I don`t force myself to use some diet and every day I read a good result of people who use diet like you and I must force me to use….I am overweight about 30pounds

    Hi ! … I’m in the US, from Portland, Oregon …

    I’m 18 months in as well, and I have lost almost 80 pounds … I still have another 35 to go to reach my High School weight (I’m 58 years old)

    I was at 274 lbs when I started this quest, which began a few weeks after I first saw the Eat, Fast and Live Longer video on PBS. THAT video changed my life …

    I am so amazed at how successful this way of life is … I am not hungry, because I eat 3 meals a day, including a few snacks … I eat mostly veggies on FDs, but I start the day with a single hard boiled egg, and two walnut halves .. about 110 cals ..Lunch is usually half a head of romaine lettuce, with a small cuke and a few cherry tomatoes, which usually add up to about 100 cals … with a whole grain or walnut snack, I still have over 300 calories to go for dinner … a big salad, some lentils and a slice of whole grain bread, and I am usually below 600 cals for the day, and I do NOT starve … I rarely have any issues with quantity or satisfaction …

    On non-fast days, I try my best to eat healthy vegan meals, but I do occasionally splurge and eat seafood and veggies for dinner … an occasional cheeseburger does pass my lips as well … (you have to enjoy life too ) … Compared to how I USED to eat, I am an absolute angel …

    I haven’t broke through -80 pounds yet (-79.1 is my best measurement), but I know I will make it … I love the flexibility, am able to change FDs on the fly if I need to (cant pass up a free meal), and, simply, it works if you stick with it …

    DON’T get all flustered in your first month .. be dedicated and HONEST to yourself, and you will succeed …

    Haven’t felt better in decades …. Good luck !

    Hi, just popped in to read a bit.I’m 10 weeks in and loving the 5:2 lifestyle.

    Gregory – Congratulations! And thank you for being an inspiration for me. I really appreciate your update and detail of your fast day food.

    Lumo, I just started 5:2. It’s very refreshing to read posts that view this as a lifestyle and not another diet. I’ll go check out your blog!

    oops! The blog is in another language, and I notice the last post was 2014. Are you still doing 5:2?

    Never mind! There IS translation. Very fine looking blog!

    Wow, nice to see the 80 lbs. of weight loss Gregory. I have 110-120 total to lose so I know it will be a long process. Love seeing the successes.

    Hello all,

    I just found this old posting, and thought I would follow up!

    So, I am now 52 months in to 5:2 Intermittent Fasting (4 years and 4 months), and I have lost 102# total – 6 pounds to go to hit my target weight.

    Just as important, I have completely reversed my super awful-really really bad Lipid Panel – triglycerides dropped from near 500 to under 100 mL/dL … LDL/HDL are back in proper balance …

    Blood pressure is now near normal without medicine (134/84) …

    I also began a weight training/strength training program in mid 2015 to re-develop my atrophied musculature …

    So, BMI was 42 – now 27-28 …

    I could not be more pleased with the results from this wonderful lifestyle …

    I also learned some things along the way … Look up ‘Autophagy’, and realize that autophagy rarely occurs in the presence of insulin, and insulin does not dissipate until your last meal is fully digested and the glycogen used up.

    In closing, I am damn close to my goal, but I’ll declare victory and then reduce another ten pounds after that – it turns out my goal of returning to my high school weight leaves me a little high on the BMI chart, so I’ll be shooting for an ‘ideal weight’ of 155# …

    Happy fasting !

    Wow TrajanGregory what an achievement. This is a really good example to those just starting that you need to show patience and perseverance with 5:2 if you have a lot of weight to lose. Unfortunately too many people expect a quick fix from diets rather than making a long term change in eating.
    You should be so proud of what you’ve accomplished.

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