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  • Today is my fast day and all goes right until 10mins ago. I have only one protein bar at 200kcal for lunch.

    I have this silly bet with colleagues yesterday and I won. So he promised to give ice cream. I was not aware of he plan to buy it to be today until 10mins ago he brought a brunch of ice cream for everyone in office. I was in the center as I was the reason why everyone got a treat. So I ate it. It is289kcal so my fast allowance is gone. Should I continue the rest of today completely fast or reschedule my fast day? 🙁 I really don’t want to do it on Friday or weekend…. But have nothing for dinner is just so tough. 🙁

    If you don’t want to do another day on Friday I would say carry on today. If you go over your allowance at least it will still be less calories that you would have eaten on a non-fast day, just don’t go mad and “throw in the towel”. The thing is that if you don’t have any dinner you could be tempted to reach for the nearest snack etc. and totally blow the day. Good Luck, Linda

    Stick to your weight-loss plan ………

    Monday and thursday are my fast days, I don’t make a big deal about this. A few weeks ago my husband an I realised late afternoon that it was our wedding anniversary, so after fasting all day we went out and had a wonderful meal plus wine and I fasted the next day, no problem. My advice, enjoy the 5:2, no need to be fanatic.

    If you don’t want to fast tomorrow or the weekend, try to eat a light, healthy meal tonight and don’t worry about it.

    feel a big bad today to like the pig i am i used up all my 600 calories into one sandwich it was delicious but i know i will be regretting it later it sucks going to sleep hungry

    don’t put yourself down evildeeds90… you are not a pig eating a sandwich! Yes you ate it and it was 600 calories but it wasn’t 2400 calories or more. Tomorrow is another day so be kind to yourself.

    I have done the 5:2 fast before and not lost weight. I work long hours so don’t have time to plan meals, if I buy either weight watchers or slimming world meals under 500 caps for the fast days or can anyone suggest anything like omelettes with Greek salad including feta cheese? Or simple veg stir fry??

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