ADF #4 (…which actually isn't alternating…since I am fasting again today)

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ADF #4 (…which actually isn't alternating…since I am fasting again today)

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  • Morning all! 🙂
    Since I am shuffling the schedule to allot for the holiday…today is another “fast” day. If I sound less enthused today…well…I am. But tomorrow will more than make up for it…lol.
    Just started with lite yoghurt (90 cal)…not particularly hungry…and my coffee.

    I am going to make an effort to skip lunch today and save the remaining 410 or so calories so I can have a filling dinner and of course my Pim’s and tea. I think fixing a nice dinner will boost my attitude.

    Until then getting the place cleaned and arrangements made for the 4th. Perhaps this rain will stop long enough for fireworks.

    Tomorrow I am soooooooo not counting calories. And must make sure I don’t schedule these back to back again. One of this diet’s selling (appealing) points on the AFD is that the next day isn’t terribly restrictive.

    On the upside…can’t wait to see the scales on Saturday! That would be a first!

    Evening 🙂

    Well…that wasn’t as unpleasant as I expected. The no lunch definitely made a difference. Did get a bit acidy after all the tea and no food…but dinner was so worth it! With 360 calories left to play with I chopped 10 pre-boiled shrimp finely…(90 kcal)…mixed them with 1 tablespoon margarine (70 kcal) and 1/2 slice crumbled piece of white bread (35 kcal) added herbs from my fresh herb basket (oregano, sage, garlic chives, pepper) and mixed the whole affair and popped it into a small casserole…until the bread crumbs were nice and crunchy brown. Added a small tossed green salad with lemon (20 kcal) and 2 Tablespoons full of Raspberry Pie filling for afters (@ 22 kcal a tablespoon….for a total of 44 kcal) and a glass of ice water with lemon slice. It was magnificent

    Total calories so far today

    349 including this morning’s yogurt.

    Leaving me enough to have a bit of cream in my tea with the Pim’s before bed!

    Realized this evening that I think I am missing the cooking/preparation more than I am missing the actual eating.

    But NOT tomorrow…there are salads and pulled pork and roasting ears and watermelon…and cantaloupe…and fireworks and family and friends 🙂 a Non-Fast Day…now THAT’S Independence!

    Settling in later with Pim’s and creamed tea and a film! Did I mention I LOVE this diet…and think it may be working. We will see on Saturday.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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