A quick run!

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  • This past Monday (a fast day), I had an hour free in the afternoon between conference calls, so I drove over to the YMCA and hopped on a treadmill and ran a quick two miles. Later, when I got on the scale, I was 3 lbs. down.

    The next morning, about half of that weight had come back, but I did the same on Tuesday with the same result.

    I can only imagine that, with no food in me, the quick run is grabbing a boost of fat fuel, and accelerating my metabolism. It has certainly pulled me out of my plateau. I’m going to try to do this in the afternoon of each fast day as time allows.

    I suppose that is the case, and that’s good! I did find some time to buy myself a treadmill which I thought was a bargain considering the feeling of a more expensive build than it actually is (it is the Sunny Health & Fitness one reviewed on this: https://www.meccanohome.com/best-treadmill-under-300/). Now I only have to find the time and the mental push to run the same way that you do — hope I get similar results!


    That looks like a solid treadmill. Go for it! Even 10 or 15 minutes will produce results.

    I’m doing 30 minutes each fast day, alternating between a fast walk, a run, and a sprint, averaging about 5 mph. I’m seeing great results.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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