A little concerned about all the "planning"

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A little concerned about all the "planning"

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  • OK, I’m starting the diet next week.

    And I certainly understand the need to plan and be mindful.

    However, the main reason I was attracted to this diet was because if it’s potential to allow me to “casually” diet and not obsess too much about “organizing” meals and counting calories etc..

    But, I see so many people here getting all hyped up about little details etc, which seems to defeat the purpose of this diet and how it can become a lifestyle as opposed to a diet.

    Am I fooling myself into thinking that this won’t be just like any other diet where I’ll have to be constantly “watching myself”?

    For instance, the whole “psychological trick” to the diet is that you can always argue with yourself on your fast days that you can make it through that ONE day because you can have whatever you want the next two or three days. That way you don’t REALLY feel deprived.

    ***But, I see people here actively dieting on their feast days too.*** And while I understand that we cant OVEReat on feast days and should eat REASONABLY… I don’t think the diet is gonna work as a lifestyle if we just think of the feast days as “less severe fast days”.

    And SOOOO many people here are doing that.

    And it’s making me wonder. Does the diet NOT work unless you’re “dieting’ on feast days too?

    NoahMan, I hear what you’re saying. I think that what happens is that a lot of us have lost touch, over time, with what “eating reasonably” is, and we find out that we have to re-educate ourselves. The best thing to do is start with the fast days and eating reasonably on the other days, and, if you lose weight, great!

    It’s only if you’re not losing weight that you have to start looking at what you’re doing on the other days that’s counteracting the calorie restriction on the fast days. My own problem seems to be that I serve myself too large portions if I just eyeball them. I find that I have to weigh or measure things from time to time or I experience “portion creep”. But I don’t count calories on non-fasting days. Not even on all fasting days, if I’m eating according to what I’ve already worked out comes out to 500/600 calories. Other people may find that they need more or less structure on non-fasting days.

    Hi NoahMan,

    I’ve noticed the same thing. I read the book and watched the video, and I got the same impression that you got…fast 2 days a week and try not to overeat on the other 5 days. The only planning I do is the 500 calorie days, but it’s not much planning. I’ve been eating either a burrito and apple or pear or soup & crackers. I just make sure to keep it at 500 calories. This is my 3rd week on it. I lost 4 lbs. the first week and 2 lbs. the second week. I’m eating my burrito at the moment (it’s a fast day for me). Good luck!!


    I’m guilty of over obsessing. I’ve already lost 34 lbs. I was sedentary for the first year. All I can say is start with the two semi fasting days. Then after a few months of successful fasting. You may start to look at making healthy choices on feed days as well. To apply TDEE to non fasting days so that many of us that lost the first 20lbs can continue to lose more. My goal is to lose 100lbs over ver long period. I do obsess over the details, but that’s my personality trait or flaw. I was very happy doing 5:2 , and later starting in with 4:3. It seemed I was eating junk on my non fast days so as time went I started giving attention to eating healthy all the time, but with foods I now love to eat even more than the junk food.

    I only lost two 2lbs this month, so along with the 5:2 IF I’ve learned over a years time to share and learn with others on how to make the most of my dieting efforts. What I mean to say I love meal planning and dietic information as much as child likes candy, because at this stage in my life I ready to commit to a level effort I’ve not made since I left home at 18.

    As far as 5:2 I would say after trying many different weight loss plans. Once anyone learns how to get in their 2fasting days. They are enabled!

    So. Before go on and on. I’m saying could never have gotten this far without first being successful on 5:2. And some of us are trying a fast track to 2lbs a week instead of one. However there’s more to losing weight than diet alone , I can’t speak for others , but I believe those of us on fast track are using diet in combination with exercise to attempt 2lbs a week. This is a struggle for me hence my obsessing.

    Bottom line after I reach my 100lb goal I will still fast for the longevity benefits. I’ll use the 4:3 that I have learned over the last year to do that. As I don’t have to give up lasagna, meatloaf, chicken dumplings , or bacon for that matter. I just eat those socially, Just not so often that I remain obese. However I’m able to plan those meals into my week. Not because I have to , but because I like being that way.

    Hi NoahMan! I do not count calories on “normal” days. I try to eat reasonably well, but definitely treat myself (chocolate almond ice cream on almost every nonfasting evening) and sometimes even go on a sweets binge. I’m losing quite steadily, although not rapidly, close to a pound a week, which satisfies me because I don’t feel very deprived. Here is a link to a whole thread on the topic from last summer, which shows that many people do it without counting every day.


    Thanks everyone for your posts, but it was comforting to read your’s Samm especially because of the amount you’ve had to lose.

    The other concern I had is that I wasn’t yet seeing that many that had more than 20-30 lbs to lose and I was wondering if the weightloss is sustaining long enough for obese people to continue losing.

    It’s not that I’m not willing to do all the extra counting etc to be successful, but if I have to and it starts to feel restrictive, I was questioning the purpose for THIS particular diet. It’s important for me to finally find a long term lifestyle.

    I can get all caught up in the counting and obsessive nature of dieting and I too even ENJOY that obsessiveness for a while… maybe because it gives a sense of control.

    But I’ve learned over the years, that eventually that gets to be a bit much and that’s in part what inevitably leads to going “off” the diet.

    But what I’m gaining from all of your comments is that the best way to do it is to just start with the 5:2 regimen and make changes based on my personal needs. Maybe that will lead to 4:3… and/or more exercise and/or some restriction on feast days…. only time will tell.

    Thanks again for all your thoughts.

    I was hoping people wouldn’t be upset with me for seeming negative.

    I don’t mean to me, I’m just tired of being on that ‘diet rollercoaster” and what has attracted me to THIS diet is that I can truly envision it becoming a way of life.

    Hi Noah:

    I have never counted calories or planned a meal in over a year on 5:2 (off and on because I travel a lot). It works fine and for me is the only ‘diet’ I’ll ever again need.

    There are many that have lost 50 or more pounds using 5:2. The highest I have seen reported is just over 100. It does work long term because you can stay on it.

    You are right – start with 5:2. After you have done two successful diet days for eight or more weeks, you can reevaluate (I have never had to do anything different).

    Here are some tips for those just starting 5:2: http://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/warnings-to-newbies/

    Good Luck!

    Char… thanks for the link to the other thread… it was a very encouraging thread to read and it was just the medicine.

    I personally would like to lose in the region of 70lbs.

    4lbs down so far in a week but I know that this amount won’t be sustained or won’t see that loss ever again whilst I am doing this plan.

    However, I am going to stick with it as it’s not that hard to do and planning for only 2 or 3 days a week is fine.

    As Franfit says, it’s the eating reasonably that sometimes gets lost and I am also guilty of portion creeping – you’ll probably find that on your non fasting days you eat less that what you would normally have done or make different choices in what you eat (an apple instead of that bag of crisps or choc bar)…..it’s all part of re-educating yourself….that’s what is happening to me or has happened to me so far.

    Good luck


    I think the people who find 5:2 easy are those who don’t feel very hungry on the day after their fast. It is very tough on those who want to eat everything in the house.

    I wonder what causes the difference, and whether it is possible to move groups. Is it related to how you do the Fast day (what you eat and how you spread this out)? Or have you done the same thing but found that your after fast day has got easier over time?


    I’m a newbie and was thinking about this too barbarita. Also considering what and how you ate the day before the fast day, together with the amount of activity/exercise …..maybe?

    I think it is going to be trial and error with me, listening to my body and trying to learn from it.

    I cant gi did

    ecall ever disagreeing with simicoeluv b.but had put me in my place as needed . And im thankful.

    I strongly believe it is a poor probiotic balance that has many fasters craving carbs on fast days even when theve just eaten. In particular the diet soda drinkers. The good news is some foods that gave good probiotics in them fit well with fasting. its what I do.

    But yes any beginner should become successful with the 2 days first. Some people stuggle other enjoy it. Theres alot freedom and very little guilt. I build fail days in by. Starting on monday. If it doesnt work I try again till I do. As long as get my first fast day by wednesday then I can skip thurs fast friday and still gave the wedkend free. I live with othets so weekend became too hard.

    About m loss

    I have lost weight before. After 1 year I didnt yoyo. Sotjis year is focus fenzy. Thing is after the 5:2 exoerience im simply much more health concious. Most of my wieght has been lost on 5:2. But I do someother things too. L ike skip rope and increase my neat. Deinately Into more vegetables instead of starches. I get chatty when im sleepy . Just wanted to wish you luck.

    barbarita, I don’t think there’s any research yet addressing this issue (of whether you feel less or more hungry than usual after a fasting day), but I think it might have to do with differences in insulin levels. This is not completely under our control, but is something we can influence. Insulin goes up when we eat sugars or starches so that the glucose can get into the cells to be used. But it also can provoke or prolong hunger and make the fat stay in the fat cells. I personally find that, if I eat a breakfast based on whole-grain cereal, I’ll be hungry in two hours. If it’s based on eggs or low-fat yogurt or low-fat cheese, I’m good until sometime in the afternoon. On fast days I’m very careful about carb intake. The lean protein and vegetable route with maybe a small piece of fruit works great for me. If I save all my calories for dinner I can have a good vegetarian pile of beans and greens on a bit of a whole grain with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese and do OK (note the absence of easily-digested refined starches and sugars). But when I read about people eating cereal for breakfast and spaghetti on toast for tea on a fast day I wonder how they can not be hungry. Of course, if it works for them, great! For me it would not be enough protein and I would probably feel horrible.

    NoahMan, I have lost 37 pounds so far with 10-15 more to go, depending on how I look and feel when I get there. In addition to 5:2 I have been walking a lot more. I had to build up slowly on that. My big concern now is planning for maintenance. I do know from past experience that doing nothing won’t work. Will 6:1 be enough for me? I don’t know, but I plan to figure it out when I get there!

    Yes Franfit your explanation does make sense to me. Not only should low carb on Fast day make fast day easier, it should make the following day easier too.

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