5:2 diet vs the 8 week blood sugar diet

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5:2 diet vs the 8 week blood sugar diet

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  • I have just heard Dr Mosely talking on tv yesterday about the 8 week blood sugar diet where they eat 800 cals per day and lose significant weight.

    Has anyone done this diet?

    I would carry on with 5:2 but the other diet loses weight fast….

    You sound like me, always looking for the next diet miracle! I watched the to programme too, think it probably does work but would not be a long term plan for me whereas this one would be – if I ever get to maintaining I could do one FD per week instead of two, to continue with the proven health benefits.
    Try it and let us know how it goes, but like all short term diets, you get to the end….and what then? I need a life plan- I have got to target weight twice before on WW then slowly regained it all. This time I want to lose it and then keep it off.

    I have just posted about this. I am doing a little of both, not necessarily cutting my cals to 500 on a fast day but trying to eat within the guidelines of the 8 week sugar diet i.e. trying to keep to low to medium GI foods. I cannot follow it strictly because to be frank the recipes do not appeal and I don’t like fish!

    For me I am doing fast days where I don’t eat until dinner in the evening but I have a decent meal. For e.g. the meal I had on a fast day this week was around the 900 cal mark but all foods were low GI and blooming delicious. I will let you know how I get on.

    I have also cut out desserts as well, normally I would always have a Magnum or Cadbury Ice Cream stick, replaces the cigarette I gave up many years ago!

    Instead I am opting for 20g of plain cashews as a treat but tonight (non fast day) I am having a West Country Strawberry and Cream yogurt. All within my TDEE calorie count.

    Yes Susiewoosy (love the tag!!) – always looking for a miracle!! And yes I want to keep it off.

    And like you Kazd, I am also an ex-smoker and love Magnums!I like the idea you are combining both. Have you found any success yet? I read your post but didn’t see if you have lost anything.

    I’ve been at a tangi (funeral) for the last week, where eating within my points was impossible, so I’m doing a back to back 3 days at the mo to try and make up for it!! The thought of doing the 8 week thing kind of appeals (it I don’t go ‘out’ on the town for the period), but I don’t know how long I could actually succeed on it!!

    Interesting as I bought both books, initially thought there was no way I would manage on 800 calories a day for 8 weeks, but now that I have started the 5:2 (or 4:3 as I am starting with) and finding it easier than I thought I am wondering. What I have decided at the moment is that I will continue 4:3 for a couple of weeks or so and then perhaps when I hit a plateau I will convert to 8 Week Blood sugar diet, maybe not for the whole 8 weeks, I’ll see how it goes. I was on a diet before starting this and I have been quite pleased but I am finding this so easy and losing more weight (at least initially). I have my daughter’s Hen weekend in less than a month and her wedding in 4 months – good goals to aim for! I would definitely be interested if any of you try the 800 / 8wk . . .
    Suziewoosey – my ‘plan’ is to lose the weight whichever way (800 / 8 or 5:2) then go onto a maintenance 6:1 and keep my fingers crossed. As long as I am monitoring my weight / size I can always step it up if I need . . . .
    Just wish I had cottoned onto this regime years ago . . . .

    I started the 8 week blood sugar diet just over 4 weeks ago. This is the best diet I have ever been on in terms of rapid weight loss. So far I’ve lost 5kg, 3kg, 1.3kg, 1.4kg. Even though the weight loss has slowed I keep reducing cms. Plus, I think I might have been overeating carbs (even though my calorie intake was 800 or less).

    I didn’t buy the book but read the newspaper articles, etc. I didn’t follow the food plans as I like to keep the food as real as possible to what I would actually choose to eat. I also used SparkPeople to count and track my calories. It also tracks carbs, fat, protien, fibre, etc. It’s really easy to use as it allows you to copy meals from other days, lists your recent foods and you can group foods together to make it quick to add your own receipes.

    OMG Cazj – that is the sort of loss I want to see!! Good on you – you must be sooooo thrilled, and extra motivated now. Its even got ME excited!!

    I have bought the book, and just finished reading it. I will start it next week (as I will be drinking this weekend!!) and then I will have ‘dry’ April/May and probably June too. I will continue with the 3:4 days and try out the 800 calories on the other days.. And thanks for the SparkPeople app – I will suss it out!

    Oooo sooo excited now!

    Hi folks-

    I have been doing 5:2 for 4 months and had some really good results (tho it’s been harder in the last month with less results).

    Last night I saw an interview Dr. Mosley did about the Blood Sugar Diet and I went out and got the book today. (I’m about 1/3 of the way through) What appealed to me in the interview was the amount of loss projected for 2 months but also, and probably even more compelling, was the thought that the fat would come off my belly.

    So today I’m doing a little calculating and it seems to me that on my 5:2 food days I eat about 1500 calories. On my fast days I eat none. So that’s about 7550 calories for a week. And, if I understand the BSD, I would eat 800 calories a day for 7 days or 5600 calories in a week.

    If I tried very hard I could probably carve another 2000 calories out of my week. But I’m VERY concerned about eating 800 calories and not wanting to eat more. I suspect I’d have to have 1 full meal at night to make it work for me.

    I don’t mind the Mediterranean approach to food. Those are already the things I do and don’t eat. I won’t care very much for calorie counting to be sure I stay under 800 calories a day. But I’ll do it.

    I guess what I’m asking is how much different is it going to be from 5:2 and will the restrictions in my eating REALLY mean a big difference in my weight and fat loss? …even if I’ve already dropped about 35 pounds? What do those of you who have experience with BSD think?

    Hi all, I am on the 5:2 now but started out on the 800 calories for 8 weeks. I lost 5kg and maybe a bit more but by week 7 found it impossible to complete. Craved chocolate and all things carby and would not normally eat sweet things. I am now back on tract with the 5:2 this is week 2 and lost either just over or just under 1kg every fast day. I am also managing so far to keep off the weight on non fast days. I am still trying to sort out how many calories to eat on non fast days as I think the TDEE for me is a little out. I dont have much weight to shed so this makes it more difficult. I think the calculation is best if you put in your goal weight and then calculate as just 100 calories daily really makes a difference.
    Good luck everyone which ever diet you try.

    I am on the second day and it’s going well, I recommend you go on it if your GP isn’t against the idea.

    Have you not read the research by Dr Roy Taylor?

    Hello everyone! This is my second time doing the 8 week 800 cals a day diet.

    I failed the first time because I was half-hearted, away from home and under heaps of stress!

    Now all I have to stress about is looking good in Venice at the end of the month.

    This is what I had to eat today…

    Aldi Farmhouse Batch Superseeded Loaf 2 slices 276
    Aldi Freshcure Smoked Back Bacon, 2 rashers 92
    Hellman’s – Real Mayonnaise, 0.5 Tbsp 51
    Total Calories 419

    Hard Boiled Egg – Large, 70
    Mixed Salad, 2 cup 16
    Small Sweet Potato – Baked With Skin, (60 gr) 54
    Total Calories 140

    Yeo Valley yogurt – Strawberry, 100 g 106
    Banana – Large Banana, 1 piece 121
    Total Calories 227

    Totals 786
    Your Daily Goal 800

    Calories Remaining 14

    Off for a coffee, cheers all!

    I’m now in my fifth year on 5:2 but have never posted on this thread but this topic interests me.

    I’ve been overweight and sometimes borderline obese since childhood and 5:2 is the only diet that’s ever worked for me, despite eating healthily but almost certainly in too large quantities. I’m convinced that intermittent fasting has made all the difference.

    About 8 weeks ago, having so far lost a little over 20% of my starting weight, with various other healthy spin-offs, I switched from the conventional 5:2 pattern to a combination of Jason Fung’s 24-hour fasting (which I find relatively easy) with 2 fast days a week at 800 cal per day.

    I didn’t feel I could realistically stick to 800 cals for 7 day a week so I took up Dr M’s suggestion of following the 5:2 pattern for a less dramatic loss. The main difference was to be especially vigilant on sugar and processed carbs but a little more generous with “good” fats. For much of the time I followed recipes in the BSD cookbook.

    I’m sorry to say it didn’t work. I REGAINED 3 kilos. I should point out that I’m probably one of 5:2’s slowest losers and something of a plateau queen – and I mean plateaux that last for up to 5 or 6 months on end – which has meant an average annual weight loss of around 4.5 kilos. So this gain could cost me nearly a year’s extra work. Now I find myself back on a plateau and after 4 weeks, still failing to shed even a fraction of the regained 3 kilos, which has left me more than a little disheartened.

    My conclusion is that I’m one of those who needs to watch not only sugar but also fat intake. I wish I’d stuck to the principle of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but of course this doesn’t mean that others won’t find it works brilliantly for them.

    I became stuck on a plateau during March doing ADF. It was extremely disheartening to do all that fasting and get no results and it became harder and harder to through a fast day because I was no longer expecting it to work. The announcement about an increase in calories allowed to 800 (with the caveat of no bad carbs) came as a big relief and let me fast successfully again but also led to me reading about the BSD and decide to trial it. I did an initial five days and went back to losing weight. I have found it very easy to follow probably because I had already removed sugar and processed carbs from my diet and because of all the practice fasting at 500 calories. 800 still feels generous, even every day. I have been doing it for two weeks now and am extremely happy as my BMI just dropped out of the Obese range. I have lost 12 lbs in this time! Although I suppose I might have been due a whoosh from the plateau on the ADF so maybe BSD shouldn’t take all the credit. I am going to carry on until the 21st to make it a full month and then decide whether to do the full 8 weeks. I am a bit concerned about potential impact on metabolism although MM doesn’t appear to think that likely. At least I assume he doesn’t. I still have 60lbs to go to my target and I want to keep seeing substantial progress as it makes it much easier to persevere.

    Hi so i saw my cardiologist today and he had great tips.

    He said to eat whatever you want but in smaller quantities. Minimize dairy and red meat consumptiona

    30 minutes of cardio (bike, threadmill, elliptical etc) keep your target heart rate up for 20 minutes 5days a week. (you can find your target heart rate online)

    Or 1 hour of cardio 3 days a week.

    He said frequent cardio trains your body to use fat as energy instead of glucose.

    Hope it helps.

    @bowlofpetunias – I think your cardiologist is giving old advice that is well known to only work for a limited time for most people. I actually spent two years on a weight plateau eating less, moving lots more and felling terrible.

    While it will very from person to person, here is what really worked for me:

    1) Cutting out ADDED REFINED sugar from my diet. While this is difficult to do 100%, I cut my from over 60g/day to less than 20g/day. That is what really kicked started my fat lost.

    2) Constantly improving my diet, for me that means a lot more fruit and vegetables in my diet. For me the sugars in fruit seem to be a non-issue but I do much better with 4 or 5 servings of fruit in my diet. Much more fiber is really helpful, however that pushes up the portion sizes. Still high fiber food is typically low in calories.

    3) Cutting back on the exercise time but exercising much harder when I do exercise. In fact when I’m pushing hard, I’m lucky to last 15 minutes. Generally I do some sort of interval type exercise. HIT and HIIT depending what I’m working on. In my case cardio was extremely counter-productive.

    4) FASTING – I do full on fasting (no eating), typically twice a week for about 36 hours each time.

    Those changes have helped me lose about 14kg of fat over the last year. I’m also building muscle now where when I wasn’t doing what your cardiologist suggested. When I was doing lots of cardio and eating less I was losing lean body mass.

    High intensity exercise and stressing muscles is what really works. That does train your body to burn fat. While I do sometimes do cardio activities, I know that isn’t want is doing the heavy lifting.

    I think a great source of nutritional tips can be found in these blogs by doctors:

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