5:2 & 16:8 combining with blood sugar diet

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5:2 & 16:8 combining with blood sugar diet

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  • I’m from Wellington NZ, 54 yr old, female, 165cm (5’4) and currently weigh 71.1kg (158 pounds).

    Started 5:2 in Nov 2017 and had lost 16kg in 7 months. However put on about half back by Nov 2018. Re-started in Jan 2019 and have lost nearly 4kg in 6 weeks. Plan to re-start again after a trip overseas, aiming to get to 65kg (143 pound) which is the heavier end of health BMI.

    This time round I want to explore combining 5:2 with narrow eating window (16:8) and blood sugar diet.

    I did 16:8 accidentally due to the need to control calories by not eating breakfast everyday. However need to learn more about blood sugar diet. Got the book and still reading it through.

    I’m a reasonably healthy person (touch wood), hardly got sick but knees hurt badly when climbing hills when I was heavier. My aim is to keep active and fit. Husband is diabetic so need to incorporate blood sugar diet into our meals.

    Joined a forum in Jan 2019 and found it very helpful to keep me motivated and focus. I hope other fasters will join me here and we can help each other along this journey.

    Usually I fast on Monday and Thursday. Fast day for me today.

    Hi PhoenixW
    Congratulations on your great start to 2019, keep with it and you will soon reach your goal. I began the Blood Sugar Diet on 5:2 in July 2017 weighing 159 lbs at 5ft 5in. I’ve lost 30 lbs and maintained the loss since May 2018. Feel healthy and at an all time adult low weight at 60!! My weight fluctuates depending on stresses 😱 and celebrations 🥳 but I have learnt that 5:2 and a healthy Mediterranean eating style with a 10 hour eating window every day keeps me within my happy maintenance weight range……. and is an enjoyable and sustainable. Best wishes for success 😊

    Thank you MissyBear for your encouragement. Great to hear your success in combining 5:2, 14:10 & Mediterranean eating style.

    I’m yet to learn more on food that can control blood sugar. Worry about husband’s diabetes. He has lost quite a bit of weight and cut off cheese etc but still a diabetic.

    Monday 11 March fast day went very well. Managed a fasting window of 23 hours.
    Tue 12 slow day weighed 69.7kg first thing in the morning. Managed a 17 hour fasting window.
    Wed 13 fast day weighed 69.3kg this morning. Normally fast on Thursday but need to donate blood tomorrow so fasting today instead.

    Appeared to lose too much weight too quickly – they may be mainly water.

    Thurs 14 Mar 2019 68.8kg – I seem to lose weight too quickly, something wrong with the scale?

    Fasting yesterday was successful with no calories window of 24 hours (7.30pm to 7.30pm). Work was hectic and it helped.

    Not fasting today, blood donation this morning and have eaten breakfast already. Anybody tries fasting during blood donation day?

    Thurs 14 Mar 2019 68.8kg – I seem to lose weight too quickly, something wrong with the scale, or still loosing mainly water?

    Fasting yesterday was successful with no calories window of 24 hours (7.30pm to 7.30pm). Work was hectic so it helped.

    Not fasting today as I was planning to donate blood this morning. However was told since I was overseas less than a month ago I need to wait till after 1 April. Still proceed with a no fasting holiday however.

    Fri 15 Mar 2019 Slow Day weigh 69.2 kg – sort of expected the weight gain from eating a lot (eating holiday) yesterday. Hope to maintain this weight till Monday morning formal weigh in.

    Aiming for a 16-17 hours fasting window from last night. Big eating challenges this weekend as will eat out twice or three times. Need to keep portion size under straight control.

    Monday 18 March 2019 – Fast Day. Official weight 70.6kg, a reduction from 71.1kg a week ago.

    It was challenging to limit calories intake during the weekend. Eating out 3 times plus drinks and nibbles before a dinner. However my focus is the direction of weight loss over a week, and am happy with 500g weight lost over a week.

    It’s a difficult time in New Zealand, after the unthinkable massacre occurred on Saturday that 50 Christchurch residents lost their lives and 12 are still in critical conditions.

    Aroha (love) to everyone.
    Let us all unite (Kotahitanga).
    Let us be strong (Kia Kaha).

    Tuesday 19 March 2019 – Slow Day. Weighed 69.8kg this morning. Higher than expected weight loss. Fasting window 23.5 hours yesterday. Despite over consumption over the weekend, the fast day went very well. In the past I needed to reduce calories on the day before fasting day so I didn’t feel too hungry the next day.

    Should be minimal eating challenge this week, except for an invitation to dinner on Saturday. Saved a piece of cake from yesterday’s work morning tea for today. This is the beauty of 5:2.

    he ra pai

    Thurs 21 March 2019 – Fast Day. Weigh 68.7 kg this morning.

    Took yesterday off from work. Enjoyed going to the gym with daughter and ate breakfast for a change. Surprised at the weigh loss – may be fluid lost as we went to the sauna in the gym for half an hour.

    Lovely sunny day in Wellington this morning. Hoping for a 22 hours fasting window today.

    whai i te ra pai

    Friday 22 March 2019- Slow Day. Weight 68.4 kg this morning.

    Managed a 22 hr fasting window yesterday – no food/calories till dinner time. Need to find way to rid bitter taste in mouth during fasting.

    Farewell morning tea at work today. May keep food till lunch time, as I tried not to eat in the morning, fast or slow day.

    Have a good weekend!

    Tuesday 26 March 2019 weigh 68.2kg this morning.

    Somehow lost the post yesterday. Monday official weigh in was 69.5kg, and yesterday’s fasting window was 24 hours. Took a hayfever tablet in the morning that may cause more than expected weight loss – mainly fluid.

    Slow day today. Attending a conference this morning and need to watch out for morning tea.

    Cloudy and windy today in Wellington.

    Wed 27 March 2019 weigh 68.5kg this morning

    Eaten more calories than normal yesterday – sausage rolls for morning tea, normal lunch, cake for afternoon tea and chicken & prawn laksa for dinner.

    Slow day today. I’ve hosted a fund raising morning tea and there are a lot of yummy food. Will skip lunch to compensate.

    Need to eat less tonight to prepare for fasting tomorrow.

    Windy and raining today.

    Thurs 28 March 2019 weight 69 kg this morning.

    The yummy food consumed yesterday done a bit of damage, but it was worth it.

    Slow day today and not expecting eating challenge. Hope for a 22 fasting window today.

    Sunny day today and will go for a long walk at lunch time.

    Friday 29 March weigh 67.8kg this morning. Had lost too much weight over last 24 hours, however should gain some weight over weekend. Hoping to manage loosing 400-500g per week, not 1-2 kg. Aiming for 69kg for Monday morning.

    Lovely & sunny in Wellington. National remembrance service this morning to honor Christchurch victims.

    Last weekend was warm we had in Wellington. People still swimming in the sea.

    Monday 1 April 2019 weigh 69.4kg, only lost 100g since last week. Ate quite a bit of snacks over the weekend. Happy with the weight however.

    Fast day today. Aiming for 23 hours fasting window, and looking forward to the centergy class in late afternoon.

    Raining today, but still warm (21’c).

    Tuesday 2 April. Weighed 68.2kg. Good fast day yesterday with fasting window of 23 hours.

    Slow day today. Packed a low calories lunch and plan to cook chicken pieces to make wraps tonight.

    Overcast today in Wellington. It’s getting cooler (15’c).

    Wed 3 April. Weigh 68.1 kg. Good slow day yesterday but had a light headache since yesterday. Vege soup for lunch and chicken & salad wrap for dinner.

    Slow day today. Meet husband for lunch so hope to keep calories under control.

    Another overcast & cool day in Wellington.

    Friday 5 April. Weigh 67.8kg, & 68.2kg on Thursday morning.

    Fast day went well yesterday. Achieved 21 hours fasting if not counting a small juice after a lovely massage session. I build in “treats” for fast days like yoga or massage.

    Aim for around 68 – 68.5kg on Monday morning.

    Overcast today and rain forecast for this weekend.

    Monday 8 Apr 2019. Official weight 69.0kg – heavier than planned.

    The weekend was cold & miserable and I had eaten more calories than expected. However still happy with the 400g lost over one week; and have lost 2.1kg in last 4 weeks.

    Fast day today and aiming for a 24 hour fasting window.

    Thurs 11 April.

    Weights over the last 3 days:
    Tue 9 Apr 68.2kg after fast day on Mon. Fast day didn’t go well, ended up eating fruits and crackers from noon. A small dinner on Mon; light lunch & dinner on Tue
    Wed 10 Apr 67.0 kg. This can’t be right. Slow day & took the day off work. Quite relaxed about eating
    Thurs 11 April 67.8kg. This weight looks more normal.

    Fast day today aiming for 22 fasting window.

    Friday 12 April Slow Day. Weigh 67.7kg

    Fast day didn’t go well yesterday. Overly busy at work,too much to do and constantly interrupted by colleagues needing advice etc. Ended up like Monday. Started eating from lunch time & didn’t stick to 500c. Luckily the weight did not increase.

    I’m have only 3kg to loose, so may be I need to relax a bit on my fast days to start eating lunch (fruit) and also start making vege soup for lunch on Slow Days.

    Rain and gale force wind today. The season has certainly changed from 24’c two weeks ago to 12’c max today.

    Monday 15 April 2019 Official weight 68.8kg.

    Too relaxed Friday – Sunday and have resulted in lesser weight loss. Need to be more discipline this week, as will not fast from Friday for a week due to holidaying.

    Fast day today, not aiming for 24 hours fasting window however. May eat fruit at lunch time.

    An autumn day in Wellington today.

    Tue 16 April 2019 Slow Day. Weigh 68.2 kg

    Good fast day yesterday with 17 hours fasting window. Ate fruit, cheese & crackers from now, and a reasonable portion dinner.

    For today will try not to eat till lunch time. Will have a light soupy lunch but will have chicken and fish balls laksa (my favorite & probably a zillion calories) tonight.

    Hopefully we will have hours of sunshine in Wellington today.

    Thurs 18 Apr 2019 Fast Day. Weigh 68.4 kg.

    Ate too much cakes yesterday. Fortunately only gained 200g.

    Hot cross bun and chocolate morning team at work this morning. Will keep some in a container for tomorrow.

    Holidaying from tomorrow till 27 April. Will not fast during this time however will try to limit calories everyday.

    Sunny in Wellington today.

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