50 , 5ft2 and 5ish stone to lose. 5:2 seems destined, let's hope so.

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50 , 5ft2 and 5ish stone to lose. 5:2 seems destined, let's hope so.

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  • So this year I need to sort out my health beginning with my significant excess weight. I feel unhealthy, my movement is getting less and less admittedly by choice I’ve always hated exercise but I’m only averaging 3000 steps a day. I have horrible acid reflux from time to time, achey joints, not sleeping well, feel a mess in anything I wear it’s affecting every aspect if my life my confidence and self esteem is in the doldrums.
    Okay that’s the low now for the up.
    Feel motivated to do something about it and inspired by some of the stories on here. I’ve just read @fatrabbit story which has given me even more determination as the numbers are similar and she proves that it is doable.
    So setting out my stall here are the starting scores on the door:
    Weight 14st 12.75
    Bust 45
    Waist 43
    Hip 52
    Neck 15.25

    Today has been a successful fasting day and the next planned for Thursday, on control days I plan to stay between BMR and TDEE using My Fitness Pal to monitor. I will weigh every Monday morning but not sure how often I should measure monthly? Grateful for any and all advice.

    Join the January challenge!

    I have @mogaman so here’s hoping šŸ™‚ I’d like to lose 7-8lbs this month if I can.

    Welcome, Ardell. so glad you are making good health decisions for 2018. Measuring monthly would be a good idea. When we started Fasting 4 years ago, we measured every 3 months. My husband had 40-50 pounds to lose and he did it. Now we measure every 6 months, just to prove that we are still succeeding at this. 7-8 pounds is ambitious for one month, just so you know…
    Do keep us posted on your success.

    We can do this!

    I’m 50. Trying to drop two sizes. I have dropped from my heavies, size 26 to 14\16.0I just started fasting again. Iā€™m doing a water with raw apple cider vinegar. I also drink green tea. Trying to detox my body. First day I just slept. Second day my joints hurt and no energy. I went into the Jacuzzi and felt like I was going to faint. Felt better once I went into the pool to cool off. Did this a few times. Today body aches almost gone. Joints popping and I have energy. Not hungry at all. Elimination is still good. I did add sole salt to my distilled water today. Thanks to the forum. Found out I needed salt. Sole has minerals as I use Himalayan and Celtic salt when I make it. My goal is to do a month fast then slowly go into a Keto lifestyle. I need to lose weight and heal my body. I will break my fast with kombucha to replace the good bacteria in my stomach. I hope I will be able to work out soon. I have rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Did blood work and found out what causes inflammation in my system and avoid them. Gout not so successful. Hope this will solve it as well.

    Nightmare I’ve just realised that losing 5 stone will still not put me in the healthy BMI range I’m 1 out. I need to lose 6 stone. So I’m not going to focus on the big picture but break it down into small chunks of 7lbs.

    I’ve had one fast day and one control day which I kept below my TDEE and so far 3.5lbs lost so that half way to my first half stone šŸ˜Š

    Today is another fast day and I’ve planned for a veggie stir fry for my dinner.

    CD today and managed to stay below my TDEE but it felt like one of my old diet days, which just goes to show how much I over ate no wonder I ended up at the weigh I did.

    You’ve off to a good start Ardell šŸ™‚

    So didn’t eat until 5:30pm today, then was like a woman possessed. I didn’t plan it that way but life sometimes takes over. Anywhooo I managed to eat 1200 cals in 2 hours what’s that all about, good job it was still below TDEE for me. So tomorrow is my weekly weigh in quite excited to see how my first week has gone.

    So weigh in day 3.5lbs lost, not bad, half of half a stone. Aiming for 1-2lbs next week.

    Back at work today which is much better for me when fasting, especially if I work late gives me less time to rummage in the fridge so easily managed 421 cals today šŸ˜

    Ardell, I think breaking weight loss goals down into smaller targets is wise. Looking at a large total can be daunting. I set 10kg targets and found that more achievable.

    Without adequate sleep you can’t achieve you weight loss because no-sleep your body develops cortisol a hormone which will store fat round your belly. Instead of lower your weight, you gain weight.

    Ardell, be careful that you are not starving yourself to achieve your goal. Losing weight too fast; eating nothing for days on end; these are not sustainable eating strategies. Yes you are losing weight, but at what cost? Slow down that process, eat some quality food, and create a lifestyle that you can continue for the rest of your life.
    Good luck.


    Am in a similar situation – need to lose 40k! However have been here before, so am very anxious that I make a permanent loss this time. Hopefully the 5:2 fast diet will work for me. Am starting my second fast day today (am in Australia hence weird time !) and am ok. Planned my dinner, so all ok. Wonder if having three fast days may be better than 2 given my long journey ahead!

    Now working on getting my 10,000 steps up!

    good luck and stay healthy šŸ˜€

    Good luck, Roogirl. Start with the 2 Fast Days and see how that works. Also, pay attention to what you eat on Slow Days. Reducing those calories will add to you weight loss without a full-blown 3rd Fast Day. Hide the snacks, reduce the carbs. Let us know how well the Fasting works for you. If you need any recipes, I’ve got lots.

    Not updated in a few days, so have had a few really bad days but good fast today and will fast again tomorrow, disappointed that I fell of the wagon but I have got straight back on.

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