5 Years or more on a Fast Diet regime?

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5 Years or more on a Fast Diet regime?

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  • There seem to be thousands of different active topics but I can’t find one specifically aimed at simply recording how long people have managed to keep following the Fast Diet regime and how successful, or otherwise, it has proven for them.

    There was a negative article by Jonathan Leake in the Sunday Times on 31/12/2017 where a quote was included stating “…there is no evidence to show it (i.e. intermittent dieting) helps achieve weight loss lasting years or even months”.

    Well, if anyone is interested I have just over 5 years of data to show that in at least one case there is precisely that evidence. From memory the Horizon programme that first discussed 5:2 was in Summer 2012, just after the London Olympics. I began my Fast Diet regime about 6 months later, on Sunday 3rd February 2013, after my wife was also convinced it was something we should try. I’ve been doing it ever since.

    I don’t especially want this topic’s thread to replicate the many others from people describing what’s worked for them, or what their concerns are, or what they ate yesterday etc. I’m simply interested in knowing how many other people have managed to keep doing this for at least 5 years and what their long term results are.

    The next thread will be my basic results and no more. It is likely it will be my last post until another year has passed. In 5 years I might create another topic called “10 Years or more on a Fast Diet regime?” along exactly the same lines.

    Hope this table format survives the submission process. My results are:

    6 Month Total
    Weight Loss Loss
    Month Date /kg BMI /kg /kg
    0 03/02/2013 94.3 26.97
    6 03/08/2013 77.6 22.19 16.7 16.7
    12 03/02/2014 77.6 22.19 0.0 16.7
    18 03/08/2014 76.8 21.96 0.8 17.5
    24 03/02/2015 78.1 22.33 -1.3 16.2
    30 03/08/2015 80.3 22.96 -2.2 14.0
    36 03/02/2016 79.8 22.82 0.5 14.5
    42 03/08/2016 81.0 23.16 -1.2 13.3
    48 03/02/2017 81.9 23.42 -0.9 12.4
    54 03/08/2017 80.4 22.99 1.5 13.9
    60 03/02/2018 81.0 23.16 -0.6 13.3

    Lowest weight 14/11/2013 and 23/10/2104, 75.5kg; BMI = 21.59

    Apologies – tables just don’t load into this website in a sensible fashion. the columns below are:-
    6 Month Loss/kg
    Total Loss/kg

    0 03/02/2013 94.3 26.97
    6 03/08/2013 77.6 22.19 16.7 16.7
    12 03/02/2014 77.6 22.19 0.0 16.7
    18 03/08/2014 76.8 21.96 0.8 17.5
    24 03/02/2015 78.1 22.33 -1.3 16.2
    30 03/08/2015 80.3 22.96 -2.2 14.0
    36 03/02/2016 79.8 22.82 0.5 14.5
    42 03/08/2016 81.0 23.16 -1.2 13.3
    48 03/02/2017 81.9 23.42 -0.9 12.4
    54 03/08/2017 80.4 22.99 1.5 13.9
    60 03/02/2018 81.0 23.16 -0.6 13.3

    Lowest weight 75.5kg; BMI 21.59 on 14/11/2013 and 23/10/2104.

    Mr Data, good losses on your part! Well done.
    My husband and I have been on this since April of 2013. You have us beat by a month. We still Fast twice a week at 600 calories/day. We are maintaining our losses. Husband lost 45 pounds, I was keeping him company and got to my target weight and then went to a weight which is even lower and where I want to stay. Haven’t seen this weight since 8th grade! My BMI is in the 18 range, which is considered too low but my doctor thinks I am very healthy and she approves.

    Well done fasting_me and your husband,

    You’ve lost more than me. I still 5:2 it as well, 6:1 didn’t work for me. I got down to a weight I hadn’t seen since I was 12, but it’s crept back on a little since then. I suspect I’m not being quite as disciplined as I originally was on the 2 fasting days – although in the last 2 years both in-laws dying, a double knee op, a redundancy and currently a twisted ankle and sciatica possibly haven’t helped. Still, as Churchill apparently used to say KBO.

    Seems like there aren’t many, who log into this website anyway, who have kept going for 5 years, unless they haven’t spotted this topic, or are just keeping quiet.

    There is a chat for Maintainers, where you will find several others who have reached their targets.
    You’ve had a lot to deal with, Mr Data, but you keep calm and carry on. Good work.

    I’ve only been fasting for about 18 months, but this is working for me. I’m down about 5kg since starting 5:2. My weight loss is slow because my focus is more on building strength and lean body mass than losing weight. With calorie restriction and too much cardio I was losing lean body mass and actually gaining fat. It took me years to get there, but it was a sad state of affairs. Fasting has been the cure for that. There seem to be some people that make the eat less move more work for years, most don’t succeed at that. These days I focus on fasting and nutrition and that is working well for me. Right now it looks like I’ll be doing this for at least another 3.5 years … I get to the 5!

    I started with the eat less move more over six years ago and when it was failing me, 5:2 brought me back on track. My peak weight was 106kg, now I’m in the low 80’s, sometimes high 70’s.

    Hi @mr Data

    I started 5:2 in 2013 and I intend to keep this WOL going forever! Sadly though I only found this great online forum in Feb 2017, so I don’t have a ton of data online.

    During these 5 years, my BMI has gone from just over 22 to hovering at or just under 20.

    Sometimes I don’t fast for a month, sometimes I only do 6:1, sometimes I just do 16:8 – it just depends.

    Happy fasting!

    7 year check-in with updated stats:

    Date: 3/2/13, 3/2/14, 3/2/15, 3/2/16, 3/2/17, 3/2/18, 3/2/19, 2/2/20
    Kg: # # 94.3, # 77.6, # 78.1, # 79.8, # 81.9, # 81.0, # 82.4, # 80.7
    BMI: # 27.0, # 22.2, # 22.3, # 22.8, # 23.4, # 23.2, # 23.6, # 23.1

    still KBO’ing.

    This posting is pretty old

    I am 6 years and 4 months into 5:2 IF

    Down 100# (-90 <> -107 since year 2.4)

    Started at 274# – Now solid in the 170<>180 range

    VERY pleased and happy to continue 5:2 IF?

    You betcha !

    I’m working on my fourth year of 5:2 fasting. I mostly water fast, but I do sometimes do longer fasts and I have skipped fasting sometimes.

    1) No real problems with weight. I tend to stay in a 78kg to 82kg range. (6 years ago I was at 106kg.)

    2) Continuing to slowly lean out. Fat seems more loose where I have it and it comes and goes quickly.

    3) Gaining slowly in strength and muscle which is a big deal at 60.

    4) Fasting is getting easier all the time, often if feels better than eating. (Seems strange, but I’m into feeling well.)

    Maybe everything will go to pot next year, but at least the 4th year seems good for me!

    Been an avid follower of this WOL since watching the original programme on TV during the 2012 olympics. Tbh there are times when I follow it less closely but even when not sticking to the full regime it has influenced my eating in a positive way. 4:3 works best for me Mon/Weds/Friday, giving me the weekend to relax and enjoy life lol.
    My weight 8 years ago and body shape were bad and god knows what kind of a state I’d be in now if I hadn’t stumbled upon this.
    In regards to tips the biggest thing is ‘DON’T focus on the fact you can’t eat when you’re in the midst of a fasting day ‘mind crisis’ focus on the fact that tomorrow morning you’ll wake up feeling GREAT can ENJOY a decent breakfast . The other thing is hunger doesn’t build and build, it comes and goes in waves, a glass of water, a coffee or even some DIY and the hunger soon goes.
    Like I said I don’t always stick to it as rigidly as I did almost religiously for the first 5 years nowadays but I range from 35-45lbs lighter than I was in 2012, my immune system is much much stronger, my cholesterol levels and blood pressure are much lower than they were and my body shape has never reverted to the blob I was
    Here’s to the next 8 years 😊

    Been following the fast diet for about 5 years. Fairly strictly for the first 8-9 months & then just the general principles.
    Blew through my target weight in 3-4 months & settled on my current range of 160-165 lbs, BMI ~22 (started at 185 lbs). My tastes & body adjusted to the new weight range fairly quickly & I have modified my regime as I read research & moved away from the recommended North American food guide. I find it easier to do either 24 or 36 hr fasts with the occasional longer fast thrown in for the health benefits. I don’t eat snacks & often skip breakfast or lunch if I’m not hungry. I don’t count calories anymore but tend to eat fewer carbs then before. I don’t avoid animal fats but do avoid/limit sugars/artificial sweeteners & vegetable oils.

    8 year check in and still 5:2ing OK.

    BMI target is 22.5, Over the years it has been:-

    2013 Average 23.2 (21.6 – 27.0)
    2014 Average 22.2 (21.6 – 23.0)
    2015 Average 22.8 (22.2 – 23.6)
    2016 Average 23.1 (22.2 – 23.7)
    2017 Average 23.3 (22.7 – 23.9)
    2018 Average 23.2 (22.1 – 24.1)
    2019 Average 23.0 (22.4 – 23.6)
    2020 Average 22.4 (21.9 – 23.2)

    Today 22.7

    More time to do a long daily walk in 2020 thanks to lockdowns and furlough periods.

    Great work Mr Data keep up the good work!

    Thanks Iona.

    Hello All,

    I’m back

    It’s been two more years, so now in my 8th year and I am still using 5:2 IF in my life, and I continue to lose small amounts of weight – My best in the last 3 days = 168#, and my target was 165#, this after weighing 274# in late 2012

    8 years later, and I am STILL enthusiastic about my program – It’s been a stunning success in my life, and I won’t let it go

    Well done Trajan, amazing results too!!!!!
    And along with all that weight loss there’s all the other health benefits to the immune system etc (as in your other post in the science thread.
    Keep it up mate and Good luck!!!

    Well done Trajan.

    Ive been doing 5:2 since 2015. I lost around 30 pounds after about 6 months, and maintained that for the next 6 years or so. Then the pandemic hit and I took a couple months off, and gained 10 pounds back, and then started back up in May ’21, but the problem is since I have started back up I am not loosing weight like I did before. not sure what to do differently.

    Hi Innerphaze,
    I’ve found the same in that losing weight through this isn’t as easy after a while. It still happens but the magic way my spare tyre disappeared is a thing of the past.
    I’m no scientist but there’s been quite a lot of research around the body reacting to calorie restriction by burning less calories in the long run. That’s a simplified explanation and whether that’s right or whether it applies to alternate days of calorie restriction I don’t know.
    On a similar note to your point, I’ve been doing 5:2 or 4:3 since 2012 but when the lockdown happened (and at various other occasions) I’ve drifted away from strictly adhering to it. Recently I’ve started wearing a whoop strap, it measures HRV, which is supposed to be a good measure of the health of your autonomic system. Also your resting heart rate and respiratory rate which again are good guides to your health.
    I’m a 54 year old male with mild COPD but a keen cyclist, my stats produced (the strap sends the results of the stats to your smartphone) have been up and down but nothing special.
    …then on Sunday I did my first fast since Spring, mainly because I’ve been having some stomach problems, I didn’t really expect it to have a massive effect on my health markers. But Monday through to Wednesday my stats were amazing my HRV was the highest it’s ever been and my resting heart rate was down to 52bpm. Tried it again on Thursday to see whether anything would happen…and again there was a massive further spike in my stats. My HRV has doubled from a few instances a couple of weeks back and hit another high, additionally my resting heart rate was 48 today.
    So in short, personally I think the weight loss effect of this WOL is not as effective, though it still works, after an extended period of time. But the health impact could continue for longer.

    Though as I said, I’m no scientist.

    Good info on the health benefits.

    Back in 2013/14 after 6 months of 5:2 and having lost all the weight I wanted to I switched to 6:1 for about 8 months but the weight crept back up and when I switched back to 5:2 the weight didn’t come off again nearly as fast as it had in those first 6 months – in fact I’ve never got back down quite as low again, although I did change my target to be a bit higher at a BMI of 22.5, instead of down at 21.6 which was the minimum I got too (when some people said I looked too thin).

    I chose 22.5 as a wide ranging health analysis at the time, looking at loads of different studies, indicated it was the healthiest weight across a range of factors including the immune system’s ability to fight off infections. I don’t know if that conclusion has since been revised over the last 7 years.

    9 year check in and still 5:2ing OK.

    BMI target is 22.5. Over the years it has been:-

    2013 Average 23.2 (21.6 – 27.0)
    2014 Average 22.2 (21.6 – 23.0)
    2015 Average 22.8 (22.2 – 23.6)
    2016 Average 23.1 (22.2 – 23.7)
    2017 Average 23.3 (22.7 – 23.9)
    2018 Average 23.2 (22.1 – 24.1)
    2019 Average 23.0 (22.4 – 23.6)
    2020 Average 22.4 (21.9 – 23.2)
    2021 Average 22.8 (22.4 – 23.5)

    Today 22.85.

    A bit less time for a long daily walk in 2021 as no furlough periods, unlike 2020. Taking early retirement from end April so more time to walk again after that.

    Good Day All,

    Still working the 5:2 IF lifestyle, and still benefiting from it

    I have altered my approach by occasionally using OMAD, just to stretch the previous fast day and increase the number of hours in the fasted state.

    I also use weight training to increase lean muscle mass and fast walking uphill for cardio level fitness exercise

    After hitting my target weight, I’ve gained lean muscle mass weight of nearly 15 pounds, so I’m now in the 175-180# range, and very pleased with the results

    I do have a theory as to why weight loss rates change as they do

    When I was morbidly obese, my lipocytes were chock full of excess triglycerides, to the point that they were nearly completely full

    Also noted that my triglyceride levels had spiked to 5 times normal, and showed pre-diabetic blood glucose levels as well. My system was not able to uptake glucose as quickly as normal and the triglycerides were not being stored normally, hence the surge in my bloodstream

    In short, my lipocytes were full and there really wasn’t any more room in those cells to take in triglycerides

    When I started fasting, and my body went into lipolysis, the lipocytes were probably spitting those triglyceride molecules out like a firehose, under internal pressure like an overfilled water balloon

    But, as you lose weight and the lipocytes start to empty out, they’re is less internal pressure within the lipocytes, and so less molecules are released, and less weight loss occurs although you are doing the same fasting process.

    Ergo, I don’t think it’s due to the body burning less calories … I think it’s because you are now experiencing normal weight loss as a non obese person that doesn’t have overfilled lipocytes.

    Energy usage is measured as work … how much work does it take to lift 1 pound 1 foot?

    It is always the same energy value to perform that work, and that math doesn’t allow any freebies

    I think the variability lies in the sensitivity of the lipocytes to insulin, which is also referred to as insulin resistance.

    When you are obese, they are full, and it takes more insulin oomph to store triglycerides in full lipocytes … your body produces more insulin to counter the resistance to storage

    However, when you lose that weight, the lipocytes are now NOT full, and have more room for storage, and reacts normally to insulin

    Hence, now that you are normal weight, you have normal insulin sensitivity and normal weight loss

    Obese weight loss happens faster than lean weight loss … the obese weight loss is not normal weight loss .. it’s accelerated due to the peculiarities of lipocyte behavior of an obese person. Thankfully, those first pounds to come off are fast and furious

    I’m ok with that … the flip side is that I also don’t see large upward weight swings. My range of weight variability is much smaller now

    I’ve went days weighing exactly the same, down to the tenth … fasting or not … 179.8# for a week, recently

    It’s like my body is now locked in at that setpoint… it’s limited, it’s stable, and my body is happy with it

    My blood chemistry and pressure is also stable on the good side, and I believe my fasting program is what brought me there

    This is what success looks like

    When you fast and don’t lose as much weight as you used to when you were overweight, you are becoming normal and your body is now starting to react normally to standard metabolic processes

    So, I have been celebrating that I don’t lose as much fat weight as I used to. I’m stable at a normal weight, which is where I would have been had I never become morbidly obese to begin with

    I call that success, and every day I thank Dr. Mosley for his introduction to this lifestyle

    That show saved my life, and certainly the retirement I am now enjoying, above ground …

    Hi Trajan great to hear about your continued success. Like you I thank my lucky stars that I turned over at 9pm on that Summer evening to see The Dr Mosely show one sunny August evening in 2012. Literally saved my life as far as I’m concerned..
    Happy Fasting All

    Ten years on and still one of the best feelings in the world is waking up the morning after a fast, remembering that experience is what keeps me going through a difficult Fast day 😊

    Excellent stuff!

    You’re 5 months ahead of me.

    Yesterday was a fast day and the scales were satisfyingly low this morning. Half a kg above my target but closer than I’ve been for several months.

    I don’t know if anyone else here used the Zoe app to report their COVID symptoms and test results etc. but on the back of that I’ve just started their blood sugar and gut biome analysis program. Literally started it this morning by putting a 14 day blood sugar sensor on my arm. It should help me learn which foods are better or worse for me and my unique gut biome.

    When I start to get results I may share the key findings if they are interesting. I’m guessing my lack of veggies, especially leafy green ones, aren’t doing me any favours, even though I eat loads of fruit.

    10 year check in and still 5:2ing OK.

    BMI target is 22.5. Over the years it has been:-

    2013 Average 23.2 (21.6 – 27.0)
    2014 Average 22.2 (21.6 – 23.0)
    2015 Average 22.8 (22.2 – 23.6)
    2016 Average 23.1 (22.2 – 23.7)
    2017 Average 23.3 (22.7 – 23.9)
    2018 Average 23.2 (22.1 – 24.1)
    2019 Average 23.0 (22.4 – 23.6)
    2020 Average 22.4 (21.9 – 23.2)
    2021 Average 22.8 (22.4 – 23.5)
    2022 Average 23.1 (21.9 – 23.8) (NB changed height used)

    I finally had to concede that at 59 years old gravity has taken its toll and I’m now 6’1” and not 6’2” which obviously had an adverse effect om my BMI results for 2022 and meant I had to reduce my weight target from 78.5kg to 77.0 kg.

    Today my BMI is 22.5 exactly.

    I took early retirement in April 2022 and now usually do a 4.5 mile walk each day as long as I’m well.

    Following the Zoe Nutrition guide helped me lose about 3kg fairly quickly from October onwards although the Christmas/New Year effect has meant I’ve put back on about half of that again. Due to Zoe I have considerably increased the amount of mushrooms, red cabbage, seeds, spices, herbs and nuts I’m eating which is obviously displacing some other foods which were less good for me and my gut biome.

    11 year check in and now mostly 6:1’ing as the Zoe effect has really cut in.

    BMI target is 22.5. Over the years it has been:-

    2013 Average 23.2 (21.6 – 27.0)
    2014 Average 22.2 (21.6 – 23.0)
    2015 Average 22.8 (22.2 – 23.6)
    2016 Average 23.1 (22.2 – 23.7)
    2017 Average 23.3 (22.7 – 23.9)
    2018 Average 23.2 (22.1 – 24.1)
    2019 Average 23.0 (22.4 – 23.6)
    2020 Average 22.4 (21.9 – 23.2)
    2021 Average 22.8 (22.4 – 23.5)
    2022 Average 23.1 (21.9 – 23.8) (NB changed height used from 6’2″ to 6’1″)
    2023 Average 22.1 (21.4 – 23.1)

    Today my BMI is 22.1, same as my average for the whole of 2023.

    Combining the Zoe Nutrition guide with 6:1 fasting has given me my lightest ever year since I was a child. Re-testing didn’t show a particular improvement in my gut biome but by including many more plant species in my diet (fruit, a few veg, seeds, nuts and herbs all count) I’ve clearly reduced my intake of other foods which have kept my weight a bit higher. My average weight in 2022 was 78.9kg, whilst in 2023 it was down to 75.7kg, 3.2kg lower.

    Hello again
    Have been loosely following 5/2 for years. Dropped 25 lbs then settled in at minus 20.
    Initial reason was blood sugar levels were creeping up – type2 diabetes runs in the family (all my brothers & sisters for instance).
    Blood work last fall indicated that it was creeping up again- 5.9 which is just above normal range
    Got a bit more strict + did some longer fast to drop those 5 lbs. Last blood test was 4.5 which is Mack in middle of normal range. BMI sits at 22.5

    Well done bcjmmac.

    It was also blood tests showing me as being pre-diabetic which meant I was looking for a solution back in 2012 when I saw Michael Mosley’s Horizon programme. Never been a problem since then, thanks to this approach.

    The Zoe tests also showed me I have poor blood sugar control and bad blood fat control – meaning both take a long time to return to normal levels after eating, so I hate to think how bad both of those would have been if I hadn’t started doing something about my diet 11 years ago. Just have to keep on doing it.

    Same to you Mr Data
    It’s pretty remarkable how much shedding a few pounds, combined with some life style changes, can make to blood sugar #s.
    I read Dr Fungs blog on occasion & his testimonies on reversing type 2 diabetes are inspiring

    Hi Mr Data et al,

    I started 5:2 in August 2014 and have never missed a fast day in the last ten years. I lost 23kg the first year and then moved to 6:1 for maintenance. I lost another 2kgs along the way. Whenever my daily weighing showed me that I had reached a pre-determined trigger weight (60kgs), I reverted to 5:2 for a while. No excuses. Nothing gets in the way of my scheduled FD.

    As I’ve said on the tribute page, Dr Mosley changed my life. My only regret is that I was 58 when I discovered it. Personally, I can’t work out why everyone’s not doing IF!

    So, to the detractors, bad luck – there are many of us on this forum that remain faithful adherents. Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels. The health benefits are enormous. The confidence gained from being slim cannot be measured.

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