4:3 Back to back with 500 calorie meals.

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  • At the moment I’m doing a 3 day a week, back to back fast with 24 hours between my 500 calorie meals. I’m not finding it difficult at all. I’m actually enjoying the competition I’m having with myself. I have been given grief in a FaceBook 5:2 page even though I have stipulated that my current schedule is temporary. They are looking at it from a weight loss perspective and while I’m trying to lose weight it is not my only purpose. Is anyone else using this method? What positive results have you experienced?


    You’ve obviously found something that works for you which is great.

    Many of us can be very short sighted in recognising that there is almost always more than one way (ie not the method we are using) to achieve something and unfortunately on-line forums whose purpose IMHO is to share experiences and give support will always contain a few who think the only way is theirs. The fact is 5:2 is one of the most flexible ways of losing weight as it doesn’t specify which days to fast or how many meals to eat or what to eat (if anything) on FDs.
    The only way to lose weight is to eat less than our bodies need by creating a calorie deficit. There are many ways to achieve this and anyone who thinks that doing 3 FDS B2B inhibits weight loss doesn’t know what they are talking about. If you don’t overeat on the 4 non FDs you’ll lose weight.

    I often do 3:4 with B2B FDs M/Tu and Th/F and I have done 3 B2B FDs on numerous occasions. I only eat one meal on FDs as I find once I start eating I don’t want to stop and as I rarely eat first thing as I’m not usually hungry I found it easy to extend my fast until late afternoon.

    The major benefits for me apart from weight loss have been increased mobility due to less pressure on an arthritic knee joint and more flexibility in general, facilitating much more exercise which I enjoy, more energy and most importantly being happy in my own skin.

    Thanks for the support. I agree its a marathon, not a sprint and people lose sight of that fact. As long as we arent doing anything that would endanger our health (by medical standards) it should be just fine. We are all different with different schedules and different ways of doing things. The flexibility of this is why so many people have chosen to eat this way. Its a lifetime choice for me. Not just for weight but for my health.

    4:3 was the only way this really got me the results I was looking for, which actually wasn’t more than two pounds a week. Keep at it- just as long as you don’t over restrict

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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