42 day challenge beginning 1 May

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42 day challenge beginning 1 May

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  • End of Day 1 – which for me is a FD, on the principle that it’s busy enough to keep my mind off things. Helped enormously by the fact that as Sundays are busy for me, my husband always cooks – and at the moment, the favourite to sit down and which the Grand Prix with is his stir-fry rice and fish – delish! Managed to get through the day well enough, although harder than previous few Sundays, and think this is due to taking communion – the little bit of bread sparked my hunger, and I could have finished off the whole plate! Definitely works best for me to stay off food all day and save my calories for something gorgeous in the evening. I only calculate home-cooked food roughly, keep the portion reasonable, and I reckon I deserve a chocolate afterwards (alright, more than one).
    Now comes the decision as to whether to stick with my back-to-back ‘usual’ plan, or save my second FD for later in the week when it’s not a bank holiday…will let you know at the end of tomorrow!

    Day 1

    Went on epic walk of 2 hrs @ fast pace. Wasn’t planning this as only saw challenge yesterday but thought best start off ASAP with exercise. No chance of fasting on Sunday as it’s my partners fave day to cook. Tomorrow I’m off for a run and will plan to fast on Wed this week. Unfortunately no way of doing Mon, Tues, Thursday or Friday this week as I’ve guests plus 2 work commitments but it feels good to be back at least thinking about 5:2. Hope you all enjoy the bank holiday.

    Hi all – uk day 1 complete and a success, stayed below my tdee and all logged on mfp. my first gold star stuck on my calendar Yeah! One day at a time remember – if I can do one I can do 2 4 5 6 and a week. The start of any journey begins with the first step. Well done to those you have completed their first day whether it was a fast or non fast day. BRING IT ON!
    Tattie – trial and error. I found one meal in evening worked best for me.

    Quebecoise until you find gold stars draw them in or highlight that day.

    New to this site but would like to join in with this challenge. Day one complete – fast day today and had 600 calories so slightly over (I got hungry and had a slice of dry bread before bead!!). I went to the gym this morning and did an hours body pump class (lifting weights whilst doing squats, bicep and tricep curls etc etc) followed by half an hour body combat class. Really hoping to stick to this and finally lose my last few stone – lost 4st a year ago on this and kept it off but still have over 3 stone to go!

    Hi. Count me in!!

    Welcome latest members – reminder you know who you are – please update your profiles. Tell us where you are from and any other info you wish to share but it’s nite nite from me!

    I a m Brazilian, to count calories using this app.


    Day ONE: measured, weighed, photo will be done later in bathing suit. Fast days this week will be Tuesday & Friday (or maybe Thursday, still not sure). I began 5:2 March 15 and have lost 9 lbs so far. I am not very familiar with stones, or even kg much, so will not judge anyone! (We Americans are awfully ignorant of other means of measurement, I know.)

    Hello. I am ready to start and will do my best. The book was interesting. I think I can do it and I have a lot to lose over 50 pounds. Coda your post looks good and can be kept up fairly well. Count me in.

    Day 1 finished, now day 2 here in Japan. Yesterday was my fast day. I usually don’t eat until dinner at 7pm but had a falafel pita at around 3pm. I estimate it was about 500 calories then had an egg and cup of soup at 9pm. So total of about 600 calories for fast day 1.
    I try to stay around 500 calories on a fast day but I’m not obsessed about it since I only want to lose about 6 kilograms and I’m not in a hurry. Planning to fast until dinner tomorrow since I’m going to the inlaws’ house for a few days and they planning dinner.

    Hi everyone.
    Doing my first fast of the week today. I have made a big pot of homemade vegetable soup which we can have at lunchtime.
    Normally I never have breakfast on a fast day preferring to eat lunch and then dinner.
    I walked 7 km today and feel great. Even though technically it wasn’t a fast day, I didn’t binge. I feel so proud 😀
    My motto is A Day At A Time. Small steps can also help you complete the journey.
    Good luck to anyone and everyone today.

    Fast day today, nearly 7000 steps on the beach with the pup next stop fishing with hubby will keep me busy till dinner, might even catch dinner.love reading everyone’s posts stay motivated.

    Day 1 of 42 day challenge,fast day.I started 5:2 21 days ago and have lost 8lbs.
    I think this program is doable. I find on fast days if I get hungry hot liquid low calorie drinks are soothing and filling ex: coffee,broth,tea!
    Good luck everyone!

    🙂 awesome!

    All set for my first fast day beginning tomorrow. I have determination tonight….hope it stays firm tomorrow. Will do 2nd fast day on Wednesday as I have a business luncheon on Thursday. This makes me happy since I am in control of my eating plan already! 1/2 pear and a hard boiled egg awaits me for breakfast. Good luck to all.

    Hi, I would love to be included in the challenge, I’m new to this site and exited to be starting this new way of life. My fasting days will be Tuesday and Friday. I don’t have much time to exercise but I have a Vibration plate that I’m going to be using twice daily for 10 minutes each time. Has anyone else used a Vibration plate and are they effective? I would be very interested to know if anyone has had success with vibration plates.

    End of day one. I kept to my TDEE and walked 10,000 steps. I am looking forward to fasting tomorrow. Now hoping to stay away from the refrigerator the rest of my evening. 😀

    Hi , where do you want us to upload photos and where do I go to see what I have to do each day etc . I am not to computer savvy. I would love to join in . I really want to loose 50kg to get back my MOJO. I am 53 and have 2 young Daughters 12 and 17. I want to feelproud walking beside them not this overweight MUM.

    As an update to yesterday which was my first fast day, I had lost 1kg when I weighed myself this morning. Early days I know, but good to have this positive start (starting weight 86.7kgs, now 85.7kgs)

    Expected to wake up ravenous but was not hungry at all. Went for another 30 minute walk and only felt like a banana and yogurt for breakfast.

    Think I will do another fast day tomorrow.

    I’m in too! I started 5:2 on April 30 so the challenge is perfect timing. I changed the habit of a lifetime and deliberately started my diet on a Saturday so by Monday instead of having two days of excess before starting a diet I am already 2 days ahead. I tried the 5:2 diet last year for a month and didn’t lose any weight even though I was religious about sticking to the 500 calories on my fast days. This time I am counting calories on the other 5 days as well because obviously my “normal” eating is not normal at all!

    I’m in. I weighed in at 247.6 today. I’m 50 years old and 6 feet 2 inches. I’m starting my 4th week today doing ADF instead of 5:2. I’ll start recording my meals again tomorrow on My Fitness Pal. My fitness pal username is idonotdonot.

    Yesterdays fast went well. Just water fasted. Broke my fast this morning with porridge, which was yummy and was even better because it was so cold this morning. Good luck to you all today 🙂

    I forgot to mention, I stayed under my TDEEs on Saturday and Sunday and am fasting today. I made a big pot of fat-free ratatouille on the weekend and had it for lunch and will have it for dinner. I find it easiest to do the fast days if I stick to vegetables and fruit.

    I’m in!!! Just finished reading the FastDiet book. I have been reading about fast diet for the past 12 months and finally tomorrow will be my big jump. I’ll be fasting on Monday and Thursday. Wish me good luck! Posting from western USA. It’s 5/1/16; 9:33pm here.

    Hi all, day 1 was non fd for me.. now I
    I am in India. . bit soon shifting to zurich.. m waiting for my visa to come..
    I tried to eat within my tdee. but I think I overeat.. my son is having fever so m not finding time to workout..
    haven’t weighed myself lately.. will do soon.. my last weigh in I was 97kgs. how’s it going for all?? planning to fast tues/thurs as of now..


    NL – day 2
    Today my first fast day. Breakfast and lunch: half an apple. Dinner a small salad. Which should total 450cals. Yesterday 1178 cals and 10.000+ steps at a brisk pace (2x half an hour maybe more). Today appointment at the dentist – in an hour – so today is a good day for fasting. Have a great day everyone!

    Day One
    Good day stuck to my TDEE under actually by a couple of 100, went for a 20 minute walk. Hard to change my mentality of if I’m not strictly limiting my calories then overeat!! So it’s also about changing my whole thought process.

    day2: weekly weigh-in shows 2lb gone. FD today – sticking to 500 is todays challenge as a bank holiday and off out with the family. love your motto Dollybird – a day at a time…

    I’m a little late but would like to join the challenge. I’m located in Los Angeles California and my two fast days will be Monday & Wednesday. I would like to lose 25 lbs, currently I’m 225 lbs at 5ft 10in and age 52.

    End of day 2 – Monday FD (tick).

    Day two started and a miserable wet day here, will still venture out for a hike with the dogs, it’s a holiday here and I’m sure will incorporate a meal out but no cakes or puddings for me. I’m going to dig out my jawbone up step tracker to keep me motivated. Good luck to those on a fast day today

    Day 2 – first FD, so drinking green tea like a maniac.

    Planning a 1h30 hike in the mountains this morning, and pleased that the sun has come out!

    I will have a miso soup for lunch, a big bowl of lentil and bacon soup for dinner (amazingly filling!) and plenty of black tea to carry around with me in a thermos for in-between. I find FDs easier if I don’t have anything solid until dinner time, otherwise even milk in my coffee/tea can set my stomach rumbling.

    I used to get horrible headaches in the afternoons of FDs until I read a tip on here about having a cup of miso soup at lunchtime. Something about the saltiness of the soup helps stave off headaches for me – it really works.

    Good luck to everyone fasting today!

    I’m in! I started my first fast day today. I’m 67yrs 5ft.4 and 74kgs.I have high cholestrol, I have just come off statins as I had awful side effects and felt really ill. I have AO so need to get the weight off my joints. After reading the posts I will buy the book!! Good luck to us all!!

    Hi and…exhale wouldn’t mind that soup recipe please.Just back from the beach with tomorrows fish dinner.fasted today so kept busy managed 15,120 steps.

    Monday, Day 2. Hello everyone. Fasting today, going well so far. Thanks coda and simcoeluv for explaining what TDEE is. Keep under it today, right? Also brisk walk every evening (not that I don’t do enough delivering the mail….)!

    Good morning all. This is my first fast day of May and thanks Coda for setting this up. Great to see so many people wanting to change their lives positively.
    Simcoeluv – sorry you didn’t get anything from the website. Guess you have to have the symptoms to appreciate what Dr Axe is saying. For me it was a Eureka moment to have found some great information about Leaky Gut Syndrome, and how to repair it.
    So, having this information under my belt, I have already made some changes. Breakfast this morning was a warm drink with Apple Cider Vinegar and Manuka Honey. I may have Miso soup ( this is available in packets – just add water) for lunch, although I usually don’t have anything else till dinner. Tonight I am having roast cauliflower, with portobello mushroom and steamed kale. Depending how I feel I may have some cheese sauce with it, made with goats milk and feta cheese. Total approx 330 calories.
    Someone mentioned about not knowing whether to graze through a fast day, or just eat dinner. One of the positives of eating calories in one meal, is the longer you leave between meals puts your body into Ketosis. This is when your body starts using the fat cells for energy, hence you lose weight.
    I have my last meal the night before at approx 7pm. Then on FD I skip breakfast and lunch, eating again approx 7pm. Therefore 24 hours have passed with no food, but my body is eating away the fat cells. This may sound extreme to some people, but don’t be put off. It’s a case of whatever is best for you. In the book, Mimi Spencer eats a light breakfast, then an apple at lunch, then dinner. This suits her. If you are into cooking, consider buying the Fast Diet Cookbook written by Mimi, her recipes are easy, and delicious.
    Must away now, off to treat my feet at the Chiropodist! TTL

    Sorry I’m a bit late but this is perfect timing for me so please count me in .ive just bought a copy of Mimis fast beach diet and ideally I’d like to lose 10 lbs before my holiday on 9th June . I’ve been trying the 5:2 for the last month or so with mixed results I’ve lost around 5lbs but I think my weight loss has been impacted by drinking alcohol on my non fast days . So today is my first FD on my new regime I’ve found the best way for me is to drink water coffee through the day , maybe a cup of boullion at lunch time then have a big tasty meal around 7pm , I’ve a beef & veg stir fry in mind Good Luck everyone looking forward to the journey

    And so to bed having successfully completed my first FD, walked for 90 minutes and have planned out tomorrow’s meals. This is so much better than doing it on my own. Thanks Coda and everyone!

    Day 2 of 42.
    Yesterday, I completed non-fast day eating under TDEE! I religiously wrote every single bite in my journal. There is a negative side – half of my TDEE was unhealthy food – cake and wine, which gave me some bloating today. 🙁

    Today is fasting day. I fast Monday and Thursday for this challenge. My fast is 36 hours of no-calories fast. Unsweetened tea and coffee are allowed.
    Every morning I am walking my dog for half an hour. I am planning to go to gym today evening for 1 hour zumba class and steam room. Will report completion tomorrow.

    See you all around! 🙂

    Ok so day one is in full swing! Love reading all the posts its so motivational! Chose to start off with a fast day so ive had one meal of high protein dry cereal, a plum and an actimel. I plan to have another meal this evening of egg salad and am keeping a few cals to the side for milk in my tea, cuppa soup if needed to keep me going and chewing gum! I am tracking activity on my fitbit and logging calories with myfitnesspal which will hopefully help. Im trying the ‘gold star method’ too because im sure I’ll love to see them build up over time!I plan to build in exercise as i get more comfortable with fasting….

    Feeling good so far so here’s hoping i stay strong till tomorrow….next fast day will be weds 😀

    Day 2– this is my fast day. It is a work day for me. I will be having soup and salad for lunch — approx 200 calories. For dinner, it will be chicken and veggies — approx 300 calories or less. I plan to have dinner by 6 pm tonight. My next meal will be lunch tomorrow. I am trying the 16:8 on my non-fast days. I have been skipping breakfast for the past month and feel fine. I had the “I need to eat so I won’t get hungry” mindset. I now realize that it is ok to feel hungry. This is progress.

    Good luck today with the fasting today.

    Hi everyone! I am joining in. Sorry I’m late. had my first fast day on Thursday and that’s when I found this forum. Mondays and Thursdays are going to be my fast days. So today is one for me. Drinking black tea and some water with lime. Trying to wait till lunch for some Greek yogurt and then dinner will be lentil soup with a tortilla or tuna salad and greens..haven’t decided yet. Have two little ones and a husband to make for too. It can be difficult breaking out of the habit of getting the kids a snack and not taking a bite too.

    Day 2. Checking in here. Fasting Mondays and Thursdays like so many others. I stay busy at work, so I manage. Starting my third week.

    Black coffee, Tea and an apple during the day. 3 quarts of water with plenty of lemon. Salad loaded with veggies and 4 oz of chicken for supper; leaving enough room for a decadent dessert. One small banana.

    What has life become?

    Calculated my TDEE for the first time this morning. 1637. I guess that explains why I have not taken off weight on the 5:2 for the last two weeks. I assumed my TDEE was 2000, as this number is often used by folks promoting this plan. And, to think, I was having trouble managing 2000. Turns out fasting two days a week does not actually earn me an abundance of cookies and cakes as I had hoped. Still looking for a plan like that.

    On a positive note. At least exercising does not require so much of my concentration and discipline. I enjoy exercise. It’s always been a habit.

    Currently, I use Fitness blender videos on YouTube, and do lots of walking. For 20 years I was a jogger, but I jogged so slowly I decided I may as well be walking. Really, I’m getting too old to put on a show.

    My crazy husband put a pull-up bar in our kitchen; everyone in the family knocks out pull-ups on a daily basis. I can’t figure out if my husband is evil, or a genius.

    Sorry for rambling. I might have replaced eating with writing. My future check ins will be shorter. Thank you for anyone who made it to the end.

    My co-worker broke her foot and asked me to bring her food from cafeteria. It is a fast day for me, so smell of bacon and fried potato tots was VERY tempting. I put my nose aside while caring the food upstairs. Than quickly open this thread and read it for a while to get so much needed strength. Whew, now the danger of falling off the wagon is over. Thank you! I am continue sipping my black coffee. 😀

    Moving quietly through the first day of the challenge, as do a long time, I have no problems when I make fasting do not tell anyone, not even my husband knows, it seems that the more we talk about most is losing strength, so I think very good forums, they are people like you who exchange ideas.
    This morning I weighed myself, 107 kg, have a lot to lose! but will with courage and focus! I’ll make it! the hardest I’ve ever done that was not use more sugar and eat biscuits bread and most industrialized products.
    I fast every day except Saturday and Sunday, a single meal the night with half the calories of my TDEE, think better.

    Day 1 went well. Lost a few ounces. Day 2- fasting. I made an excellent dinner last night of roast chicken, roasted carrots and sauteed spinach. I will have leftovers for my 500 calorie dinner tonight.

    Coldpizza, well done! Fortunately coffee also has a wonderful aroma.

    Hi Fishing Gran – miso soup is a Japanese soup which is mostly available as a paste or a powder that you make up with boiling water, as mentioned by Third Time Lucky. There are lots of different brands but they tend to work out at 25-30 kcals. I know other people who swear by a mug of bouillon instead.
    Coldpizza, I feel your pain – my husband bought a big bag of freshly baked breadrolls from the bakery this afternoon and the whole car smelt divine! At least I can have one tomorrow…

    Yes, It helps to stick my nose close to cup of coffee especially during lunch time to survive fast days. 🙂

    Hi UK day 2 of 42
    Just checking in and can welcome our 76th member – can I ask you to put at the beginning of your post where you are and what day you are on please? Trying my best to see if we have lost some along the way already. Will put all the names on to a spreadsheet and alphabetical so I give ticks for the days you post in but don’t seem to have heard anything from back2thefuture, mythlady and others. Apologies if it is my error.
    Coldpizza – well done you! think of that as a hurdle in your journey – one that you skipped over rather nicely and on to the next. There will be more along the way so know and be determined to see this through to the end.
    Edzeko – like your style of humour 🙂 Has everyone checked their TDEE? You also know that on fast days you should eat a quarter of your TDEE – so sorry to break the bad news for some that eating 500 on fast days may be above your quota.
    Meohmy – make sure you read all the posts but as advised there is no way that I know to post photos – they are for you and only you besides some including me are more comfortable not posting photos at this stage. It is just a visual taken before and when you complete the challenge you take another. Sometimes while you may not have lost the lbs you had hoped, from the before photo you can actually see a difference. You are asked to check in each day (see above as to how you should begin your post) other that that there are no hard a fast rules. Plan your fast days and non fast days around your life – move things around to suit you. Plan your exercise – even if it is walk round the block or begin some body weight exercises – then push yourself to go a little further maybe on week 2. You will then by week 6 have extended your walk/plank/push ups or pull ups on your bar in the kitchen (edzeko)!
    MIND SET IS EVERYTHING! Remember challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. Think now how you will feel when you complete this challenge – the sense of achievement you will have and know you can do this! GO FOR IT – KEEP STRONG – YOUR ARE WORTH IT!

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