42 day challenge beginning 1 May

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42 day challenge beginning 1 May

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  • Also if any want to start counting backwards feel free to add it on – UK day 2 40 days to go. Sometimes it helps just to look at it another way.

    If lunch times are hard and you can take staggered lunches- go for a walk while your co workers are having theirs – that way you can avoid drooling over your desk lol

    Hi all
    I started the challenge with a 500 cal day, I had porridge for breakfast, smoked trout and salad for lunch and some chicken noodle soup and salad for tea. I went to a farmers market and found some super low calorie noodles which were amazing. I am aiming to lose one and a half kilos over the 42 days and I am recording my daily weigh in to keep me MOTIVATED, I hope everyone is feeling positive xx

    Hello from the southern US!!! Would it be possible to join this group? I bought the fast diet book this past weekend and am doing my first fast day today, Monday May 2. Thanks!

    UK Day 2 update
    Yesterday unexpectedly turned into a fasting day, when I realised I had got to 3pm with just a couple of cups of tea plus lots of water I thought I may as well carry on. I even resisted home made lemon curd sponge, so I felt very virtuous. I think I slightly overcompensated today though, I need to watch my eating on non-fasting days. My daughter made some amazing chocolate orange brownies, which were definitely worth the calories. Fasting tomorrow and looking forward to it. I make soup and freeze it in individual portions so I can grab one in the morning. Beetroot celery and apple with horseradish tomorrow, delicious and surprisingly filling. I’m out in the evening tomorrow so I need to be disciplined and say no to the wine!

    Many people from UK mentioned the super low calorie noodles. I spend an hour at pasta isle trying to find those in USA without success. Anybody in USA found those? What is the brand and where to buy those?

    Hi Zelda and welcome:

    Here are some tips that can help: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Checking in half way through my fast day. Had some hot tea for breakfast and an apple for lunch. I’m not doing too bad as long as I keep myself busy. I love reading everyone’s posts and am so glad I joined the group. Coldpizza, I found a no calorie no carb pasta called “Miracle Noodle” on Amazon and Walmart online only. I think I’ll order some and give it a try. Everyone seems to be doing so good… now we all just need to keep it up 🙂

    I’m from the Pacific NW of the USA. I’ve updated my profile on the website. I plan to fast on Tues and Fri, eat half my TDEE the other 5 days and walk 2 miles, 3 days a week. Weight loss is my focus right now so once a week I will post weight updates to this challenge. Thanks for the good words and tips from everyone!

    Hi everyone, and welcome all the new names to the gang.
    I’ve had a reasonable day today, although starting with the cider vinegar/honey drink first thing kicked in my sugar cravings about noon. Took off for a walk ending in a chai tea, took my mind off sugar! then a visit to the local butcher where we picked up some very nice rump steak which we had for dinner (I just had a small piece), cauliflower cheese, and baby leaf salad. Total for the day 421 calories. Feeling stuffed! so I won’t have anything else tonight.
    Was someone asking about home recipes on MyFitnessPal? too many posts to go back through them all!
    To do this – click on MORE at the bottom of the home page. Choose My recipes and Foods. Click + and you can choose recipes from online, or add your own recipe. etc. etc. Each time you want to add it to your daily intake, just add the title you gave the recipe.
    I weigh myself every morning after toilet/teeth, but just record weights the morning after a fast day (so twice a week). I find that by weighing every day, it focuses my way of thinking. ie: a bad day showing a gain – I am super careful about eating the ‘wrong’ things. a good day – showing a loss – I go ahead and eat the ‘wrong’ things as I feel I’ve deserved it………Ha ha….
    …Nooooo……not really, but those days, I may have a little treat… either way, it shows up a pattern over time. This is just my way of doing it – it may not suit you all……….. TTL

    Hi Everyone I am a day late but want to join the challenge! I am 47 years old and need some help and motivation to stick with the 5:2. Plan to start tomorrow the 3rd of May with my first fast day. Will see how tomorrow goes but thinking about doing either Wednesday or Thursday for my second fast day. Might be a bit hard/tricky doing fast days back to back but if I get into it tomorrow might give it a go. Wish me luck and well done to everyone who has joined the challenge.

    Coda…a quarter of my TDEE is 386 calories. <sobbing in a corner>


    I have no difficulty in fasting, do Monday to Thursday with a few as meal the night with 1,000 calories, and the weekend is free but not consumption carbohydrates, exeto some roots.
    I write on google translate

    I live in Cornwall UK. I’ve got through my first day! Nothing apart from water,green and black tea until a miso soup at about 2. It really is all in the mind, the post are so motivating thank you one and all! I know I wont starve! My evening meal I started with an orange, I read somewhere we should eat fruit at the beginning of a meal as helps the digestion, next 100glean pork, carrots and greens. All eaten slowly and enjoyed every mouthful! I managed 3k cycle 2 brisk walks and 30 mins Pilates. Thankyou coda for setting up this challenge also for pointing out we should have a quarter of our daily TDEE just in time before my evening meal. My next fast day is Wednesday.

    Day 2: Fast day..
    I live in midwest of the USA. Just checking in again. I went on a walk/run today. First time working out on a fast day. Felt surprisingly energized. Had my greek yogurt after. Later was craving food and had some peppermint tea. Going to use my remaining calories for dinner with the family. Still not sure what I’m going to make for dinner. I’ve found (in my very short experience) that after a fast day, my TDEE sounds like so much to work with. The hard part is when I want something junky and it’s usually high calories. Chocolate croissant anyone? 😉

    Hey all!
    U.K. on day 2 here. Fell asleep before I could check in last night. Yesterday went alright, stayed below tdee and prepped evening meals for the rest of the week.
    First fast day today. I’ve got to admit, I did struggle today, I was alright until about 1.30 but then had some mini satay sticks for a snack. Alright after then, roast veg, whole grain rice and fish for tea, about 450 cal. Next fast day is on Thursday and I think I might need a little more planning to get through the day a bit easier.
    I’m thinking boredom might be a bit of an eating trigger for me so I’ll work to avoid that. And chocolate. Because that’s always an issue to be honest

    Hi – day 2 UK 40 days to go. just a quick catch up before I log off for the night. Well done everyone. A thought to keep in mind – Whether you think you can or think you can’t. You’re right! Do keep the positive thoughts in your mind – off course you can – it is only for 6 weeks and you can do anything you set your mind to – right!

    lol sorry K-lo I feel for you but it can only help you in the end. I only have a little more to play with as my fast day quota is 406 and sorry to be the bearer of more bad news but as you lose weight your TDEE drops 🙂 – keep entering your weight in the tracker and it does it all for you but keep an eye on that total and adjust accordingly.

    I was a little over my TDEE today as it was my eldest son’s birthday – healthy breakfast, healthy lunch and although no cake lots of bbq food with salad and baked potato but all entered on mfp. Rest day for exercise except a little walking but have planned some body weight exercises tomorrow. Wednesday will be my first fast and I like to do a run on my fast day before I eat in the evening. I imagine if I have had no food and do a run then my body surely has to be using the excess as energy? I am also trying to drink more water everyday as it is something I have always struggled with. Set myself a target of 3 pints a day – have only one half pint to go – no doubt I will be up through the night a few times until it settles!

    With the last new members our little band has grown to 78 members WOW! Maybe at the end of the challenge you can all post lbs/stones/kg lost, it will be interesting to see what the combined total will be – lets make it a good one – everyone has a part to play. Nite all x

    Pacific NW USA, day 5 (I read the books and started the 5:2 on my own then discovered this challenge so I had a 3 day head start.)
    I’m using the web site for tracking. I do have the Lose It app for tracking daily calories. I’m a calorie counting novice so I get surprised when they add up! Running and an active lifestyle used to balance what I always considered a healthy life style but then recovery from an accident magnified my unhealthy indulgences. I will forever be humbled by the experience of being sedentary for most of a whole year as it has “definitely thrown me off balance” and the weight gain and reduced energy levels have been very self-defeating at times. I will use the books and all your tips and advice to turn this around. I think for me weighing in once a week will be best for now but I will check into your comments daily.

    Coda, I’ve definitely been watching my TDEE drop as my weight does. It just didn’t register in my brain that 500 was not a hard number, and really just an estimate of 1/4 of someone’s hypothetical TDEE.

    So I was supposed to fast today, but my 3 year old decided to wake up at 5:30 (which he never does) and in my zombie like state, I put cream in my coffee! I didn’t realize til I was halfway through my coffee that I just messed up my fast. It’s fine though, I’ll just fast tomorrow. I was really good with my food choices even though I didn’t fast, so there’s that! I like that this diet is flexible. Turns out my girlfriend who is also doing this ended up not fasting today too, so she’ll resume tomorrow with me!!!

    Today is a FD for me. Breakfast at 11am, 145 cal. and cucumber 34 cal. Have an apple just to eat if I get hungry while putting dinner together. Dinner will be a seafood soup (250 cal.)
    Fast day is going well, felt hungry around 1:30pm but drank water and kept busy.

    Thanks so much for the welcome and the info! I haven’t had a chance to read yet but plan to tonight! This is my first day and it is a fast day. I plan to do Monday’s and Thursday’s. Had a good day. Had coffee and one scrambled egg no butter for breakfast and for dinner had large serving of stir fry veggies in pan with just pit of sprayed olive oil and no calorie walden farms sesame ginger dressing, a 10 calorie sugar free jello cup and a sugar free 60 calorie Frozen choc Popsicle. I plan to get on treadmill while I watch the voice on tv tonight. So far do good!

    Wow CODA you have started a beast! I posted this on our April drop in but just for completin here is is on this thread.

    Hi TTL and CODA, I’m back from my trip to the States and checking in! You are not alone….

    Back on 14th April I posted I’d be happy if I came back the same weight as I was then – well, not quite, but I am delighted to have only gained 1kg after all the eating and drinking I did there. I put it down to walking – every day I exceeded 10,000 steps, with most days being 15,000 plus and one epic day 22,000!! So i think I walked off a lot of calories.

    I won’t be joining your 42 day challenge CODA, only because I am off travelling again and will be gone until the beginning of July. Good luck to all who take part.

    You can do it – many of us have, and although I am still 2 or 3 kg off target, these forums I’ve been part of have contributed greatlybto my accountability and to my success so far.

    Just finished my first fast day of the week.
    Had homemade vegetable soup at lunch time and a Greek yoghurt at dinner.
    The soup contained leeks,carrots, onions and chard all cooked together and liquidised. It was delicious.

    I hope tomorrow will fine as I need to fight the urge to overeat. This is my downfall and this is my challenge.
    Can I make it through the month without bingeine.
    Only time will tell. …..

    Here in Brazil 20 hours fasting with tea and water until now, the dinner has just 600 calories, tomorrow another day like this, I fast days continued until Friday, so if it does not compromise any gastronomico, hehehehehe

    Fast day today. Just ate my one meal after 24 hour fasted state. 595 Calories. Bacon & Eggs. A 0 carb day.

    Walked by free pizza. Had dinner of roast chicken with salad

    Checking in from MN ….first fast day of the week completed. Total cal = 442 for the day. Happy with that. A bit tricky today due to running around and appts at the end of the day — but all in all worked out just fine. Cleaned the house and a brief walk were all for exercise today. Feel crabby and tired today — but that is more due to my day then anything else. My other fast days I felt super energized and happy by the end of the day. Next fast day is Thursday. Goal to eat under TDEE tomorrow. Lots of good info in these posts 😉

    Hi from Southern California,
    Day #2 almost done, normal day with about 1400 cal. Tomorrow another FD for me. It goes very well for now, no problems. I’m quite surprised that I got used to this system and is not as difficult as I was thinking.

    Question for someone out there. I love my coffee in the morn , , but not black. May I have sugar free caramel flavored international coffee creamer or coconut milk and flavored stevia as long as I count it in my 500 calorie allowance? Thanks.

    Hi Zelda:

    Yes. You can eat anything you want as long as you stay within the calorie restrictions.

    Good Luck!

    Thanks simcoeluv!

    Day 4 for me – my pants actually feel looser already but perhaps that is just wishful thinking! I was under 500 calories for my fast day yesterday and fully expected to wake during the night hungry (it has happened before, I am ashamed to say) but I didn’t and also felt “normal” this morning. I had 3 slices of smoked trout wrapped around 100 gms of tinned asparagus (sugar free) for breakfast and will have a low fat, pearl barley risotto with shreds of chicken and duck and vegetables for lunch. Dinner will be a low fat beef casserole – I “floured” the beef pieces using besan flour (chickpea flour) to create a gravy and used water to “fry” the onion and garlic. I used a low salt, sugar free stock and lots of low carb vegetables. I’ll cook more vegetables separately tonight and the whole day will be well within my TDEE. Re going below your TDEEs – is there a point when this becomes counter-productive? i.e. when the body will go into starvation mode and start hanging on to those calories? Wishing you all a great day!

    Day 2 of 42 posting from southern USA
    Enjoy reading everyone”s post in the evening.
    Helps me stay motivated for the next day!
    Received the fast diet cookbook today.
    Hope it has some good recipes for fast days.
    Keep up the good choices everyone!

    Here is my report from Quebec City, just near the St-Laurence River. Day 2, I already weigh less than at the beginning of the challenge. SO happy ( but always conscious that these things go up and down naturally all the time ).
    Today was my first FD and, as special as it might seem, I was looking forward to it becaus I ate to much the last months and I feel kind of swolen.
    So my FD went great ! Yesterday I had planned my meals to reach 500 calories. I almost didn’t feel hungry, just OK.
    I’m putting a sticker in my calendar right this moment. Bravo !!!

    Can’t wait to get on the scale tomorrow morning.

    Good luck everybody and thanks for your posts.

    Hi I’m just beginning this 5:2 journey and had my first fast day on Saturday. This challenge is just what I need to keep me focused. My second fast day is today. I have the books, done a ton of reading and now ready to put it into practice. Love the idea of printing off monthly calendars, done. So here goes …

    Reporting end of the 2 day of 42 challenge from Texas. I did not complete water fast, but ate around 500 cal, so I guess it will count for fast. 🙂
    I went to gym, and did 1 hour zumba class, with light weight exercises. Then visit steam room, and now tired but happy going to bed. Good night everybody! Sweet dreams!

    Just read this story and would be interested in what everyone thinks. http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/diet-and-fitness/after-the-biggest-loser-their-bodies-fought-to-regain-weight-20160502-gokkc7.html I’m not going to let it put me off though it might change what foods I rely on (i.e. metabolism enhancing foods) once I have got to my goal weight.

    Hello, Day 3, 39 days to go of challange 🙂 Another water fast for me today.
    Challange: 2 X fasts, 1 X non fast. Good luck!

    Day 2-FD complete. I kept my calories to 450. Walked after dinner to reach 10,642 total steps. I had a tough time at work today and a bag of chips were calling out to me when I got home, but ate 15 calories of radishes instead!! 😄 Goal for tomorrow is to stay within my TDEE and exercise by walking after work.

    UK Day 2 Hi went over my TDEE a bit as it was the Bank Holiday but only by a couple of 100 calories and had less yesterday. Today is my fast day which is my first one so am thinking what shall I do food wise today. 20 minute walk. I have to say I am very impressed by the amount of exercise everyone records perhaps it’s something I need to do more of

    Aussie day 3 fasted yesterday, staying below my TDEE didn’t get my walk in today feeling good will check my weight Friday after 2nd fast day will get on my exercise bike later now it’s written I will have to do it lol.


    NL day 3
    Had my first fast day of this challenge yesterday. This morning -0.7kg on the scales. I’m pleased with this first minus entry in the tracker! There’s some great food ideas mentioned (somebody had already mentioned that) and I now am spending more time planning the non FD with all these great suggestions. Way to go everyone!! Good job!

    Hi, I’d like to join in with this challenge. I’m 50 tomorrow so will not start this until Thursday. I’m not going to weigh myself but be guided by the ability to get into clothes that have been consigned to my wardrobe. I have some lovely things I just cannot wear. I will also swim most days if I can. Looking forward to hearing all your successes.

    After a fairly pants day yesterday eating probably the worst roast dinner ever created by the MIL but not much of it, today is my first FD. Looking forward to it and the cleanse !

    Aussie 3rd day – Another fast day completed.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow Whaley.

    Hannah – I looked at your link. It was interesting but also a bit depressing. I wonder if the ‘losers’ had lost too quickly or reverted to old habits? I’m hoping that if I see fasting as more of a way of life, I can keep off the pounds I lose.

    I have finished my second fast day and am ready for lunch. I’ve lost 1.3kgs so far so am feeling pretty motivated and may even try a third fast day tomorrow.

    Two fast days in a row and I was feeling fine. I noticed someone also said how important it is to stay hydrated and I think this is true. A big glass of water and it gets you through a few more hours not feeling hungry. Herbal teas are great too. I had a 10g protein bar for breakfast (for the Kiwis out there it was Tasti brand’s Dark choc and orange Protein bar). At only 193 calories it got me through the entire day till an early dinner. Protein really fills you up.

    Hi all! checking in from India.. this is my first post and I am in for the challenge. i shall start from tomorrow and it would be my fasting day.

    Day 3. Hello from rainy NYC. 522 calories yesterday. Scale up a tad but still in 112s. Breakfast of egg and mushrooms on corn totilla. About 160 calories. Thinking of adding HIT to my improving habits.

    Ooops, not 112s…not in my adult life. 122s. <darn rented fingers>

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