42 day challenge beginning 1 May

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42 day challenge beginning 1 May

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  • I’d like to join in this challenge. I was going to start Sunday anyway. Tell me: am I silly to do two days back to back? With my schedule Sunday / Monday is a good combination. I notice most of you are doing two separate days.

    Perfect timing! Sitting here feeling like I don’t know where to start when I happened upon this call to arms! I’m in for May 42 day Challenge. Fast days with vary depending on commitments family/work.

    Hi all another quick post but still on my phone. I haven’t tallied all who have joined the challenge but will do that in the morning. This challenge will develop as we go along I think. Feel free to post suggestions. If anyone wants to post their entire meals for non fast and fast days feel free. Whatever helps you to keep on track.

    NZ@60 whatever works for you is the answer. I find splitting my days and one meal in the evening works for me. Two days together I found I over ate when I stopped fasting so I avoid unless absolutely necessary. Eating smaller meals throughout my non fast day didn’t work either. Experiment and you will find what works best. After all this is a way of eating for life not a quick fix diet so it has to be something you can live with.

    Welcome all – couldn’t wait until morning – we now have 34 members! A few comments – Cizz2 when your DH sees your results he will be sure to join in.
    Troyca while you have some info on your profile you don’t say where you live?
    K-lo well done for updating your profile – first success!
    NZ@60 what is the bread diet? I have done most diets – well thought I had but this is a new one to me. As much as I love bread it sounds pretty daunting!
    Quebecoise can I just say your English is pretty good better than my nonexistent french!
    So everyone – what ever works for you, whether you give a brief post ie day 1 fd under 500 exercise ??? or day 3 non fd under tdee swam 10 lengths whatever you want and whatever will help keep you focused but you must post each day!
    Some will fall by the wayside as that is what happens but they just have to pick themselvees up and keep trying. However the best way to succeed is to visualise now, how you will feel when you complete the 6 week challenge!
    I intend to put together a spread sheet with 42 days and hopefully I will check you in each day. That’s the plan but subject to change!
    I have my calendar done and stuck up on the wall, I have little gold stars I will give myself when I get through a day and a smiley sticker I will give myself at the end of the week. I have marked and planned my fast days. Marked any special days ie birthday 24th. Marked days I plan to run. Need to take photo yet. Also started a while back 2 glass jars with glass nuggets one pounds to lose and the other pounds lost. Anything to see results. At the end of each week you can post lbs lost or kilograms lost. Remember you are amazing and you can do anything you want!

    Perfect! Just spent the day reading the book and planning the week starting Monday! Glad to have the support and advice. Thanks for the invite. I am excited and ready to begin! I really really really want to get healthy!!!

    Hi newbies and welcome:

    Here are some tips that might help: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    I think we share the same attitude….and I think we are on the right track! Yeee-haww!

    I’ll join. Just started fasting a few weeks ago mainly for health benefits and a little fat loss. I’ve fasted till dinner 2-3 times a week. Lost about 3 cm on waist and 4 on hips but not really counting the loss unless it stays off for a month. Looking forward to seeing where I’ll be at the end of this challenge.

    Hi count me in. I am at target weight having started 5:2 in 2014 but need to refocus. Hoping this will help. Like TTL I’m happy to offer support and tips. I’ve lost 18kg (2st 11lb) and have been at goal since June 2015.

    I will give it a go. Have been doing this for about 6 weeks and lost over 4 kg! Good to have support along the way.
    Thanks for setting this up!

    I would like to be in.. what should I do? I only joined now

    Fishing Gran this is just what i need lost the plot for a while. thanks for starting this.

    Hi everyone, I’m in. Just updated my profile, thanks for starting this. Good luck to all!

    Hi coda, I would like to join in as well.. good luck everyone..

    Good morning all – up to 42 members. Thanks Simcoeluv for your link to any questions the newer members may have. I suggest anyone have a look through. Obviously we are a cosmopolitan group so the members from different time zones Oz and NZ will be starting first, UK in middle and USA starting later. Maybe when you post if you state – day 1 (UK/NZ//AUS/USA/) non fast day etc. Some from their profiles are already a step ahead in their planning. Beabeucci you ask what you should do – plan. I suggest writing on a calendar (blanks ones are available on internet) what days you will fast, plan your exercise days, what you will eat on non fast days and fast days. You will see any days that may be difficult so you can work round them. Read the link Simcoeluv provided for any questions about 5:2. Commit and take a day at a time. Visualise success. Fail to prepare – prepare to fail. Preparation is key whether that be physically (calendar) or mentally (believing you can do this). The power of the mind is amazing! If you believe you can, you will – if you believe you can’t you won’t!

    Really looking forward to tomorrow I think! I’ve 2stones and a half to lose and really hoping with the help of this challenge that I can move some way towards it. All the posts with links are fantastic. Thank you.
    First fast day will be Monday even though it’s a bank holiday 😬

    Hi my fast days are going to be Tuesday and Thursday, my hubby who only has a few pounds to lose is also going to join me.

    Hey Coda! Looks like you have started something!! I think you are right. We all need to PLAN which days and what we will eat. A daily check in to this forum for everyone will keep us on track and hopefully encourage us too. Thanks for starting the thread!

    Hi Everyone. I’ve just signed up and would like to join you. Good luck everyone!

    Coda, your challenge comes just at the right time. Totally fed up with my weight but more fed up with me doing nothing about it. I’m off on a family holiday on 20 May so 20 healthy days will be good followed by more until 14 June. I’m committed to reporting every day good, bad and ugly. Literally putting my pumps on now and going for a walk !

    WOW! what a turnout Coda – well done for starting this new thread. Lots of new people in exactly the same place I was over a year ago.
    Believe me if I can do it, anyone can. I don’t like exercise, I like food, I like cooking, I like looking good and hate being overweight, and I especially don’t like being sick and tired of being sick and tired!!! So you are all in the right place, and all seem raring to go. All I would urge you to do is stick at it – even if you feel like throwing in the towel, rest assured that even if the scales are not going down, something good is happening inside your body that you can’t see. All you have to do is eat 500 calories twice a week, and the rest of the time eat as healthily as you can.

    A great tool is the app MYPITNESSPAL. Put in any food and it will give you a calorie readout. I found it helped to occasionally measure the food to get the correct calorie count. It’s so easy to eyeball a cup of something, only to discover it is actually 1.5 cups. So easy to load up without realising it. Also, be absolutely honest with yourself. If you had a cup of hot chocolate, or a cream cake, add it to your allowance. It may seem a drag to start with, but stick with it. I found filling in MFP at the start of the day with what I know I am eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, then I know what calories I have left to play with for maybe a piece of fruit, or a dish of nuts. (or a cream cake!!!)

    Filling in your calendar is another great tool, as Coda suggests. It helps you to stick to the commitment.

    Above all, DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP if you have a bad day. Just get back to it another day. Don’t forget, you are doing this for you, and no-one else. Don’t let other people try to sabotage your efforts. Family and friends may try to press that last piece of chocolate cake onto you, because that’s the way it’s always been. Just listen to the Little Voices sitting on your shoulder, and don’t take it. Just say, No thanks and walk away. They will soon see how determined you are.

    Anyway, I have rattled on enough for now. I am literally brimming over with enthusiasm for you all, because I know that here are a great bunch of folks, who want to heal their lives, inside and out. Good luck to you all – here we go! TTL

    oops – that should read MYFITNESSPAL – TTL

    Hey third time lucky- what a great supporter. Thanks for your positive words!

    Hi I’ve just registered today and would love to be included in the challenge!

    My lucky day that i decided to check here today reading these posts has motivated me.I fast Monday and Thursday lost my mojo for a while there after doing so well for 12 months,my cholesterol,blood pressure and blood sugar all dropped.great to find such a supportive group of people.

    I’m a 68 yr. old American woman – my birthday is Monday, May 2. I’ve been on 5:2 since the middle of March. Wow! What a diet! I’ve lost 9 lbs. so far and would love to lose 15 more. I will do my best to post every day! Years ago I had some success with South Beach, but never was really able to stick with it. This diet was suggest by an Aussie Words With Friends pal who had great success with it. My real name is Gwynne.

    Out shopping but couldn’t help logging in to check the activity. Thanks TTL for such a positive post. Welcome to a few more members, will add you to my list when I get home. Has anyone taken their photo yet?

    I have taken some photos, but just keeping them to myself for now. Is there a way to post them?

    I would like to join you on the 42 day challenge, started last week and weighed this morning and I have lost 6.5 lb so pleased. So up for the challenge, count me in what greater way to get support,thanks xx

    Ooowwoo a bit shy when it comes to pics, do we have to put them on ?


    Getting ready for the challenge……just home from a long brisk walk of an hour and did shopping on the way back home. I find myself logging in often to read all the responses (just what I need right now!) and I’m getting ready for tomorrow. The calendar is printing as we speak :-)) got my food plan nearly ready for tomorrow and this evening I’ll take that picture……however much I know I’ll dread seeing it! But I know it’s going to be great when compared to the picture mid june. Right?! :-))
    I always used a chart which I downloaded from MS Excel made easy.com It’s the weight_tracking_chartv2 Easy to use: fill in your current weight, goal weight, etc. When you enter your weight it will show you how much you have gained/lost and if you are on track with your goal weight and date. I like it – it works/worked for me.
    At 163cm and 75kg (approx. 5’3″ and 160lbs) on april 30th I’m ready!
    Thank you Coda and all of you for your support …. and good luck tomorrow. We CAN do this!!

    Hi Coda, hi everyone. I would like to join the challenge too please. I have 12 kgs to lose so this will help me stay motivated. I’m going to fast tomorrow, Sunday, and Tuesday.

    Hello coda and all, please add me to the list as well. First time trying this diet and so will check in every day to hopefully stay on track. Excited to start and fed up with too tight clothes lol.
    Will print out the planner and plan on going back to using myfitnesspal. Good luck everyone

    Hello all,Glad to see so many people around my age(50ish) that need to loss 50plus lbs and are first timers to use 5:2 website and forums. Good luck! We will do this challenge!
    Its going to be fun!
    My fast days Thurs and Sunday

    Hello,please can I join this challenge too? I have been following this WOE for three weeks and have lost 9lb so far. I have found this forum to be a great source of support, but I have only lurked and read so far, this is my first post. I’m in this for the long haul as I have a lot to lose, so playing a more active part will hopefully keep me on track!

    Hello! I am new to the 5:2 and plan to start on May 1, so this challenge is perfect for me :). Thank you!

    Feeling quite pleased with my eating today. Breakfast – Blueberry and blackberry compote with CoYo coconut yogurt, and tea. Lunch was a bowl of Mushroom soup – no bread. Dinner – baked cod with home made ratatouille. No potatoes, no rice etc. Followed by more compote and yogurt. Had a home made healthy chocolate and coconut slice mid afternoon, and a glass of white wine with dinner. Total cals according to MFP 950 approx.
    May have a piece of fruit later, but feeling full just now.
    I filled in the MFP profile which allows me 1200 calories per day (actually this is less than the fast diet allowance of 1378, but I have been sticking to this ) so I am well below my allowance. This is my way of eating now. My stomach has shrunk so I definitely don’t need so much food now. Took me a long time to cook much less than I used to. I can’t bare food waste, so used to eat far too much.
    Hope you have all had a good day and ready to start seriously tomorrow.

    Hi everyone and thank you for joining me on this challenge. Dahliafan you are the 50th person to join and we are now up to 51! Incredible!
    For those of you who have asked, as far as I know there is no way to post pictures and tbh even if there were I don’t think I would post mine lol. No these photos are yours and only yours to see.
    Well done TTL I had a good day yesterday but today I sneaked in and indulged a little. The old mental tantrum – “Liz have it now as you are beginning a challenge tomorrow” anyone else eat the cupboards bare in preparation? Silly as with this wol (way of life) you can include anything as long as you include it in your Tdee (as you can see from TTL’s post above). TTL would you share your chocolate and coconut slice recipe? Sounds like something to make and look forward to on non fast days.
    Thank you Dutch I am going to check out that weight tracking chart.
    Having read all who have put on profiles (lol that is a big hint to those who haven’t) we all have a common goal to be a slimmer and healthier us. Remember we can do this – we are worth it! Eat foods that will love you back this is not just a diet- this is a way of life, a time to nourish your body and begin to feel better inside and out. GO US!

    Well. Took my before photo. Could have done without that. 🙄

    Ha! Me too. Looking forward to tomorrow and the next several weeks! Lots of support, excitement and energy on this thread 🙂 FUN!

    Third time lucky, I too noticed the difference between the 5:2 calorie TDEE and MFP calorie allowance. But doesn’t 5:2 take fast days into account? MFP assumes you’re going to follow their more restrictive count every day (how depressing!!).

    Took my measurements…ready for tomorrow. Can I tell you all my true goal is to go from a DD to D…at 5′ 1″.

    Hi everyone!
    I am 51 years old. I have tried the Fast 2 diet before and I think it’s brilliant. However I just can’t seem to manage the non diet days.I binge eat and what is worse, I allow myself a few beers too. Those empty calories are destroying all the relative good achieved.I know this diet can work if properly followed.
    So this is my plan: I want to non binge eat on the off days and give up beer completely. The fact that it’s only until June 11th or 42 days makes it seem doable.
    I’m in,if that’s alright,and if anyone wants to join me, I would be delighted and grateful for the support.
    Good luck everyone
    I have pencilled in Monday as my 1st fast day and more importantly, Tuesday as my first non diet day!!

    Hi all it’s Sunday already for us Aussies took all my measurements feeling excited,fast day tomorrow.

    Don’t worry Edzero I am sure you will not alone thinking that!

    Thinking of all down under who are now on day one. You can do it – a day at a time! xxxx to you all

    Hi K-Lo:

    The TDEE calculator at the top of the page does not take diet days into account. It gives a standard estimate based on the formula it uses. That is why you want to eat to your TDEE or less on non diet days – so you lose some weight because of the calorie restriction caused by your diet days!

    I will start on the 2nd of May, do my fasting from Monday every day of the week, from Monday to Friday, only with a meal in the dining around 1000 calories, I adapted better as well as created a routine and think more easy direct stay than go back and forth, on Saturday and Sunday I’m free, always without carbohydrates, no sugar and no refined carbs, the weekend consumption a little sweet potato and derived from cassava, if I have any celebration open a free day window, in this last month I lost 3 kilos.

    I am very optimistic that with my progress group will accelerate, make two years removed with great sacrifice of my food carbohydrates, could decrease the balance 20 kg, but still have a lot ahead.

    Coda … I wish you would make a place for people to post pictures and get to know better, Facebook type, Skype or any other social network, it would be for those who wanted.
    Sorry Google translate, I am Brazilian.

    I love you all.

    Hi! I’m a little late to the party, I’ve only just signed up on here but I’d love to join if the challenge is still open.
    Got a lot of weight to lose, and anything that might help me feel better in a wetsuit for outdoor swimming has got to be a good thing right?

    Planned fast days are Mondays and Thursdays, at least for the moment, with swimming and running thrown in through the week.
    Profile update is in the works when it’s not 1am

    Good luck all!

    Hi I’d love to join, count me in, shocked to discover my recent gain due to an overseas holiday, getting in shape for my wedding in September! excited and determined to be part of the challenge.

    I’m in, too! New to this, but have done many other “plans” before like Whole30, Paleo, etc. but definitely realize that restricting whole food groups sets me up for wanting them even more and going overboard when I deem the plan over. I really want to find balance somehow and end the binge/deprivation cycle that I know all too well. Life is too short to be obsessed about food.

    Looking forward to the support of everyone here! I plan on fasting Mondays and Thursdays. Good luck!!

    (Anyone else worried they’re going to eat like it’s their “last day” tomorrow before Monday’s fast day??)

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