3 weeks in and feeling great….

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3 weeks in and feeling great….

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  • as someone who used to be on medication for depression, gets disturbed nights with my 4 month old needing feeds etc. and never feels like enough sleep is possible, I know what low & exhausted can feel like. Fasting has changed my whole outlook.

    I have far more get-up-and-go, especially on fast days. I’m so happy and energized, I can shrug off the sleepless nights and droopy eyes and get on with my day with my sons. even cleaning toddler poo out of the bath doesn’t really knock my mood, where as before it would be a head in hands “why me” incident.

    This week I’m doing 4 fasts Mon. Wed. Fri & Sun, My hubby is off work next week so I have no idea how to fit them in. But.., If my mood drops, I shall have to fast.

    Well done but remember if you breast feed you need more calories.

    Mmmmmmmm I do breastfeed my son. I am just about keeping up with him. I could up my intake. No idea what would be appropriate.

    You do need to be careful as some literature states that under a specific amount of calories your milk supply can drop off. Your body may think. She is starving therefore stop the milk. I haven’t read anything in the fast diet about this but from my experience as a nurse i would say its not a good idea to do this diet whilst breastfeeding. I would see your gp first.

    Just read the faq at top of page. It advises breastfeeding mothers not to follow this diet.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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