3 1/2yrs on 5:2 – my appetite has dramatically increased in the past few months

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3 1/2yrs on 5:2 – my appetite has dramatically increased in the past few months

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  • When I started the diet in 2013 (which I love and has changed for the better SO MANY aspect of my life – health, fitness, self esteem), I could pretty well cope with hunger levels in the evening and night of a fast day before breaking it in the morning.
    Now I find that hunger is waking me up at 4am and I have a massive appetite (which I have to strongly control!) the next day through until lunchtime. Is anybody else feeling this way?
    I lost 8kgs in the first 6 months (67kgs -> 59kgs) and in the past couple of years, have not been able to get lower despite maintaining the fast regime and also cutting carbs/refined sugar to much lower consumption. In a perfect world, I could lose just another 2kgs max…
    I feel that my body has responded to the weight loss by upping my metabolism and my appetite to try and get me to put back on the weight. It really is taking a lot of will power to stay still and whilst I know that I won’t give up… it is a bit miserable!
    Can anyone give me some advice? How can I lower my appetite? Will this situation abate at all?
    Would love to know what Mr Moseley thinks of this :o)

    Interested to know thoughts on 5:2 vs Prolon diet (5 consecutive “fast days”) per month.
    Has anyone tried this diet who is also experienced with 5:2?

    Hi A Tulloch,
    I’m afraid I don’t know enough to give you advice, just wanted to send my sympathy, it is a difficult situation to handle.
    Do you fill up on good hearty meals, on non fast days?
    Does the 4am hunger come in waves, so maybe you could read a bit and then go back to sleep?
    Would a milky drink help bide you over to breakfast?
    I hope someone comes along with an insight that will help you.
    best wishes

    Have you had a look at Jason Fung The Obesity Code?

    He suggests that any diet works in the short term but dieting is only half of the solution, the other half is longer fasting 24-36 hours.

    The aim of the body is to maintain the status quo which is controlled by the brain, so if you lose weight, then the brain will reduce the metabolism and increase the drive to eat. Fung argues that to reduce the body set weight then longer fasting is the key.

    I started the 5:2 in January 2012 and lost 26 lb and 26 inches in the first 8 months. After that I struggled to reduce any weight despite reducing refined carbs and ditching sugar in my tea as well as cutting down on the sweet stuff. My waist was 38″ and shrank to 36″ in that 8 months but I couldn’t get it any smaller despite all of the positive changes until I started fasting for longer.

    I was inspired by Fung to give it a go with my goal of a 34″ waist the prize(deemed a healthy weight for a woman). I know that weight is a poor indicator of success as I have dropped 3 dress sizes and my body shape has completely changed from Buddha to hour glass.

    I fast from dinner to dinner when I am not working. I have dinner, then skip breakfast and lunch, then have dinner the next evening. I thought that it would be much tougher than consuming 500 calories, but I find it much much easier. I drink tea throughout and sleep well.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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