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  • Two Meals A Day

    After many attempts to lose weight and maintain the intermittent fasting lifestyle. I’ve regained my losses and want to go on a lifestyle diet to lose 100 pounds no matter how long it takes.

    Fasting Day two meals 300 calories each.
    Beef Day: 1 Salad 900 cal, Steak 900.
    Fish Day: 1 Salad 900 cal, Fish 900.
    I weigh 250# on 6/21/2022

    I admire your endurance! Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Thank you.
    Trying for at least 8 fasting days in July.
    I have lost a little bit already, but not a significant amount.

    You know you’re serious when you have someone take a before pic.


    It’s very hard for me to deny myself food, but I try to


    I struggle too.
    I can’t offer expert advice.
    But just insights from mine own experiences.

    I have lost 50+ on adkins
    I have lost 50+ on 5:2/4:3

    What I like about intermittent semi-fasting.

    Is I don’t stay hungry forever,
    In Fact it’s more like

    Every 4th day wait till 1pm.
    And choose 300 cals worth.
    I follow it with pickles or cucumber to give my stomach the full feeling.
    Then again at 6pm.

    When I restart for the first month , I cut myself some slack and I have protein shake if I’m still hungry after a 300 cal.

    But after about 7 serious tries.
    I start to get used to being a little hungry till 1pm.

    In the second month I try to go down to 1800 calories on Feed days. With an average 30 day target of 1400-1500 calories.

    That’s where I’ve finally landed on 2MAD.

    The two 900 calorie meals help with eating till sated. But I keep the same eating schedule. I believe in the long interval from 6pm to 1pm The next day help with insulin resistance.

    But that’s also my cue when eating those high calorie meals to go exercise, or at least go for a long long long walk.

    Fasting isn’t for everyone, the first time I tried it, it was tough, but eventually , I found how long I could be comfortable with eating nothing after I wake up to I get Too hungry.

    1pm is my time, but after that I’m Hangry.

    4th successful 600 calories day.
    Feeling good about this diet.

    Just a check in for July.
    It’s always fun for me to recreate an menu or a lifestyle that includes fasting.

    My goal is to keep journaling recipes and scheduling .
    The 2 meals a day seems to keep up a level of consistency ive not experienced.

    Currently, I eat at the same times everyday, 1pm and 6pm

    This is only for my personal management of hunger.

    I can usually go until 1pm and go from the point of getting hungry to be being hungry every moment.

    But knowing that what I eat will make the hinger go away till to 4:30pm
    And only getting hungry again by 6pm

    At 6 pm I choose to eat until sated.
    So with theses two hurdles oñ fast days.

    So I repeat the same staples every 4 days which is very simple.
    Fast day
    Meat day
    Plant based day
    Fish day

    In this way what I experience
    Is hunger for approx 5 hours every 4 day.

    After my 6th successful fasting day
    My weight is down 13 lbs.
    And though it’s not dramatic or near the goal. It’s a great start. And I’m excited.

    But the highly anticipated clothing size change. I know I’ll be very encouraged to keep on keeping on.

    Before weight loss has always had a cosmetics value, but this is purely self care. I do enjoy the food, but it’s not at the level of pigging out on my favorites. I feel like I need to get down to 230lbs, some of the exercises I like,jump rope , aggrivate my lower back nerves. Unless my weight is at the 220 range or lower.

    So while I could go for more restricted menu. To get to 220 as fast as possible.
    I’m doing only what’s doable.
    Transitioning, from pigging out diet.

    To weight loss diet at around 1lb a week.
    So experience tells me.
    A goal of 100lbs, weight loss.
    It’s good to be successful I the beginning, but very important to me to make every fast day the most important day to succeed at.

    The other three days, is to eat twice and feel sated, yet approx 500 calories under TDEE.

    THE GOAL for me right now is fat loss to 220lbs.
    And then ramp up the exercise,. Walking and jump rope .

    What I’ve noticed is the meat day effect on my thinking,. I want to walk the equivalent of 75minutes after the meal of the day.

    I’ve tried to exercise that much in the past and it just isn’t me
    Unless I’m at work.
    But I just don’t feel like working that hard any longer.
    A bone spur on my heels.
    And carpal tunnel.
    I just rather walk and jumprope, and swim, some dumbells, and plank exercises.

    What works from me, is
    Sticking to ,
    High energy day,
    Low energy day,
    High energy day,
    Moderate energy.

    So exercising on high energy days.

    So there’s an opportunity to jump through a health window.

    The fasting day,
    A focus on gut Flora.

    The meat day, focus on good protein.

    The plant based day for nutrition.

    The seafood day , immune health.


    It’s alot to pack into just 4 days.
    But the simplicity helps me stay on track, and if I get off track, easy to right back on.

    I said all that.
    But there’s also a very difficult part in my life, but I’m not letting my life stresses, effect my diet.

    I’ve just determined not to just reach goal, but to live healthy before, durning, and after goal.

    That goal weight is not the only goal.
    But to live with excellent nutrition, and exercise that lends to longevity.

    Perhaps if I live alot longer, then this difficult time in my life, is just sorta offset by a period of diet focus.

    Maybe to logical, but I keep hydrated, and keep good nutrition in every bite,

    But I need to also exercise.

    Bla bla bla.

    I do enjoy the 6 big meals between fasts.
    And instead of grazing,
    My go to if I intake at a unplanned time.
    Is a large mixture of coffee and protein drink..
    At 150 calories, that drink keeps me energized, and not hungry at all.

    Thing is I really enjoy the coffee and chocolate drink.

    My average calories per 7 days.
    Is around 1500 calories, so adding 600 calories in a week is still under TDEE.
    The focus is on 2MAD.

    IF I fail a fast day of 600 calories.
    But I had it to 750 .
    That’s still a day loss success.
    So I just won’t beat myself over trying to be perfect.

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