2.6kg Loss in First Week

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2.6kg Loss in First Week

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  • I am so over the moon, I didn’t expect to drop that much in my first week! I have – had – 13kg to loose, now its down to 10.5kg. And it has proved to me how much I have been over-eating, especially when I don’t really need it. The challenge has been to ignore my brain telling me I need food because I’m not having so much on my two days of fasting. But even on my feed days I am still now careful and watch what I eat. I can see where this is not a diet but a way of life. So happy!

    Really pleased for you Lindajl!

    Lindajl! Very good. I hope I will come back next week with a similar loss. Keep up the good work.

    Into my second week. I found I was able to add a third day (Mon, Wed, Fri) without too much trouble. My general daily calorie intake = 1200 while dieting, I reduced to 500/day when fasting, rather than 25%, which I could not have done even on fast day 1. My fast times were 16-18 hrs. On Saturday I treated myself to a slap up brekky, then a v fancy dinner & wine that evening. Total intake 2000! Sunday was a normal day, but I added 45 min exercise to try and counteract Saturday’s overindulgence. On Monday I’d lost 4lb (1.8kg). Very pleased but I’m sure at this stage, it’s mainly water loss. It was hard but so
    far the results have spurred me on. Am halfway through my second week and going strong. Im sure subsequent wait loss will not be as dramatic, but fingers crossed I will be able to stay on track. Will keep you posted!

    SH1 sounds like a good plan to me. Just getting past day 1 was not as hard as I had thought it would be. I may use your plan next week. I’d like to try for 3 days.

    Well done Lindajl! Keep it up.
    You too SH1 – I like your plan too.
    I am finding I look forward to fast days and even on normal days I eat less. Your stories all inspire me 🙂

    Well done ! I have just completed week two and nearly 5lbs lighter

    Congratulations…! Good to hear

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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