16:8 – does anyone have an opinion

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16:8 – does anyone have an opinion

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  • Hello fasting folk,

    I wonder what your thoughts are with skipping breakfast? I have been doing this and eating within an 8 hr window. The first week or so we’re really great my mood was fantastic.

    I had a lot of personal stress last week and heavy work load + a cold now (which perhaps I was fighting?) but the elevated mood wore off (but still wan better than when having breakfast) but started to feel a little light headed 🥴 I would eat egg sandwich milk drink at around 12.00 as that is when I was ready to eat. This last week I have wanted to eat a lot when I get in from work- partly comfort eating if I’m honest and a couple of crab sticks doesn’t cut it. I was like this even when before when I had breakfast. I just feel I’ve come unstuck . I do feel I’ll now so maybe I was just coming down with something.

    Any tips?

    Hi there, I have been following this WOL for quite a while now and am in maintenance. I follow a 16:8 (ish) regime and it’s been the making of me. My OH is type one diabetic and tests his sugars vey regularly. He started the routine long before me and found his blood sugars much more stable this way. When I started losing weight, I went travelling for 9 weeks, followed 16:8,;no scales obviously, and came home only 1lb heavier. Result!
    There are obvious benefits
    * you eat fewer cals on a NFD
    * you extend your overnight fasting window, which brings all the health benefits associated with that
    * it’s supposed to slow down the anti aging process
    I don’t have any side effects and exercise very regularly.

    There’s a ‘right’ way for everyone. I hope you find own path. Good luck with your journey.

    So, in that 8 hr period, you eat your total calorie allotment the day?

    Thank you for sharing debster.

    I found an initial major improvement in lowered appetite when skipping breakfast but then reintroduced breakfast again as I think an overall kcal deficit after a few weeks caused me to wake up v hungry and started having pint skimmed milk and seemed to have got back into the habit of having breakfast again.

    I’m going to try again…. eating between 12-20.00.

    Lucky star for me I still had to have a limit of 2 meals within those 8 hours or there is the risk, for me, I would snack for the whole 8 hours!

    Working for me, its only my first week on 16:8 and ive droped 1kg, its the first time i have droped under 70kg in 20year.Ive been dieting watching by carbs for 2 years now and haven’t been able to drop under 70kg. So yes i would say it works if u watch what u eat no hi carb fast foods or drinks with some exercise each day plus gym 2-3 times a week.

    My diet stay under 2000 calories
    1)breakfast 1/2 cup oats with nuts&seeds cinnamon and honey for flavor
    2)lunch wholemeal sandwich any kind, peanut butter to salad mostly salads,an apple or banana
    3)dinner 4 Veg large bowl meat 200g plus. 1/2 cup yoghurt no added sugar.
    No high carb foods eg potatoes, white rice, pasta nothing with added sugger.

    Forgot to add for me the most important thing pumpkin butternut pumpkin is my favourite has replaced potato.

    Great dropping under 70 kg well done. What’s your eating window time frame? You’re also keeping some carbs like bread?

    I am thinking of having porridge/ possibly sandwich for evening meal – if I have protein and vegetables I can’t sleep. Pumpkin butternut sounds good I love butternut squash.

    I am going to go back to two meals tomorrow hAvinf had a week away eating whatever we wanted and I’ve proved to myself I can eat! Probably having around 3000 kcal per day!

    So back to the two meals daily. Weekends I’m letting myself have more flexibility.

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