11th July – Today – is International Raw Food Day

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11th July – Today – is International Raw Food Day

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  • Extract from the International Raw Food Day website today:

    ‘Each year on 11th July people from all around the world gather together online and offline
    to celebrate the life-giving and health-restoring properties of nutritious and delicious raw and “living” food. This day is an opportunity to spend some quality time really thinking about how we nourish our bodies – we are what we eat, remember?! – and to give thanks for the abundance and diversity of amazing plant foods that we are blessed with on this planet.’

    If you visit their website, you can download a free copy of Go Raw for a Day! – ‘this will give people everything they need to know to go raw for 24 hours’ – as well as over 35 free downloads from various world-renown proponents of the raw food way of eating, on all sorts of aspects of the subject, such as weight-loss, detox, thyroid health, hormone balance, nutritional support for cancer patients, as well as various recipes.

    The website should also offer access to today’s live, free, online seminar, described as follows:

    ‘FREE “The Beginner’s Guide to Going Raw” teleseminar that will happen LIVE, taught by the visionary mastermind behind International Raw Food Day and Hay House author, Karen Knowler. – Mark your diary now for 9pm UK / 1pm Pacific / 4pm Eastern.’

    Sounds healthy!

    Sorry, forgot to quote the web address: http://www.InternationalRawFoodDay.com

    I was overjoyed to find peas in pods at the market yesterday. Took me right back to my childhood and the task of podding peas, although like yesterday, I would have eaten quite a few!They are just as sweet and tasty as I remember and had mine with some salad and prawns. I love raw peas and carrots too.

    Will have a look at this and see what else I might like.

    Thanks Jeanius.

    thanks, jeanius

    now i have

    2 vegetarian days 1 will now b a raw day

    1 mediterranean day

    3 low carb days

    1 anything goes day w/ a calorie limit (still 🙁 )

    i’m now @ 195 pounds yay! still 56 lbs 2 go to 140 lbs

    hope this will help.

    i know that even 4 raw day i will have 2 count cals
    no cals in the recipes (wish they would put cals & nutrition in their recipes).

    looking 4ward 2 making karen’s nori roll.

    take care

    Hi, wiltldnrUSA – Yay! from me too! Looks like you’re really getting a good plan together, to get where you want to be. I’m glad you’re getting results. I hope you are having lots of fun with it all and feeling well. All best wishes to you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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