You, me and JLo

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  • You, me and JLo

    The Bookseller reports that The Fast Diet has now spent its 19th consecutive week at number one in the UK Paperback Non-fiction chart – ‘the first title to enjoy such extraordinary longevity since Dr Atkins’ New Diet Revolution 10 years ago.’ Michael and I are overjoyed at the success of the diet, and how so many people are gaining real benefit from it – losing weight, finding fitness, discovering a new way of eating that is low-key, sustainable and (can it be true?) fun. Even JLo has been on the 5:2. You’re certainly in good company.

    I was travelling recently in Morocco, and even there, the diet seems to be causing a buzz. People are talking about it, sharing stories, proud of their achievements, swapping tips, sharing plans. In the coming months, the book will be published in more than 20 new territories – it’s already out in the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Korea – so welkom, benvenuto, powitanie, dobrodošli, добре дошъл, bun venit and hwan-yeong to you all (with apologies for poor spelling!) Please join in the conversation and let us know your stories from around the world.

    This is the best eating plan I’ve ever come across…. I started on Mon 20th May 13 and have lost 11lb so far.
    It’s so easy to do and the results are fantastic. I no longer have that bloated feeling in my stomach.

    I started putting on weight when I was going through the menopause and nothing I did seemed to work for me to bring my weight down which was really depressing for someone who never had weight issues before.

    Even though I need to lose more weight, I actually feel thin inside and the happiest I felt about myself for such a long time. I’m getting back to the person I was before I went through the menopause…

    Mimi, what an exciting post. It’s taken over the world! I hope you guys write a whole series of 5:2 books, kind of like what Atkins and South Beach have done over the years. What fun it could be for you to think up topics for new books as time goes on! I live in the U.S. and already have your cookbook on pre-order. We won’t get it until end of June.

    Joon, I agree with you. When I hit menopause, I just couldn’t lose weight anymore. I went on 5:2 and lost almost 8 pounds in one month. That hadn’t happened since I was in my twenties! And I ate well on my “feed” days. No counting calories, no denying myself. But I was mindful and didn’t overeat like a little piggy.

    Mimi -are you, or have you produced a French version – I live in Southern France now, although English by birth – and would like to spread the word to my neighbours, also I would like my GP to read it. No-one seems to know about the diet here.
    Started fasting this week and have just finished 2nd fast day.

    Mimi & Michael: I am an MD in Switzerland and would love to recommend your book to my patients. However, most of them do not speak English or not well enough to read it in English. So: when will there be a German version?

    I incidentally “tripped” over your book three weeks ago in Edinburgh and my first thought was “oh no, not another diet book”. But I started to read in the book store and was intrigued by the simpleness. Of course I have tried it out myself and love it. Of course, the scientific news are very interesting and I hope there will be more evidence of the benefits soon.

    Please let me know when the German copies will be out.

    Kind regards. Annie

    Hi Corin and joondaloop…great news there….I am peri menopausal..lost about 6 lbs and now it is going back on…having to really reign in the eating n non fast days I have found, need to up the exercise too…. I was never big as such..just the usual wobbly belly and muffins. Did you find you would eat the full calories as per TEE etc or less ? Thanks for any help

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