Will Fasting Allow a Rare, Difficult Illness Easier to Find in Biopies??

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Will Fasting Allow a Rare, Difficult Illness Easier to Find in Biopies??

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  • 45 yr old female. DX with EGIDS-EGE and Lymphocytic Esophagitis. I have PCOD, Endo/Adenomyosis, Ehler-Danlos Type III and a Chiari Type I. I am on a strict diet of Neocate Jr by mouth. I’m anaphalactic to multiple foods and meds. I have another upcoming endoscopy and colonoscopy. The cells they look for in biopsies like to group together closely, often making accurate counts impossible. Would a fast help bring these cells forward for easier counts and hopefully better treatment? Or would it chase them away?

    Hi–You are saying that you were diagnosed with ​eosinophilic gastrointestinal disease or EGIDS, which is characterized by the presence of eosinophils (white blood cells) in the digestive system, in your case being the stomach and the small intestine, hence the EGE. The Lymphocytic Esophagitis is characterized by increased number of lymphoctyes in the esophageal tissue. Less to do with the tests you mentioned would be the Adenomyosis, which involves endometrial tissue that should be in the uterus growing into the uterus and might require a endometrial biopsy or MRI. Chiari Type I involves the positioning of the brain lower than normal below the skull, which could cause symptoms, among others, such as digestive issues. Ehler-Danlos subtype III is a connective tissue disorder, but I don’t think that it would affect your tests other than comfort issues. Tell me if I am wrong.

    (By the way, have you checked your estrogen levels? The doctors would have to rule out parasitic infection, as well.)

    Are you allowed only Neocate Jr and nothing else? Do you mix it with water or some other liquid?

    Going on, an endoscopy will allow the doctors to view your upper digestive tract, such as mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, and possibly the small intestine. The colonoscopy will explore the large intestine.

    Here’s the catch, as you probably know: both tests require that you clean the bowels of stool, which requires 1-3 days of preparation, laxatives, and near fasting as it is. So, when you say, “Would a fast help bring these cells forward…?”, you must be talking about fasting even before the prep days, am I correct? But if you are already on a strict Neocate Jr diet, you are practically fasting as it is.

    Eosinophylls aggregate or cluster in abnormal situations. It’s what they do. On the other hand, where they are found is what’s important, whether in the duodenum, the esophagus, etc. If the prep diets for these tests don’t flush out these cells completely, then I don’t think fasting would, but then I am not a doctor.

    Now, apparently, fasting could decrease lymphycyte counts temporarily, but the most important thing to concentrate on is prepping correctly for the tests, so that the doctors can have a good view of everything!

    Hey – I just watched a video by Dr. Longo, where the speaker stated that 30% of white blood cells are killed off during an extended fast. After the fast, the stem cells restart the cell line again with new cells. Here is the URL for an article on the same subject:


    It might not be exactly what you are looking for, but the whole idea of restarting the immune system through fasting is an interesting subject. Be well and thanks!

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