Why less calories for women?

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  • Just wondering why it is 500 calories for women and 600 for men? Doesn’t BMI and/or height play a part? (I’m assuming a tall animal like myself might need more calories – at just under six foot I’m taller than a lot of men…)

    I’ve just come acroos the Fast Diet and bought it on Kindle. I’m feeling enthusiastic and want to give it a try. Perhaps I’m trying to wriggle out of the 500 calories goal, but just wondering if there is a scientific explanation for the difference between men and women’s targets.

    Thanks for any answers in advance.

    Okay, thanks. I’m in my first day of the diet. Had porridge for breakfast and light soup for lunch. Feeling very hungry, but I think this means I can have a bit more supper than I’d planned! Hurray! (I just got very irritable with my husband, who I saw – and smelt…mmmm! snacking on toast in the kitchen!)

    It is not just height that determines how many calories a male or female needs but also the difference in which our bodies differ between men and women. Male bodies in comparison to women have more muscle mass, denser bones, a lesser fat percentage and slightly faster metabolism. This makes men require slightly more calories than women for our bodies to function, this can change however when for instance a women is pregnant. Equality is a man made invention and nature took no notice of such things when it designed us. A man eating 600 calories has the same effect as a woman eating 500 calories,it doesn’t mean men will be slightly less hungry. Going slightly over your calories wont have a major impact on anyone it just means results may slightly differ. If a woman eats 600 calories and is still happy with her results then that’s all that matters but lets not worry about one sex getting more than the other…just except men and women have different bodies with different requirements.

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