Why I Like the Fast Diet

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Why I Like the Fast Diet

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  • 1. I like it’s flexibility, you can still have fun socialising. My friend started Keto 16 weeks ago when I started the Fast Diet. She hated having such restrictions. If I am craving something, I just tell myself, I’ll have it on my day off. I have lost 14 kg and socialise every weekend. My friend lost 5 kg on Keto, gave up and has now regained the weight. Keto didn’t work for me either.

    2. I don’t like having to weigh portions.

    3. It has improved my health in so many ways. (Lower blood pressure, less knee pain etc.)

    That is great! I agree. Only counting twice a week is a blessing!

    Hi coffee, I do t even count on fast days just have as little as possible. Sometimes having a small amount of food opens the flood gates and a a little becomes a lot. On a fast day, I have 2 cappuccinos (I need my calcium) got breaky, followed by a masses stock cube dissolved in a very large cup of boiling water (bouillon), then lots os laced water with lemon and mint. At about 6.00 pm, I have a large glass of Metamucil (physillium) which really fills me up. That’s a holiday fast day. If I a, at work I have a protein shake for breaky and lunch, bouillon and Metamucil. If I get hungry, I have over the counter natural appetite suppressants reducta or garçinia Cambodia. I have got used to fast days so don’t use them anymore.

    Rosy, there is something wrong with the posting capability here. I posted twice, and they never showed up here. Hopefully this abbreviated version will.

    I wanted to thank you for your tips on what you do on your fasting day. VERY helpful to me, and I will definitely be trying them! Thanks again.

    Rosy, thank you so much for posting what you have on fast days. This is very, very helpful to me. I had forgotten all about garcinia. I used it years ago, and it really helped. I’ll have to look into reducta, never heard of it. Metamucil! Broth! Geez, I must be brain dead with fasting ideas. I’ll have to start getting creative. THANK YOU so much!

    My pleasure coffeebrain! Actually coffee fills me up too. If you google Metamucil you will see it is sugar free, orange flavoured physillium. You can get it from the medicine section near the laxatives in supermarkets and pharmacies. I always have a big one on ice at night and I challenge you to fit anything in after that. It is a natural laxative which swells up with water and totally fills you up. It’s very refreshing with lots of ice and if you want to be really naughty after a hard day, put a shot of vodka in !

    @rosy posy – just found this. I quite like the idea of orange flavoured physillim – and your tip if your feeling naughty add the shot of vodka, Sounds awesome!

    Hi All,
    On Fast Day I keep it simple early morning Coffee, mid morning coffee. Ten just plain water when the hunger strikes. Always look forward to the Evening meal.

    I agree. I also love the flexibility the 5:2 regime gives me. Last week, my boss invited us all to pizza for lunch on Monday. So I just shifted my fast day to Tuesday. Easy peasy, no harm done. It was so much more pleasant than having to say “Thanks, I’ll just have a small salad without the dressing please” and then watch my colleagues gobble down pizza and pasta.

    That is great! I agree.

    I love the flexibility and simplicity with 5:2 as well I’ve tried weight watchers and that’s too much with counting points and having to weigh everything this way i don’t eat anything for 36 hours and that’s it.

    I loved its flexibility when I was actively trying to lose weight. Now, using the strategies learned it’s easy to maintain, which I’ve done for more than three years now.

    I agree with you, it is very flexible, a lot of energy appears, pressure improves and I feel better now!
    Other diets do not work for me since this one, it helped me a lot.

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