whey protein and igf1 levels?

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  • Hi folks

    Has anybody come across any research into the use of whey protein and its effects on igf1 levels? Or any experience there of?!

    Is it mainly animal (meat, not eggs) proteins that raise levels or fish and plant proteins
    as well


    Im still intrested in this question. I use whey protein often. Especially when my meats have become questionable to eat. When in doubt I throw it out. I keep a supply of the whey protein. I try to observe only vegetarian breakfast and lunches. And only 5 dinners a week with animal fats. My goto for protei is red beans and whey protein.

    I’m sceptical that whey protein would function any differently to other protein. Perhaps if the protein were not cooked and remained bioactive there could be something different. Otherwise, assuming the amino acids that constitute the proteins in whey are approximately equal to their distribution in other proteins there should be no different effect on IGF1 than other protein.

    I would be very suspect of whey. In both of Colin Campbell books, The China Study and Whole, he mentions dairy proteins raising IGF-1 levels. He mentions Casien in milk products which I think includes whey. In his books he introduces studies that show that casien promotes cancer cell growth in liver cells exposed to aflatoxin. If you think about it, cows milk is made to produce rapid growth in calfs.

    Whey protein powder is often a by-product from cheese making, where cheese takes away most of the Casein protein, and the cloudy liquid left behind contains mostly Whey protein. Therefore Whey and Casein are 2 different type of protein.

    Hi, yes, science shows that animal protein raises igf-1 levels significantly. Prof Longo recommends plant based diet, and 0.8g of plant protein a day for every kilogram of body weight.

    I lift heavy at a gym and will try this out whilst sticking to my training regime.

    Who wants cancer anyway…I would trade in big muscles for a cancer proof diet any day.

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