When do I weigh myself?

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  • I can’t work out when to weigh myself each week. After a fast day is obviously not accurate. I fast Monday and Thursday. Before I start fasting on a Monday is not realistic either. Any suggestions?

    Why isn’t weighing yourself the morning after your fast day not accurate? Pick a day and I would pick Tuesday morning after your fast day. Just make sure its the same day and the same time every week. I weigh myself first thing after a fast day when I get up just before I shower. If the weight is going down all good. If its going up I need to reassess what Im doing.

    Your weight can easily vary 2-3 pounds depending on the time of day and what part of the week you measure. So pick a day/time and make sure its the same every time you weigh yourself. From a psychological viewpoint why not pick the day/time where your likely to weigh the least. That’s the morning after a fast day. Good luck.

    Yes good idea. I thought the day after fasting was likely to give me false hopes. But of course if it’s the same day every week – overall I should see a realisitc trend. Thanks for your reply 🙂

    I weigh daily, just to keep myself on track. Some think that is obsessive and discouraging, but if I don’t know that I’ve gained 2 pounds, how can I work to lose it?

    @fasting_me I’ve done the 5/2 since 2013. I am maintaining my ideal weight of 118 pounds (I’m 5’1″.) I weigh myself at the end of each month. If I’m true to the way of life (WOL.) there’s no way I’d gain two pounds and not know it. I have certain pants, skirts, and dresses that only look good on me and fit easily if I’m compliant with the WOL. I had a mom who weighed herself every day her whole life and she did become obcessive. Use an App to keep track of everything tou eat and you’ll know if you’re slipping!

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