What kind of diet is best for health?

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What kind of diet is best for health?

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  • I have read in your book that too much red meat causes cancer? But what would be the ideal diet for health? Some people eat high fat and protien diet along with fruit and vegetables with ¬†great success for health and weight. The kind of fats they eat is butter, coconut oil, olive oil, cream, etc. Would nutritional deficiencies occurs without having legumes, beans and other forms of low GI carbs?

    So what do you think is the ideal diet for health?

    thanks snez



    The best diet is the one that suits you.
    Some people thrive on a high carb, red-meat diet that would wreck another person’s health, whereas a vegan or exclusion diet would be a disaster for someone like me who loves their food.
    I adopt a pick and mix attitude to eating, such as dietary advice and food recommendations, but not the actual recipes. I’ll try anything once, but if I don’t like it, not a second time.
    Personal choice for me is lots of fruit and veg, granary/wholemeal bread, natural yoghurt, cereals, red meat once a week, white meat 2-3 times, but only in the main meal, moderate amounts of dairy, no alcohol, dark chocolate only when I fancy it (not often), eggs cooked without oil, limit potatoes/rice/pasta to twice a week, use agave syrup or honey instead of refined sugar, drink herbal and decaf teas, watered down fruit juice, eat nuts that are roasted but not salted, probiotics daily and supplements only if I need them.
    This works for me, and I average 1400 calories a day, around 500 on a fast day if I really cut down.

    Thanks so much, sounds like you have a great diet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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