What is super filling?

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  • Hi

    I’m completely new to this. I haven’t started yet and I have a couple of barriers.

    The first is that I don’t want to have to do anything too fiddly preparation wise for breakfast.

    At the moment I have Special K or beans on toast, both of which can be prepared super easy and super quick. I know I need something similar for breakfasts. Evenings I can prepare a bit more.

    I’m also a vegetarian who doesn’t eat cheese.

    The plus point is that I don’t need variety when fasting. It’s just 2 days a week and I’m happy to have one breakfast and one dinner that I always have on a fast day. This wouldn’t bother me at all.

    But I do need it to be the most filling thing I can possibly have.

    So my question is, given the above, what is the most filling breakfast I could possibly have for 250 calories, and what is the most filling dinner I could have for 350 calories.

    By the way, I am happy to eat dinner style food for breakfast. I don’t need it to be standard breakfast food. I just need it to be super filling so that this becomes lifetime sustainable.

    Can anyone offer advice on what my fast-day breakfast and what my fast-day dinner should be?

    Thanks lots.

    Al xx

    Do you eat yogurt? I’ve had a Greek yogurt with a 8g(30 calories) of Kashi Go-Lean Crunch and that’s 170 cal. I’ve also had some cherries the last couple of days and found them to be filling. I’ve heard Quinoa is good and there’s a nice recipe for veggie burgers using that at tastykitchen.com.
    Good luck

    In relation to breakfast I make a basic porridge topped with fruit. Made with water and a little skimmed milk it can come to 250 cals. This is a low GI meal with slow release energy that keeps me filled during the day and is easy and quick to make.
    For dinner I cook a portion of brown rice. Also cook a portion of Quorn pieces seperately. Measure a soup bowl size of frozen mixed veg, slice a small onion, a portion of mushrooms and fry these in a large pan. Add 400gm tin of chopped toms and heat through. Add Quorn pieces and brown rice. Simmer 10 mins adding Soy sauce and any herbs of choice. It is easy to work out cals, fat etc as you weigh out portion size. Double up as needed and the left overs make a light lunch next day.
    As a non vegetarian I am a great believer in Marks and Spencer ready meals. Check them out as they may do a Vegetarian range.
    Good luck.

    Hi allunparry, do you eat eggs? I know some vegetarians do and some don’t. As you can see from the comments everybody finds different things filling. I love yogurt and porridge, but nothing fills me up like eggs do. I always have some hard boiled eggs in the fridge, low cal, high protein, and a quick and filling breakfast. All of us found out after the first couple of weeks what works and what doesn’t and so will you. Best of luck!

    hi allunparry,
    i cant offer help with breakfast other than porrige, filling and non fussy to make.
    (i dont eat breakfast myself)

    my evening meal that i find filling is stirfry veg,
    i buy the ready to cook packs from my local supermarket 600grams is 216 cals for the lot!
    i crush 2 garlic cloves fry them in a splash ( 5 ml is 40 cals) of extra virgin olive oil then add the veg a tea spoon of soy sauce (3 cals in 5 ml) and a pinch of chinese 5 spice. takes all of 4 mins to do. 260 cals in total we add 200 grams of cooked peeled prawns (120 cals )and it serves two adults, but you could have the lot without the prawns and still be under your daily limit xx

    Wow thank you. This is amazingly helpful. Yes I am okay to eat eggs if they are free range. Thanks for all these tips. I’ll check out the M&S ready meals too. Sounds like porridge is a favourite. I’m not a fan of porridge as a food, but I won’t mind eating it 2 days a week for energy purposes. Thanks all. I really appreciate your support.

    For me a huge bowl of soup with prawns and noodles is amazingly filling – Use Shirataki noodles which are zero calories, prawns, miso base with a bit of chicken stock powder, spring onions, thinly sliced mushrooms, thinly sliced mangetout, some dreid red chilles, thinly sliced red onions, a little thinly sliced red pepper and top with chopped fresh coriander. Hard to believe that this is about 120 calories! Also, I use foil pouches each evening on a fast day – I find if I put my fish or chicken into some foil I can drizzle whichever emolients I am using that evening and the food stays moist – so salmon with a drizzle of balsamic and chopped chives, chicken breast with a dessertspoon of creme fraiche mixed with half a teaspoon ofmustard, white fish with chives, a drizzle of sesame, soy and grated ginger – all of these work best tightly wrapped in tinfoil and cooked in a hot oven fr no more than 20 minutes. I also steam a pile of celeriac and carrot and mash them, adding a little stock to moisten and that is so filling. Hope that’s ofuse to someone out there…

    i found that a 100 cal instant oatmealbran wholegrain plain 1 cup
    w/ raspberries 1/2 cup 32 cals
    & 1/4 cup fat free ricotta cheese 50
    stevia 1 cal

    mix it in blender

    183 cals

    4 breakfast lunch or dinner

    u get the whole grain/dairy/fruit

    super filling 🙂

    This sounds really good. Would probably replace the fat free ricotta with light yogurt (90 kcal) and omit the stevia all together for a total of 222 calories…but sounds like a really healthy/filling Fast Day breakfast 🙂

    hi carla,

    if u love coffee ice cream

    i have plain yogurt & instant coffee (i had 2 experiment which the instant coffee some taste terrible & others fantastic & stevia)

    mix w/ spoon

    the reason i add ricotta 2 other recipe is because it like having a great cheesecake

    maybe i should add the oatmealbran 2 the coffee recipe never thought of that w/ instant oatmeal but i could add it 2 soups 2

    another is 1 egg med cooked no fat added 63 cal

    instant oatmealbran wholegrain plain 1 cup 100 cal

    pour in pan

    4 a very big pancake

    add a sugar free maple syrup 6 cals

    169 cals

    this is addictive but just as good as regular pancakes

    i luv replacing cravings on fastday or nonfastday

    do u or anybody have any or anyone else?

    oops correction on pancakes

    1 medium raw egg mixed w/ instant oatmealbran wholegrain plain 1 cup 100 cal
    mix w/ spoon & pour in pan.

    the cals r lower when the egg is cooked w/out fat

    Today was my first day. Really easy.

    I didn’t eat til about 12.30 when I had a packet of Belvita breakfast biscuits (Cranberry) and a medium apple.

    For dinner, about 6pm, I had an M&S vegetable bake with some salad.

    And loads and loads of water throughout the day.

    Lovely to know that my willpower can be put in its box tomorrow and just eat normal again.

    One slice of good, whole grain bread with a mixture of light ricotta cheese, sugar, and cinnamon spread on top. Toast it in a toaster oven. Very filling. (Note: Using nonfat ricotta cheese or artificial sweeteners ruin the taste.)

    I’m SO lazy with fasting days. I honestly can’t be bothered to cook and as I’ve knocked breakfast (& usually lunch too) on the head for non fast days too, all I want when I get home from work is 400 calories worth of bran flakes & soya milk and a cup of tea (I allow 100 cals, as I have soya milk & 2 sugars). If I’m still a bit peckish I’ll have a nectarine or a plum. Been doing this for a few months now (I did used to try to cook and/or have 2 meals throughout the day for the first few months of the ‘regime’) – works for me.

    I need to have a filling breakfast or the day is a wash. I know you’re discouraged from eating carbs on fasting days but what has worked best for me is an egg on half a low cal english muffin (about 170 cal). keeps me full until early afternoon.

    @tracyj, I’m also horribly lazy with it. But my lunches have become super easy with an instant cous cous pot thing from the Food Doctor. It’s 268 calories but it’s hot, tasty and it really fills me up for the day. I’m devastated now because the shop that sells it is all out today and I need to get resourceful while in the office!

    PS I honestly don’t work for them despite that sounding like a cheesy endorsement 🙂

    For breakfast I always have a piece of banana followed by a soft boiled egg and feel satisfied. One favourite evening meal is my version of the Mexican pizza described in the Fast Diet book. It doesn’t need to have the mozzarella on it . It is quick and easy and very tasty. The M&S count on us vegetarian moussaka is good, too. I am not a vegetarian but enjoy these nevertheless. I used to go to Slimming World years ago -it worked but I didn’t keep to it afterwards- anyhow there was a quiche recipe made with 2 or three beaten eggs, a selection of sliced veg stirred through and then cooked in a baking dish in the oven for 30-40 mins-no pastry required. You could have a decent slice with salad maybe. Whatever you choose, enjoy it.

    I’ve just made something new and thought I’d share with you – mainly because I cannot believe the calorie count when I look at this huge meal! I made up a curry using Quorn pieces – first I sauted a red onion and couple of cloves garlic and some grated ginger. To this I added 250g Quorn pieces, dried chilli flakes, tin chopped tomatoes and 3 heaped tspns Ras-al-Hanout and a chopped yellow pepper. Left that to simmer, adding some hot water to loosen throughout the 10 mins cooking time. Meantime I sliced two aubergines and put them into boiling salted water for 5 mins until tender. Drain the aubergines and pat dry with kitchen towel. Then layer up your quorn mixture with layers of sliced aubergines until complete. Finish with thin layer of Quorn mix and cover with foil and cook in hot oven for 15-20 mins. Served with Raita this feeds 3 people and the calorie count is 200 cals per person! And it’s a feast 🙂

    Just to add to the Quorn recipe – if you mix some sieved tomatoes with a little low fat yoghurt and some chopped fresh mint, you could put this on the top layer, haven’t tried it but I think it would work adding a few more calories.

    @org, Oh dear! I hope you find something to keep you going today then (I won’t mention that I’ve just had a massive wedge of cake for my non-fastday breakfast ;).

    I never really eat during the day (at work) anymore (cake is an exception obviously), especially on fast days, so I haven’t done this for ages but my standard lunch used to be 50g of poridge oats made up in the office microwave with water and a small tsp of sugar. That was 200kcal, pretty filling and kept me going until dinner, when I’d have a low cal soup and a very small roll.

    Hey Caledonia, again I’m drawn to the recipe I wish I had something to offer you but alas I am a beginner albeit a Scottish one. thanks again

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