What is "Cr*p Food"

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  • Well the debate is open .. in terms of maintaining weight and health generally.. am sure there is a whole spectrum of views on this.. so thought it might be good to see what we individually feel is healthy and “good” food.

    For me I know I am minorly wheat intollerant. Prior to starting IF last August I had already cut out potatoes, rice and pasta as routine food stuffs.. however I was eating them when visiting friends / out etc (I still do).. I try and avoid foods that are empty carbs, processed etc. For convenience I tend to make more portions than I need and freeze individual portions. I also keep frozen veg… spinach, broad beans and peas in the freezer… I also avoid cows cheese and prefer feta (proper stuff made from sheeps milk) and goats cheese.. I haven’t cut chocolate.. infact I often use the raw cocoa nibs in porridge and with berry medlies. I don’t do much red meat.. only venison really.. fish, chicken and eggs and quorn tend to be my major protein sources.. I do use pulses as surrogates for potatoes / rice and pasta.. lentils are tastier than potatoes in my view .. mung beans work better with curry than rice and I love flageolet beans ..

    Hi Iwillbe,

    I think that processed food, sugar and wheat and transfats are all bad for us. Some people seem to be able to tolerate them in small portions. Processed food covers all takeaways, all cakes, pastries and biscuits, pies etc.

    I tend to focus on fish, lean meat and chicken, with lots of green leafy vegetables. Berries, nuts and Greek yogurt are tasty desserts.

    I try to drink only a small glass of alcohol, as I believe that any more makes the body work too hard. When I indulge in a cake, I make it a high quality Gluten free cake in a very small portion. I try to keep the indulgences to one a week.

    I believe that full fat products such as yogurt are good for us. And that transfats are very bad for us. That’s enough for now. 🙂

    Cheers, Bay 🙂

    Hi All

    I’m just back from 2 weeks away at a sport residential and visiting my Dad. Sensible eating went out the window and I put back about 3lb after losing 9lb. I’m jumping in to this thread as a way back in. I’ve done two fasting days since I got back.

    I’ve found that starting the FBD quite a short time ago (about 5 weeks), I have quite quickly come round to just not wanting certain things I used to crave. For example, while I was away at my sport thing, someone gave me half a bar of chocolate. I accepted it with thanks but haven’t eaten any of it and doubt if I will. I don’t ‘need’ chocolate any more. What I do ‘need’ suddenly, is more fruit! I always knew I should eat more fruit but found it such a chore unless it was the soft summer fruits. Now I buy apples and conference pears and none gets wasted.

    I certainly buy/eat far less bread nowadays but I’m really looking forward to some spelt pancakes with raspberries and natural yoghurt tomorrow after fasting today. Spelt is a grain in the wheat family that’s been far less interfered with than the much modified wheat that’s used for most breads, pastries etc. and so is less likely to cause intolerance. It does contain gluten (so coeliacs can’t have it) but in a form that’s more fragile and, I assume therefore, more easily digested. Ordinary wheat gluten is pretty robust stuff. Spelt makes excellent bread and pancakes for non-fasting days. (It’s easy to find spelt recipes online.)

    As far as i know i don’t have any physical problems with any food except sugar which when i take the foot off the pedal i eat far too much of. and when that happens, i don’t eat anything healthy. So i’ve quit sugar.

    Sugar for me means all refined sugars, honey and all syrups. As well as artificial sweeteners which hold no interest for me. Quitting for me means i don’t buy these foods, or prepare sweet dishes. I don’t eat them at home. But i will eat them if offered to me outside the home say at a friends place or have dessert at a restaurant.

    But that’s that’s only a half truth. Basically i eat porridge with no sugar. But i put a pinch in my tomato sauce for pasta. (but i don’t buy the sugar) Or two tbsp in stewed rhubarb which would be impossible to eat without sugar but stewed apple doesn’t need added sugar. After 8 months of quitting sugar i’ve just decided to start experimenting with sugar free desserts and i made a delicious tarte aux pignons the other day which translates to pine nut tart but it also contains dried and glaceed fruit and almond meal. So i can eat dried fruit. And i know that glaceed fruit has added sugar. I also made a maroccan orange salad which was only flavoured with rosewater and mint leaves. So yes i left sugar and other sweeteners out of both these receipes. I will continue the cooking experiment so long as it doesn’t lead me into any binging behaviours and i can keep a strict lid on portion size and frequency. But the quit sugar is for life.

    I can also have soft drink because i hardly ever drink it anyway and it doesn’t trigger a desire for more. And sweet alcohol is also not a problem for me.

    Other than refined sugar foods, i consider crap foods to be: most processed foods, and all low fat dairy. Also nestles powdered milk which now has added lecithin and no longer tastes right. I heard something else disturbing about nestles powdered milk the other day but i can’t remember what it was. Margerine is a crap food. Spray on oil is a crap food. I’ve found out that vegetable oils and most oils are crap foods (cold pressed oils are fine). I think coconut oil is a crap food because i don’t like the taste of it and i’m totally unconvinced about all the hype one hears about it. I have heard convincing explanations of why a lot of farmed fish is crap food (because they get to eat a lot of crap), along with of course many other animal produce – (because they are treated so badly and fed so much crap).

    Some of these foods i actually like the taste of but they are still crap. Whereas there are a lot of foods i don’t like the taste of and which are probably not crap foods. For instance smoked cod.

    Oily and fat food, junk food in general. And also i would say that late dinner is always “not healthy”


    Nothing bad about oily and fat food. In fact, the more the better!:



    Good Luck!

    @simcoeluv fascinating low carb vs low fat article. Thanks for posting.
    I’m incorporating the low carb approach into my alternate
    feeding days.
    Any advice?

    Thanks simcoeluv. I must learn how to make live links. B 🙂

    Me too. Maybe he will tell us.

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