What is a 'serving'?

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  • I’m just setting out on my new 5:2 adventure and would like some guidance on what Kate Harrison means by a serving in her book, 5:2 Good Food Kitchen. There seem to be several ways of looking at this and many US websites have a go. Is there a given size or weight?

    Many thanks for any help offered!

    I’m not familiar with Kate Harrison’s cookbook, but if she is specifying a “serving” it is pretty much the same as a portion or the recommended amount that you would eat. That is, how much of the food you would put on your plate. If a recipe says “serves two” then you would halve the quantities for one serve.

    If you look at the nutrition label on packaged food it will usually give the kilojules (calories), protein, sugars etc breakdown for the entire packet, 100grams, the recommended serving size (portion) and number of servings in the packet. The recommended serving sizes are often much smaller than we realise, which is why people tend to over eat.

    Hi GoGut,
    Here is a great little piece that tries to explain serving sizes (set in Australia) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fh_ex2mTkJM
    Oh dear, it seems food companies are out to mess with our heads!

    The people who made that piece point to this document, that may just add to the pile of websites you have already checked out, but it is what I use as a basis:

    Good luck, don’t let your head explode!

    Thank you Cinque, they are very useful links. And greetings to a fellow Australian!

    Thanks for all the responses. All very helpful. The Kate Harrison books I have and find very good are “5:2 Good Food Kitchen” ISBN 978-1-4091-5261-3 and “The Ultimate 5:2 Recipe Book” ISBN 978-1-4091-4799-2.

    Any other suggestions for recipe books?

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