Well that was NOT planned…how stupid am I!!!

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Well that was NOT planned…how stupid am I!!!

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  • Is baking on a fast day a good idea? Actually I was doing OK – shortbread, mince pies, chocolate truffles for gifts and rocky road for my grandson.

    Every thing was fine, it was all done and put away in tins without me giving in to eating any of it. I don’t really have a sweet tooth so it wasn’t a hardship.

    The last thing to do was cut the rocky road into squares to pack up for posting.

    Now that stuff tends to crumble a bit when cut – what did I do? I ate all the crumbs!!!!!! 🙁 It probably equated to one whole square – at least 100+ cals…..there was a lot of crumbs!! Why did I do that? I don’t even like it and would never choose a slice to eat if offered.

    I had used 250 of my 400 cal fast day allowance (my TDEE is 1600) on my healthy vegetable soup – so bang went the rest of my day’s allowance – all for the few seconds it took to eat something I didn’t want!

    I’m not beating myself up about it – it happened and I move on. It just showed me – as if I didn’t know – how easy it is to shove something in your mouth without thinking about it.

    It’s all too easily done isn’t it? What IS the psychology there, when it is something you don’t especially like??

    Ah well, at least you are accepting it and moving on, and maybe you won’t do the same thing next time…

    Cheers! 🙂

    Hehe…apologies Sylvestra, but your story made me laugh! I gave my dogs yesterday some Greek yoghurt and I dared to lick off the spoon I used. For a second I sincerely contemplated estimating the calories, but then I thought, “hey let’s indulge a bit” 😉

    Seriously though, while I am staying on under 500 cal on my fast days I think it will not kill me to lick off a spoon. Good on you though to include the crumbs.

    Stef …if it had only been licking the spoon but it was a BIG handful of chocolate, biscuit and marshmallow crumbs and I had resolved to stick to the calorie limits this week.

    Sassy – I suppose it’s the ‘waste not want not’ thing added to the fact that being allowed to eat the crumbs or lick the spoon was a treat when my mother or grandmother were baking when I was child.

    Gave me a bit of a chuckle. Especially as I had to do some baking on my fast day yesterday. It’s tough & a small crumb or two ended up where it shouldn’t, but the hardest part was not licking the beaters.

    I think you were amazing only to eat the crumbs, if it was me I would have had to lick the bowl too. Today was/is my first fast day and around the fire in the woods I did not have hot chocolate and felt really bad saying no to a chunk of rocky road one of the kids made….But I did say NO thank you and I know that if I had eaten it I would be feeling bad now. Roll on Thursday for second fast day;)

    You are so funny all ofyou! I can literally envision you licking out the bowls and gobbling down the crumbs!!!

    Geez…this is not an everyday occurence and I am sure in the long run these tintsy little crumbs will not have a huge influence on your weightloss. Imagine them instead of one big hand full and thousand little specks and suddely it does not look that bad.

    My issue is really the ice cream…when I fill a bowl I start with having a table spoon first in my mouth – doesn’t really count when it is not in a bowl 😉 and then I fill the bowl up to the rim. If the bigger bowl is in the dishwasher and a smaller bowl would be available..well then I wash the bigger one up so that I can have an extra spoon.

    At least…I do count the calories that are in the bowl minus the extra spoon 😉

    Still I have lost 5 kg in 5 1/2 weeks!

    P.S. Today is ice cream day- wohooooooo!!!

    Bad girl. No gold star or lion stamp for you. Go and sit in the back of the class.

    I’m certain christmas is a capitalist plot to make us all fat, poor and unhappy.

    Stef have you tried sorbet instead

    I am just getting started learning about this plan…and I can see that I’m going to have to plan what I’m doing along with the meals, so that I’m not tempting myself for no good reason.

    Wishing everyone well,

    Hi catinhat – well done on joining 5:2!

    As Stef said – eating a load of chocolatey crumbs is not an everyday occurence but I posted this originally to show just how easy it is to shovel something into your mouth without thinking, especially at this time of year. It could be those scraps of meat that fall off the turkey or roast when carving, the crispy bits that fall of the potatoes, the crumbs when you cut the cake or the pudding, the traces of trifle left round the bowl etc etc

    A few crumbs individually don’t add up to much and won’t cause the world to end but I remember reading, some years ago, that we can easily add 200 cals to our daily intake eating these scraps.

    Most of us find that if we have whatever we are going to eat on fast days ready the day before we are not so tempted to just grab something. This would apply to the food the rest of the family is having too so we’re not tempted to eat their – possibly higher calorie – food.

    After a couple of weeks you’ll find fasting becomes second nature 🙂

    these forums are a huge help – friendly and helpful with loads of advice.

    You are right Slyvestra it is way too easy to eat quite a bit extra that way. Mindless eating. That is why recording everything that goes into your mouth every so often can be a great wake up call.
    You don’t want to be too anal about it, but it is something to bear in mind.

    @skinnyjeans: no sorbet for me, caramel uce cream….yummie….but am on fast day today!

    @ sylvestra, you are so right, unfortunately! It is unbelievable how some innocent looking little things are full of calories. I hope though that once I have reached my goal that I can at least try to not pay attention to calorie counting and see how that goes. I do not want end up counting calories for the rest of my life. I can always add an extra fast day instead. As said quite a few times, the fasting is for me not a problem at all, but I do not want to live constantly by my TDE, making sure I do not enjoy the crumbs…

    You are not “stupid” you just lack willpower why put temptation your way on a fasting day? Bake the day before or after.

    I find the best strategy for me on fasting days is eat nothing all day until my evening meal (450 cals, 50 cals deducted for 3 cups of tea/coffee with semi-skimmed milk during the day). No soup for lunch. Once you put your mind to it & know your meal at 6pm will be wholesome & filling I don’t find fasting days an issue at all.

    So I fast from 6pm the previous evening till 6pm the next day (450 cal meal) then nothing until a sensible breakfast at 9am the following morning.

    You have to be strict with yourself, I was bought a box Ferrero Rocher chocolates for Christmas, my little Quaker parrot loves a bite so I literally bite of a tiny piece for him & put the rest of the chocolate back in the wrapper till the fasting day is over then I give him another bite & I have the rest of the chocolate. We need have willpower if we are going to succeed!

    Thank you very much for sharing this. This once again illustrates how malformed today’s western lifestyle of eating is as we more often than not tend to shove “some-THING” into your mouth instead of dedicating our whole attention to “the fuel of our body”.

    I just wanted to comment on something JulieK1967 said “Why put temptation on a fasting day Bake the day before or after”. For me one of the main resons to embrace intermittent fasting as my way of live is that with all the other “diets” out there, you always need to organize your life around your diet. But I really got sick of that. For all that I know, I just live once and no body shape in the world is it worth that I subordinate all the other fields of my life to it. Intermittent fasting allows us to organize our diet around our life and not the other way round.

    What I am trying to say is: although there might be some logic in the arguement not to put temptation in your way on a fast day, if you need or want to bake on a day you actually wanted to be a fast day and you happen not to be able to keep it up – fine, fast the day after. Or rearange your fast days this week in the first place. Or: bake on your fast day if you want to and if you can cope with the temptation. I think, it just would be the utterly wrong thing, to make the same mistakes all over again by starting to organize your life around your fast day. Because for the long run nobody will end up with a happy and slim life if doing so. Just my own personal opinion, no offence meant to anyone.

    @neverendingstory I agree! I most certainly don’t plan my life round 5:2. 5:2 has to fit around me and my life.

    I posted that originally just to show how easy it is to just eat something without thinking.

    @Julie1967 No, I know I am not stupid Nor do I find fast days an ‘issue’ or need to ‘put my mind to it’. I fast from dinner until dinner with zero calories in between and then zero calories till lunch the next day, so I don’t call that ‘lacking will power’. But again I do not let fasting rule my life so being ‘strict with myself’ is not an issue either.

    As for ‘putting temptation in my way’ – You’ll see by the date of the original post that it was just prior to the holiday season when we all had a load of extra food around.
    It was a light hearted post showing we are all human and fallible.

    If being so ‘strict with yourself’ works for you then that is fine but we all do this our own way and no-one can or should tell anyone else how they should do it.

    You possibly did not mean it to be but I’m afraid I found your post coming across as rather condescending and dictatorial. Apologies if this is not the case.

    Julie I personally (and strongly) disagree with you that it is a matter of will power. And in fact I think this WOE takes the will out of the mind game and puts having a plan as the strategy for power.
    Thinking back to skinny me in the 70’s living on black coffee and ciggies–my life was constant battle with will power; it’s what we all did, then will power really took over in the 80’s and 90’s hence anorexia and bulima—“I will not eat I will not eat” this became a hiding to a totally stuffed body image and mental health issues.
    And today with every diet regime failure we blame ourselves and our lack of will power—down down goes the self esteem and back comes the comfort eating . and so to the Fasting diet where we have strategies, forgiveness of self, tomorrow is another day concept, it is a plan for a healthy eating life not a plan to battle the subconscious and then beat oneself up. I am about to make my healthy brownie for a dinner party–I don’t need will power not to lick the bowl or nibble at the crumbs because I have a forward plan—the cat gets to lick the bowl and the birds get the crumbs and i get to enjoy a slice with dinner with friends (my big plan is these kinds of treats and wine I now only have with company–however if I fall off the wagon, so be it move on to another day’s plan).
    Besides having a plan I think the foundation is understanding what food nourishes us and what foods put us into fat storage over fat burning, Knowledge is power–so it is not a case of saying “i will not have this… I will not not not”. it becomes I don’t need this right now because I don’t need the sugar rebound (for example)
    I am passionate about this subject of will power and self esteem issues, having seen the terrible price that that self destructive cycle extracts. My answer is to have knowledge about food/eating habits and planning

    Great post Double Happy,

    thank you so much for sharing 🙂 if you don’t mind I am going to copy and paste it and stick in my diary, just in case lol, when I need a kick up the rear 🙂

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