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  • I am a gold member at WW and have lost 5st in total, however, I am now bored of counting points and wondered if any other WW members have started 5:2 to maintain their weight?

    Hi Sueb
    I think you only need to fast 6:1 to maintain your weight.
    I also think calorie or point counting is boring, I use My Fitness Planner to count calories on my fast days though.

    I used both 5:2 and Points to get to goal and am now using 6:1 to maintain it. I think the Fast Diet and WW work really well together. Having the weekly meeting/weigh in keeps me on track!

    Hi.i am also a gold member at weight watchers.even though i have always been with weight watchers for a few years i always found that along with thw points system i had to do a little extra in the aide for the weigt to come off.previosly i used to take herbal teas but eventually the wwight stopped coming off.i felt i had reached a a plateau.however now that i have started to do the 52 alongside my propints the weight just seems to be coming off.count8ng liints can be boring but because i have been on it for so long i just do it naturally and subconsiously.

    Hi everyone, I’m a WW’er and have been at goal for 3.8 years having lost 31.5 kgs. I’ve found this so easy, and it so fits into my lifestyle. I fast 5:2 – Monday’s and Thursdays and it’s working a treat. I’ve been struggling with this weight gain/loss of 1-2.5kg over the last year but this is giving me the equilibrium I need. I have to say along with the knowledge gained from counting PP’s, my full food days follow the WWer pattern. I’ve been on it for a month now and am enjoying no longer feeled the boredom that was creeping in, along the complacency.

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