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  • Hi
    I have started the diet due to being pre diabetic and keen to lose weight quickly over the next 3 months before I am tested again.

    When I weighed myself this morning I have lost nothing 😞 so disappointed

    I ate my 100kcal for late lunch at 2-3pm and then 400kcal dinner at 7pm and then ate normally for the rest of the time, not paying any attention to calorie intake on non fast days but generally not feeling as hungry as before.

    Have a low key walk most days

    Am I doing something wrong, meant to be fast day 3 today but I’m not sure if I should carry on as I need to lose weight quickly for health reasons

    Any advice gratefully received

    Have a look at Dr David Unwin on YouTube, he has great success reversing diabetes in his practice. Loads of information on food.

    I had no idea that bananas and grapes were so high in sugar, so I have swopped them for apricots and strawberries.

    Measure your body and try on clothes too.

    Ultimately changes have to be made in what you eat on days that you are not fasting. Look at reducing rice/bread/pasta/potatoes both quantity and frequency. David Unwin had a great infographic on different foods and how many spoonfuls they equate too. Brilliant at helping you make swops to lower sugar options.

    I fast for 24 hours twice a week which means I have dinner one evening, sleep, skip breakfast and lunch, then eat in the evening.

    I started in early July and have lost 4 kg and 26cms. The changes have included swooping to lower sugar fruit, I don’t have bread every day, pasta is an occasional food and potatoes and rice haven’t made an appearance.

    I have given up chocolate, cakes, biscuits and crisps completely.

    If you have cereal for breakfast, could you have an omelette or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon instead?

    I was horrified how much sugar was in baked beans, so I swapped them for scrambled eggs.

    The goal is not just to lose weight but also to keep it off. Changes will need to be made in what you eat, portion sizes and frequency.

    Any help?

    Hi there,

    Have you considered trying the blood sugar diet?
    It’s harder than 5:2 as it involves starting with 800 calories every day but it gives a faster start to weight loss and it is effective at lowering blood glucose levels.

    If you’re not keen to embark on such a strict regime then I suggest you look at what you are eating on non fast days. Count calories for a couple of weeks and take a look at the Diabetes UK website which has excellent information on what to eat and more importantly what not to eat if you need to reduce your blood glucose levels.

    Hi Annette,

    When I started 5:2 I became an avid label reader I did a lot of reading about what foods such as fruit contained.
    Bananas, grapes, melons are so high in sugar I’ve stopped eating them except as an occasional treat and now stick to berries, stone fruit and apples and pears.

    As for baked beans, it is frightening how much sugar there is in all manner of savoury foods.
    I make my own baked beans now, not only do they taste much better but I know exactly what has gone onto them.

    Thank you both so much for replying, I managed to keep on track for my fast day 😊 decided to keep on with it! Thank you I looked up Dr Unwin, really interesting stuff and have had a go and planning my non fasting days around more of a low carb/low GI diet.
    I’m very grateful that you both took the time to reply, many thanks x

    Hi Amazon,
    Its quite an eye-opener isn’t it?
    The baked beans were a pack of 4, before I had looked at the sugar content. I either have half the tin or have scrambled eggs instead now. I am finding that less sugar in my life feels better too.


    Glad that you found the advise helpful. I think David Unwins infographic startling and yet also powerful when you can make positive changes. You may find Dr Jason Fung interesting with regards to fasting and Dr Aseem Malhotra about food.

    I weigh/measure/try on clothes once a week. When the scales seem to be broken and the tape measure doesn’t move, sometimes its clothes that ‘show’ where the body shape is changing.

    Ultimately, whatever you choose to do, it has to be something that you can maintain.Keep us posted.

    There’s a good thread called ‘if the scales don’t change, but your clothes are looser’. That helped me in the very early days.
    Initially, I found constipation a problem, as well as enduring I didn’t go over TDEE on non-fast days.
    I’m coming up to my 4th anniversary of reaching target.

    I went two years trying to lose from the mid-90kg range by eating less and moving more. Didn’t work and I felt horrible all the time. However I was experimenting often and at one point I accidentally cut most of the refined added sugar from my diet. My hunger when way down and I started feeling better, I was even eating more because I replaced some high calorie foods with lower calorie foods. I slowly started fasting and within a year was more than 10kg lighter. Sometimes I lost a lot, sometimes I gained some but over time I lost more than I gained.

    Avoiding refined sugar won’t harm you, but it might take a while to get used too. Slowly a lot of foods I never thought of as sweet started tasting sweet. It took a while to get used to it.

    Exercise is extremely good for health, but it doesn’t do much for losing weight. Walking is a good place to start. In fact sometimes my workout tend to use a lot of walking too. At least while walking I normally don’t hurt myself. 😀

    I was pre-diabetic with boarder-line high blood pressure. Those problems slowly resolved. You might see some improvement in 3 months, but it might take more like 3 years to completely reverse your problems. However the combination of diet and fasting can be very powerful.

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