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  • Since starting the 5:2 I’ve continued my habit of walking every day – three times a day for 30 mins minimum each time. I find it too difficult to fit in sessions at the gym (and I don’t enjoy it!) or other exercise. I started this habit due to several periods of depression and found that this really was the best way for me to feel better both mentally and physically.

    I find it the easiest exercise to do on fast days as well, as the walk can be as simple as walking around the block near your home so if you are feeling a bit hungry/faint, you are never far from home. It also helps take my mind off feeling hungry – when I walk, I tend to sort things out in my mind – thinking through things I want to do, how that day has gone etc – as well as taking the time to just look around me – which keeps me occupied. Strange as it may sound, looking up helps too – if I am walking up in town in London, I look up at the various buildings which gives me a different perspective on my walk.

    If I need to make a relatively local journey I always look up the route on http://walkit.com/ to see how long it would take to walk instead of bus/tube. Often it’s feasible to walk instead. I walk part way to work as well – bus the first part then walk – saves me some money and gives me some breathing space at the start of the day. I also sometimes meet friends in the local park and walk and talk with a coffee to go, instead of sitting in a cafe.

    Walking 10k steps a day is good, but for me just knowing I do my 3 walks a day for 30 mins each, is an easier option to track.

    Fasting has really changed things for me – like others on this site – it is the easiest, most straightforward way of gaining improved health and losing weight. Tough at first but easier as you go on.

    10k steps/5 miles a day really does help.
    I’ve always been particular in choosing that where I live and work have to have walking distance access to a commuter route train station.
    So, 4 legs of walking has always got me to a good daily walking distance and so my fitness is far greater than it might be for a sedentary worker, non gym goer, drink and food lover.
    Not been working for a while – I did sit on my backside for a while. But have sorted my head out and now am back to daily walking 5 miles minimum.


    I think that walking is the easiest form of exercise for me. I usually enjoy it and I can do it practically anywhere. Have to admit that I don’t do it often enough but I am going to try to add a bit more in somehow.

    I have noticed a woman in my neighborhood who walks most days. She must have had a stroke or been in an accident. When I first noticed her she could barely creep along with the use of a cane. Now she often walks 2 small dogs and though she carries her cane doesn’t seem to use it much. An amazing transformation and very inspiring. Hard to believe that just walking can have such a great effect.


    Usain Bolt – the fastest man on planet earth is planning to retire.

    Upon asked what he will do next?


    Rockyromero you do make me laugh.

    I try to walk 5 days for a distance of 2 miles in 30 minutes, and on the other 2 days walk 5 miles in 65minutes. I love it, gives me exercise, helps me to clear my head, and is making me fitter and generally healthier overall. I try to do the 5 miles on my fast days, helps to burn off the calories and passes a lunchtime. On the other days, I walk while my evening meal is cooking, and then I feel as if I’ve earned it! So far, I’m 35lbs down and hope to keep going for another 20lbs. The less I weigh, the quicker I can walk.
    I would encourage anyone to walk….it’s free, and certainly helps with the 5:2!

    I got two dogs a year ago (soft coated Wheaten terriers, 40 pounds) and I need to walk them briskly about an hour a day. While I sometimes hate going out, I feel so much better when I come home! I get fresh air, it burns around 200 calories and I can clear my head.

    My dad was pretty sick at the end of his life. We got him a dog for his 70th birthday and the family is certain, that because of his dog he got to live for another ten (!) years. He had to go out for a walk every day and that did him good.

    So I am a firm believer in the goodness of walks!

    Hi to all,

    According to me which i feel that walking is the very simple and easy form of exercise for everyone. I think everyone enjoy it and can do it practically anywhere. You jut do regularly then see the result.
    I have observed that my friend who walks regularly. Now he is very healthy and enjoy his life, Other exercise also important but its very simple. An amazing transformation and very inspiring. Hard to believe that just walking can have such a great effect.
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    Daily walking is a good exercise to maintain body balance. It will definitely boost your immune system resulting to good body condition.

    Walking does everything for you that other exercise does as well, just on a slightly smaller scale – you still get your blood flowing, your metabolism fires up, you get fresh air… walking is one of the best forms of exercise as far as I’m concerned! (Yes, even better than running for most people, seeing how walking is soft on the joints and running isn’t 😉 )

    Hi, well will agree that by walking every day helps you’re body a lot, i always walk. and it makes me have a positive energy and also help my body too.

    Easiest way is to buy a dog, call it ‘5 miles’ then you can tell people you walk 5 miles everyday.

    Seriously walking is the most efficient movement we have. 5 Miles/8 Kilometres everyday should be the goal, that is 10,000 steps roughly. This is not all a formal walk, some is moving around generally including usual daily activities.

    If you can run/walk (like for e.g. 1 minute walk 1 minute run and repeat) then even better

    Walking really helps in staying fit. It has been my fitness mantra for a couple of years now. Also make it a point to enjoy your walk and be relaxed while walking. It doubles the effect of walking.

    I walk 1hr 6000+ steps everyday. And minimum 1hr interval cardio per week. It really helps.

    I started the 5:2 diet about three weeks ago. I have set my goal for 10,000 steps a day but rarely make it. But I have decided that, considering I have tried all kinds of work outs and they make really no difference that I am just going to walk away my weight! When I start to drop enough I will do more free weights. It’s mostly food anyway and I enjoy a good walk around the neighborhood.

    I walk to work everyday about 2km each way, walk the dog 3 times / day for half an hour, more of a slow walk as dog is older. But it’s something I don’t even think of anymore.

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