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  • I started the Fast Diet mid August this year. I have lost 5 kg in 3 months. It seems very slow. I have been very consistent with my fast days, except for a week when on holiday and one other week. I probably only need to loose another 5 kg; though my BMI range would indicate another 10 kg would be ideal. I would like to stick with this way of eating for life because of the health benefits (lots of risk factors in my genes, and I am in my mid 50’s) though I am not convinced I will be able to (have dieted before and then quit)
    Other posts I have read indicate a faster weight loss. I exercise most days – at least 5 out of 7. I am not that careful on my non fast days (I like wine with my evening meal) but I don’t binge, and I eat healthy food. Does this sound like I am on track?

    The average weight loss for women is less than 1lb/0.5kg per week so 5kg in 3 months sounds about right.

    Exercise doesn’t contribute much to weight loss, about 5% and 95% calorie restriction.

    If you want to lose faster you have 2 choices, add an extra FD or eat less on non FDs.
    As you lose weight your body needs less calories so if you want to keep the weight off you’ll have to decrease the amount you eat at some point.

    I think you are on track! Congratulations! You are losing weight, and working to make 5:2 a sustainable, ongoing part of life. It took me 17 months to lose 15kg and that was fine by me. I bet you will be quicker though. Best wishes.

    Ok – good to know πŸ™‚

    Thanks for your reply πŸ™‚ Part of the problem is that only 1 person (who doesn’t know I am on the Fast Diet) has commented! My weight loss so far must be invisible! Oh well! I am deliberately not advertising what I am doing and waiting for some positive feedback. Guess I’ll have to keep waiting πŸ™‚ Thanks for your encouragement!!

    Keep going. I found I got to a certain loss and suddenly everyone commented. Then they got used to me again and stopped commenting. All the while I was looking in the mirror and trying on clothes and being amazed by every tiny change and they just thought I was the same person! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ !

    You can do it, Elsiegee. If you want the weight to come off a little faster, mind what you eat on the non-Fast days, too. If you cut out 100-200 calories/day from that, it might help.
    Good luck.

    Rapid weight loss increases the risk of heart arrhythmias, dehydration, and electrolyte disturbances along with many other complications that can compromise one’s health. You are losing weight, and working to make 5:2 a sustainable.

    The other thing about ‘no one noticing’ is that some people are shy about mentioning other people’s weight loss. My husband never comments on other people because he thinks it implies that they were fat and in need of losing pounds. I told him that it is a compliment.

    Fasting today: Cornmeal stars with yogurt and fruit for breakfast. For dinner, chicken and chickpeas in puttanesca sauce with asparagus.

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    @elsiegee it sounds like you are doing very well. It has taken me six years to go from 106kg to my current ~ 80kg +/- 2kg … That is a lot slower! However I’ve only been using fasting for less than 2 years.

    My bodyfat has dropped from > 33% to the 16% to 17% range.

    I think slow is better than quick because one is taking off the fat at a rate then can probably sustain for a long time.

    How are things for you now, Elsiegee?

    My question is what you eat on the non-fast days. If it’s high saturated fats like sausage, eggs, bacon, fish, meat–you’re undoing the good stuff the fasting day does. If you eat too frequently on fast or other days, your insulin never has a chance to drop to levels to engage fat burn. The only way that happens is literally taking in no food for at least 14 hours–preferably daily. Once you do get your insulin levels down, then the 5:2 would work. Some of us are insulin resistant as heck, and we can’t lose weight that fast like our friends. The only way to drop that insulin is to go at least 14 hrs/day, without any intake but water and for at least a few weeks and maybe longer. Check out dr jason fung, who explains insulin in great detail from a perspective many physicians just miss. what he doesn’t mention is that insulin resistance is also caused by fat entering the liver and muscle cells. that’s a huge part of the equation. if you eat a lot of fat, you are pushing yourself to be insulin resistant.

    Don’t do anything by force, if you don’t see the results in longer time, maybe u should do a thyroid test? Often it is an obstacle that makes it difficult for us to lose our weight. But in second way if you aren’t excessively obese – your body can burn calories and fat more slowly than at the beginning

    You are losing weight and don’t overthink you are on progress. Staying healthy and losing weight together is a good way to go.

    How can I diagnose my body why I losing weight slowly?

    I thought you are going on a right way. 5kg in 3 months, not a bed. I have loss just 4 kg weight in first 3 months.


    I don’t know whether this is relevant, but… how much fruit are you eating? We have had free fruit delivered to our office every Monday in November – enough to last the week. My fruit consumption has gone up, and so has my weight, every single week in November, even though I’ve been sticking to 5:2. I am now 2lb heavier than I was at the end of October, when I should be 2lb lighter. So I believe the fruit-fest has put my progress back about 4lbs in a month. Perhaps it isn’t good to eat very much fruit, but to have say one piece a day, and rely heavily on fresh veg instead.

    Australian health guidelines suggest 5 servings of veg and 2 servings of fruit per day.
    In US, it is 5 servings of Fruit and/or veg. When eating fruit, continue to count the calories in your daily total. Weight Watchers would tell you those are “free” but they aren’t.

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