Vagueness of weight or Happy clothes shrinking ;-)

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Vagueness of weight or Happy clothes shrinking ;-)

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  • Hello all 🙂

    in short my data for your orientation: 52, pre-menopause-ish female, 172 cm, fasting since middle of November 2014, non-native English speaker (so mercy on me, please 😉 ).

    I like to share my personal experience with weigh-ins and their vagueness. I have reached my goal of 63 kg (actually I was a bit below even with 62.1 kg) after one year. Started 2014 with 86 kg and insulin-aware food combining in August 2014 with 83,5 kg and switched to 5:2 | 4:3 in November 2014. Have been fasting since then and am still loving it.

    Right now I am testing ADF (one day feast, next Water Fast, feast, WF) for three weeks (two weeks are almost over). Additionally I am drinking 3 liters of water every day (Sarah Smith inspired me; FYI:

    Today the computer scale of the pharmacy’s said 63.6 kg. My new jeans size 27 says: “almost fitting”. So the “gain” can not be a “fat gain” really. When I bought the jeans via bidding platform I could not even close all buttons. Now I can. And the belly that was significantly overlapping is not that much anymore.

    I like the way of “shrinking into a (reasonably seized) piece of clothing”. No matter what the scales say I see and feel whether I fit in. That gave me motivation and encouragement in the past year. And it still does.

    First I had a lovely red skirt that did not fit when I bought it last year. Now it does. A few weeks ago I purchased that mentioned jeans that now is supposed to be my “goal wardrobe” and future maintenance guard.

    A tv-reporter in my country tested the 3 liters a day cure. She had the same weight as before yet had lost fat and waist circumference at the same time.

    Do you use clothes you love as a motivation? Do you flank weigh-ins with other methods of orientation to stay focused when the scales are “against you”?

    Cheers and a happy day – feast or fast

    I haven’t even got scales! But I just love enjoying my clothes more every week!


    that is nice, isn’t it 🙂 Wishing you an ongoing enjoyment.

    I haven’t got scales at home either. Go to a pharmacy once or twice a month. They have a “print scale” there. And you have to put 50 cents in. So I can carry the result home and keep the “up and downs” documented.

    I truly think weighing myself daily would not have gotten me where I am now. Guess it is different for every person, isn’t it. I’d have “worried” too much with all those ups and downs – up to 4 kg difference between single days sometimes 😎 Four?!

    Do you have a “goal piece of clothing” that is going to fit you in the future? (If I may be so curious?)

    Hi again Mahalo, I am in Australia so I have just woken up. I meant to weigh myself at my daughters place when I was visiting her, but I forgot (too busy with cutest baby granddaughter ever). Weighing myself every day does my head in! I am much better without scales.
    Glad to talk clothes! I am mainly enjoying getting dressed every day because everything is that little bit looser. But I have been buying a few summer clothes that I hope I will fit into by the time the weather warms up. Even ones with no sleeves (I usually hide my upper arms!)
    Best wishes to you today!

    I like your posts Mahalo. And Cinque I too have no scales but love the idea of my clothes getting bigger.
    I can fit into my leather jacket which I hadn’t worn for 2 years last time visited my Gp I was 8kg down
    This after 2 months on 5:2 I do mon Thursday have wine 1 glass fri & sat only yes sometimes it’s hard but if this occurs I do 5:3
    Good luck to you no daily weighs for me. Happy losing from Melb.


    wonderful success, I am sharing your joy! Hey, I can see the leather jacket in front of my inner eye 🙂 Keep the good shrinking work up. It is a source of ongoing joy to dress differently. Sometimes I am still wearing some of my old jeans at home because it is so much fun to see them fall down on the floor when I walk. Literally, no kidding! 😀

    sorry, I saw your latest post weeks after you sent it (guess I forgot to check the notifying messages). That sleeveless dresses sound lovely. I am wishing you a flow in melting into your new summer clothes. Here it is autumn again and really cold already…

    My seize 27 jeans is still tight. Yet as long as I can close the buttons while standing I am content. This jeans is more a measure instrument than a cloth for everyday life anyway 😀 But some day it will fit perfectly I know that.

    Have a great day
    be it fast or feast – I have a water fast day today

    Good job Mahalo it’s wonderful to get back into my size 14 pants after hitting 18 aim thrilled?
    I suffer with blood pressure and this is coming down Fromm 160/95 to 135/80 for now seeing my GP tomorrow hopefully it comes Dow some more ?oh, to the joys of being on 5:2 love this way of eating and managing my life.
    Summer here we come us 52iers down under lol?
    Cinque hope all is well enjoy the warmth

    Hey Mahalo tell us about your water day please do you just drink water .?

    Heya 🙂

    I drink water with some organic lemon juice. 3 liters minimum. And I drink some coffee. Have done totally strict water days without anything but water yet returned to allowing myself coffee (with a little bit white in it).

    I had done 5:2. Then 4:3. Then I read about what they call “10 in 2” (read one zero in two). Which is a way of alternating day fasting with feast/just liquid. Have done the latter for almost two months now and feel very good with it. I am not losing right now because I do not count calories or watch my “fat/carb/sugar”-intake at all. I really eat what I want.

    Cool, the blood pressure went down that significantly! Wishing you a great and encouraging appointment with your GP. That is why I love fasting – the health impacts are so wonderful. I am 52 and feel like thirtysomething. Like I could go and pull out trees (it is a saying in Germany) which I won’t, of course, love trees where they are! 😎

    Hi Mahalo and Rossimo,

    I am enjoying the warmth thanks Rossimo.
    I’ve also had to take a few bags of clothes to Op Shops because they don’t fit me any more.

    I think I am losing weight fairly slowly, but I don’t mind that at all! I just keep getting nice surprises with what I can wear, and am feeling healthier.
    Not quite up to pulling out trees!

    I had a Fast Day yesterday, so I am looking forward to breakfast this morning!
    Cheers to you both!

    Drs visit went well BP still the same happy with that lost 1 kg since my last visit to go around 2-3 was ago
    Lazuppa soups are low cal but high in sodium so stopped buying them …only have natural and home made
    I tend not to count cals on non FDs
    I will try the water though ? wish me luck
    I have 9 kg still to go losing slowly but Ian Ok with it
    Keep losing Mahalo and Cinque
    Have a great weekend

    I prefer to make my own soups too Rossim, and I hadn’t made any for yesterdays Fast! I depend on soup for my evening meal on Fast Days! However I had a small bowl of chicken stew and that worked ok I think! Hopefully I will make some soup soon!

    I did have a good weekend! And even Fasted on Sunday!

    Best wishes

    My birthday on 11th so struggled didn’t eat till lunch time 1230ish fast day today might try the liquid all day and have soup tonight
    Wish me luck ?
    It felt good wearing my old dress that did not fit for a long time !!
    I’ check in tonight let you know how it went

    Happy Birthday to you, Rossini. Wow, you’re having/had a fast day on your B-Day? Did I get that right? How come? Isn’t that hard to do when one could celebrate the own existence? 🙂

    I fasted on Saturday. Both days, Friday and Sunday, got out of control totally. I binged even . (Has to do with my monthly cycle) Now I have to take care to not make those days – I call them Mega-Cheat-Days – to normal days. Otherwise I will gain fat again, that is the nature of the beast. Ugh! 😎

    Happy start into the new week.

    My son is a Libra, too. His birthday coming up.


    Happy Birthday Rossini! I hope it was a lovely day! How nice to wear that dress!

    Hi Mahalo, that cycle does so many strange things! You will soon be back to normal days I think!

    Hi Cinque,

    yes, the strange thing is that due to my being pre-meno my cycle goes crazy like my fat-carb-sugar attacks do (plus my reborn tendency to “comfort-eat”). Some months I have no menstruation, then there are only 21 days in between, sometimes less… that’s gaga and for me hard to predict/handle…

    Anyway, I will go “no alcohol” from next week for a month or longer again (like I did most of 2015 except these last weeks). That should help to get back on the wagon or in track…


    Hi Mahalo,
    It was Monday morning when I posted so no Sunday wasn’t a fast day but I did the 18-24 so I could eat what I want and have champagne for my birthday
    Mondaywhich coming to and end here in Aus. Was my FD it went well water coffee diet coke apple and mandarin when I could cope tonight i cheated as had no soup made
    Had Lazzuppa seafood and corn soup 189 cal.
    Diet jelly for comfort
    Then cup of tea before bed not bad I think?

    Happybirthdayin advance to your son My hubby and I are both Libras his bday is 4th October . God to hear all is well

    Thanks for the birthday wishes to you both

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