Triggering autophagy

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  • I am happy with my weight and BMI of 19-20 but wish to follow an eating plan which will trigger autophagy frequently enough to reap the documented benefits of cell repair, increased BDNF and reduced inflammation. What I’m wondering is whether the 6:1 or even the 5:2 fasting regimes give sufficiently frequent fasting time to maximise the benefits of autophagy or is it necessary to adopt a daily regime of 16:8 i.e. 16 hours of fasting with an 8 hour eating window? Or is the whole thing flexible enough to be able to combine the two types of fasting according to personal convenience?

    I don’t think there has been enough studies to state the one or the other. Michael Mosley himself says he swopped to 6:1 for maintenance after the initial months of 5:2 and losing 9 kg (if I remember correctly). He also skips a breakfast here and a lunch there. I believe he said he still gets health benefits from that, but I haven’t seen any numbers.

    I have lost 8,5 kg and from now on want to reap the health benefits without losing any more. My plan is to continue 5:2, but with a tweak.

    My week has until now consisted of two fast days, two feast days (I can eat 2500 cals if I want to) and three normal days (2000 cals). In addition I follow 16:8 on both fasts and feasts, saving my meals till late in the day.

    Now my plan is to up the calories a little on one of the fast days, maybe 700 cals. And carry on as described above. I hope this will give me health benefits as well as maintaining weight.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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