traveling on fast days

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traveling on fast days

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  • I fly a lot for work and for my long distance relationship. Today I fasted, and packed cucumbers, carrots and celery sticks. It was ok (except for the bit where they searched my luggage because the cucumbers look weird on the radar 😉 but a bit uninspired in terms of food. any ideas on what to pack or buy at the airport to stick to fasting whilst travelling?

    Hi 10eke and Welcome to the fast diet forum

    I was going to answer ‘no’ to your question and just say hello but it occured to me I could tell about my failsafe fast day food. The only problem is; it’s more of a summer fast food though I imagine most stuff you are going to take on board a plane is going to be cold per se.

    So you could mix an amount of cottage cheese (flavoured is best) and mix in bits of cut up fruit and veg. This makes a lovely sweet and very satisfying meal; I had it every fast day last summer and never tired of it.
    Choose raw vegetables that complement a sweet base; some onion for extra zest, carrot, cucumber etc. Anything really that you like the taste of. An apple really adds to the taste and the bulk.

    Of course, it’s going to show up as white stuff on those airport radars… if you are taken into a side room and are searched in a way that makes your eyes water – don’t blame me!

    Hope this helps

    Hi Precious
    thanks for that recipe – I’ll definitely try it cause it sounds nice, but I don’t think airport security will be impressed….

    Hi 10eke,
    It is more and more easy to find rice paper rolls for sale – a lot of sushi places sell them. They have about 65 calories, and good ones are packed with veggies and a small amount of protein. Full of flavour, and the wrapper is a bit chewy, so you feel you’ve really eaten something.

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