Trapped wind, tight stomach, extreme pain

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Trapped wind, tight stomach, extreme pain

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  • I have followed 5-2 for around 18 months and have reached target weight after losing three stone. However, for about six weeks have been suffering strong stomach pain with trapped wind moving at top of abdomen. Tried Simethicone (windeze and others) without success. At times stomach feels tight like a drum skin. Any suggestions for relieving this and preventing recurrence?

    Sorry to hear of that painful bloating. After 6 weeks it should be checked by a doctor, if possible.

    It may be the result of the mixture of microbes, that live in your gut, being unable to cope well with your diet. If you have lately changed your diet, taken antibiotics or had a gut infection, this may have caused the problem.

    Concentrate on eating your 5 serves of vegetables a day, and drinking plenty of water. The vegetables help build up the good microbes you need in your gut, and there is less room for the nasty ones. If you have been eating more legumes than usual (lentils and beans) cut back and introduce them again slowly, so the microbes that help digest them can build up to deal with them.

    I hope it sorts itself out soon.

    Thanks Cinque. Have seen doctors twice and I think they are head scratching.

    Hmm, isn’t that frustrating. So much of the research about gut problems is very new, or hasn’t been done yet.
    The other thing I have remembered is that exercise can be really helpful (preferably before you are in pain).
    More good wishes in working it out.

    Talked to a pharmacist this morning and he straight away recommended activated charcoal. Have started on them and will let you know how it goes…

    Hope that does the trick!

    I’ve been having a lot of trapped gas. In my case I’ve cut back on my fruit consumption and that has helped a lot. I think a lot of the fructose makes into my gut and causes the gas. I still eat a lot of fruit but I’m more mindful of it and try to spread it out more. There seems to be a tipping point where the gas just gets to be too much.

    I was sick a couple months ago and stopped working out because I couldn’t breath well enough. That seems to have changed how my gut was working. Now I’m starting to exercise again, so hopefully that will also help.

    Unfortunately there was more than trapped wind behind it. Just waiting go down to the operating theatre so you can guess what it is!

    Ooh, I am not sure. Hope the operation went really well!

    Sorry, thought you would guess, but it is bowel cancer. Apparently they have got the tumour away so just getting through the post op pain and then find out what happens next

    Oh no, I was hoping it was something much less frightening. But I am very glad they have operated. You have a whole flood of good wishes heading your way: for a good recovery, and that this might be the end of it.

    I’m keen to hear how you are going.

    PS I had to have half a lung removed, a year ago, because of a little cancer (all seems to be well now). I was so glad I was 30kg lighter, thanks to 5:2. I bet your 3 stone gone has made the operation much better for you (and easier for the hospital), so cheers for that.

    Thank you for the good wishes, will update when I know more myself

    If interested have a look at my travel blog. The address is my user name. Guess it will be a while before I add to it. Thanks for your support. Difficult time for us.

    What a horrible experience! I hope you have a good recovery.

    Thank you. As you can guess a big shock, from thinking I had trapped to it being the other extreme. But all prayers and positive thoughts welcome. It will be while before I know what the future holds in the way of further treatment

    Thoughts go with you for a speedy and complete recovery, Emptynest. Back when we were guessing, my bets were on a torson of the intestine, which can result in the bloated, rigid belly. A friend had that twice. Sure hope they got it all and that you will be back to traveling in 2019.

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