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  • I started the program the first of January. Have lost some weight and a lot of inches. I am exhausted all the time. I eat and track my food on fasting days as well as off days. Any ideas?

    Cutting down on fast days usually means people eat less carbs which are known to cause tiredness.
    Fasting is unlikely to be the cause so maybe you should look closely at other possibilities.
    Is your mattress in need of replacing, do you have an underactive thyroid, are you simply doing too much?

    More to the point: how many hours of sleep do you get each night? What do you eat on Slow Days? Sugar and carbs can let you down fast into energy lows.

    Hi Rose
    You said “I eat and track my food on fasting days as well as off days”
    Are you simply not eating enough on your days off? Perhaps you are not responding to your hunger properly but are trying to eat the right amount?


    I’m new to this, tomorrow being my fifth fast day. I’m 51 years old and need to lose about 15 more pounds. I’ve got hereditary high cholesterol and want to lower it and increase my chances of a healthier, stronger third third of life.

    At the beginning of April I had a cold, from which I am just now recovering.

    On Thursday I moved to a new apartment (by myself) and on most days before and since I have walked at least 10,000 steps.

    But since Friday, I’ve been in the house, exhausted, and I find that on the day after fast days, I am so tired I can hardly move. Is this something that passes after a while?

    Thanks so much for your input and support.

    Prior to fasting i was eating low gi carbs in small amounts with a balance of protein and veggies.. i didnt get tired.

    Since fasting it has made me feel very tired on non fasting days (day 1 &2).

    This is making my mental health experience low and slightly depressed feelings.

    Not sure why this is happening as you get no warning of this in the book.

    Been doing it now for 2mths.

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