Thyroid issues.

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  • Hi everyone.
    I would be really interested to hear from anyone who has an underactive thyroid and what kind of success or failures you’ve had with fasting.
    I’ve had an underactive thyroid for 30 odd years. I take 100mg thyroxine per day. Weight loss for me is very very slow. I’ve lost 5lbs in 6 weeks doing 5/20 I actually stayed the same for three weeks running in those six weeks to. Pattern went lost 3,1,M,M,M,1 with M = maintained.

    Hello Choosiesusie.If you are in the UK,you are probably not being given the correct meds.We don’t even test for reverse T3 .Levothyroxine is a synthetic ‘cure all’that doesn’t work for everyone(or possibly anyone).I was prescribed this medication in 2014 and the dose was eventually upped to 125ug in 2016.By then I could barely function.Lost eyebrow hair and eyelashes (gosh how I miss them ha ha)Most of all though I have more or less had permanent ‘brain fog’.The ranges for blood test results seem to change every few months.We were better off with the pig derived meds.
    Anyhow,I decided to stop taking the meds in Jan 2017 and have lost more than 60lbs with FD and BSD.Brain fog still there though…think damage has been done😑😑
    30 years seems a long time to be on these meds ‘you’ll lose weight ‘they say when first prescribed…..pants on fire eh??
    If you’re not in UK you might be able to get ‘threonine’ prescribed alongside thyroxine..but if your blood test results are within’range’on just Thyroxine (whatever range they might be at the time)then you’re OK to go.NOT
    Best Wishes.

    Hi Marsbar2. Yep I’m in the Uk. My blood gets tested once a year and I’ve not had my medication changed for years. One year I forgot to take my tablets on holiday and went without them for two weeks and felt no difference at all. Considering I’ve been told I’ll be taking them for the rest of my life I wonder what would happen if I stopped them. My mom sister and brother all have underactive thyroid too. None of us are slim. I’ve always been around 140 to 147 pounds but since I got 55 my weight is just going up and up and up, it makes no sense to me why. I work, I walk and I swim so still active. Menopause always seems to get blamed but so far I’ve sailed through mine with no issues at all.

    I found it interesting to read these comments. I am in the U.S. and have been on thyroid medication for years now. I suffer from brain fog and memory problems and am constantly blaming it on other things. I have also lost eyelashes and a lot of hair from my head. It never occurred to me that my thyroid may be the reason but I am very doubtful that my doctor will up the dose of my medication. This could also be the reason for me having trouble losing weight but I have not been very good at dieting. I always start out okay but then lose motivation!! Oh, well!

    I have been on 150 mcg of thyroxine and have been taking meds since 1987 when I was 31. I have successfully managed to lose weight on this way of eating. I have been doing it off and on since 2015 and have lost 25kgs since then. I would have been at goal ages ago but I seem to start after Christmas and then lose enthusiasm for it when summer starts! I have not done anything special, no particular exercise, just walking a bit more maybe. It’s slow but as time goes on my eating habits and appetite have changed so I don’t eat much in the way of sweet things, crisps, pies etc. I’ll keep plodding on (I’m actually on it now) and hopefully one day soon I’ll get to that magical figure that I set myself! Good luck.

    What do you mean by ‘brain fog’?

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