Thirsty all the time?

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  • I’m into my third week of 5:2 and feeling very thirsty all the time, despite drinking lots of water.

    Has anyone else noticed this, does it change over time? I’m trying to up my fluid intake, but the thirst is still there.

    I’d appreciate hearing your experiences and tips. Thanks.

    No not at all – I drink as a substitute for wanting to eat out of habit. On my fasting days i routinely go to my allotment and might spend anything from 3-6 hours down there – weeding, watering, digging etc and I don’t even take a drink with me. I drink lemon tea and Earl Gray – I don;t drink coffee normally – only as a treat when out. Are you really thirsty or is it just hunger? Try chewing gum perhaps.

    I have discovered that I need to drink about 5 glasses [8 oz] of liquid daily, Fast Days and Slow Days. This includes breakfast beverages, a glass of milk at lunch, + 1.5 cups water throughout the day. Sometimes I have a little more — glass of ice water or cup of tea.
    Perhaps you have too much Sodium in your diet?


    You don’t really say how much youre drinking? Is it 1 litre? 2, 3 ?? So the sensation of “thirst” do you only get it when eating slightly less (500/600 cal) on your fast days or do you get it all the time? On the assumption that you are drinking enough (2 – 2.5L)I suspect you are confusing the sensation you feel for thirst.

    My brain easily turns my thirsty signals into hungry signals. If I am not eating, they go back to what they always should have been, thirsty signals. Drinking the extra water makes me feel a lot better, and it does get to about double that ‘2 litres a day’

    Try adding a pinch of salt and a squeeze of lemon to a jug of water, that helps you hydrate when water on its own doesn’t do it.

    Thanks for your replies, it helps to compare notes.

    Hi I’m drinking approx 2 litres a day. The thirst is there in both fast and non fast day’s.
    It’s odd as I can differentiate between true hunger and thirst. It’s definitely thirst over hunger.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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