Third fast day done.

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  • This is my first post. Losing weight is a secondary goal for me. I have been in the low 80kg area for years but at 64 a few aches and pains are creeping in. My headache physiotherapist said I probably have osteo in the lower neck. I heard Michael say that was an autoimmune issue. I have read the smart gut book and now the fast diet book, both talk about the immune system being helped, so that’s what I am after, the repair and healing effects of good food and periodic fasting.
    After my first fast day, a Tuesday I was ravishingly hungry until the Wednesday night when I finally had some sweets after dinner. On the Friday, I skipped lunch just to add another 9 hours free of glucose running around my blood stream. My neck was feeling freer. My head was a little lighter than usual. I did feel the body was adjusting for the better. Today, my third fasting Tuesday, it’s all becoming normal, I think I will just eat normally tomorrow. The body fat reading on my electronic scales must be broken, it’s gone for 30% to 17.7%, that’s just too fast but I have been doing an hour walk to get through the lunch time on the fast days. Weight is still above 80 kg but I am happy now I am onboard.

    Well done for getting to this point!

    Electronic scales or handheld gadgets that estimate bodyfat percentage cannot cope with any more than minimal changes in hydration. When fasting and shedding the carbohydrate fuel glycogen we also shed significant amounts of water.

    Your scales are not broken as such, but the estimated reading is impossible/ meaningless as you noted! To get an accurate reading you would need a *very expensive* medical-grade bodyfat monitor.

    Get those sweets out of your house and out of your life! If you are still very hungry have another balanced meal or snack.


    Hi Firefox
    Thanks for the info regarding body fat scales. The sweets I referred to was a desert of yogurt, nuts and berries. Dark Chocolate is my only indulgence Max of 5 pieces on a normal day, just one on a fast day. I had that very hungry feeling after my first fast day, this is the third and that feeling has dwindled each week.
    I am making the point that it might take a few weeks to adjust to the fast day but it’s worth it.

    In the middle of my forth fast day. Breakfast of boiled egg, half avocado with herbs and oil and a good handful of lettuce leaves. One walk to the shop and a 100 minute walk. Feeling good. Tonight going to the club to share a main meal – chicken with lettuce, peppers, it has some spanish name fajitas or something.
    It’s a bit like a holiday, you have this extra time in the day, not washing and not cleaning the dishes.

    I have been doing this for 9 weeks now, I feel much the same as my first post. I still feel hungry after the fast days. I am only just under 80kgs but my head is clear and I did not get the flu, though a couple of time I thought I was going to, an evening of sneezing and running nose but in the morning I was fine. I credit the better immune response.
    I do feel sorry for people who have to lose weight. I feel I am doing a lot of work and very little weight lost but then again that’s not something I am motivated to do. I will be happy to stay under 80 for a extended period. I think after that becomes normal, more will come off but slowly. I do feel I need to fight a sugar craving even though I normally avoid any form of added sugar.

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