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  • Hi I have seen lots of information about this diet and seen Michael on various shows talking about the diet but before I order the book I would like some help on what you can eat on fast days.

    I do not like porridge and feel sick on a morning if I eat cereal so usually have toast but when I have looked into the calories that is nearly my full 500 cals, I eat lots of fruit, salad and vegetables as I like to feel full.

    I would be grateful if you could give me some guidance and help as I really need to loose about 50llbs.

    Hi – have just ordered the e-book from Amazon and downloaded to Kindle on my iPad
    Cannot put it down – even while watching the thrilling tennis semi of Jocovic and Nadal playing at Roland Garros. I am convinced and am definitely going to start – but need to read all that Michael & Mimi have to say. What I have read so far is impressive and they give guidance on what to eat and receipes as well. I read what was said about toast for breakfast – that is my usual start to the day with lashings of butter and marmalade. But they also talked about having eggs & smoked salmon as well. Not to everyone’s taste I exect but another personal favourite.

    Do buy the book and read all about this diet – I am sure that as well as fruit there are things other than porridge & toast that you can eat.

    Good Luck

    I have the book, and I strongly suggest you buy it. I have several 5:2 books, and this (the original) is the best, although there are many good ones out there.

    This diet works, but you have to make it a lifestyle. I stayed on it a month, lost almost 8 lbs., then stupidly went off it. Well yes, I’ve gained back almost all my weight, so this time I’m back for good.

    You can eat whatever you want on your fast days, but of course it’s always advised that you make healthy choices. I have decided to go vegetarian for its health benefits, and this time around, I’m going to change this diet into a lifestyle.

    I would definately recomend buying the book. I am currently in my 3rd week (6th fast) and have already lost 5lbs. I never thought I would say this but not eating is so easy. I’ve never really been one for breakfast and can often go through till lunch before eating anything. If I feel hungry I get a drink, occasionally I will have a bit of fruit during the day, then a main meal in the evening. One thing the book highlighted is that if you are fancying cake or chocolate on your fast day, wait till your feast day. It’s just one day, I generally find that after saying no on a fast day, I don’t want it on a feast day. I have also found that I am eating less on a normal day.

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