The Ultimate Maintenance Plan

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The Ultimate Maintenance Plan

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  • Welcome to the Ultimate Maintenance Guide! Welcome to your new machine!
    This is going to work very much like my dishwasher!

    Choose a Programme

    1. Fast occasionally
    2. Eat only in an eight hour window (this works in mice)
    3. 6:1
    4. Alternate 6:1 & 5:2
    5. 5:2
    6. Alternate 5:2 & 4:3
    7. 4:3
    8. Five consecutive days per month ( for optimum health boost)
    9. All of the above (not recommended by the manufacturer!)

    Choose an option (you may choose more than one)

    1. Stick to your TDEE on non fast days
    2. Eat what you want on non fast days (proceed with caution)
    3. Weigh daily

    Manufacturer’s recommendations

    • If you’re not happy with the results then choose another programme
    • The manufacturer only recommends high quality foods and liquids
    • In case of a breakdown please refer to the forums

    Well as you can see it’s not ‘one size fits all’ ! I’ve been in maintenance now for more than a year and it’s not easy my friends. Good luck with YOUR maintenance plans.

    Hi Auriga, I like your ULTIMATE MAINTENANCE PLAN. In the course of lifelong maintenance all of the above programmes will be tried and will work for differently for different people. Very good points

    Brilliant Auriga! As you say just like the programmes on a washing machine, a mixture of all the options you have mentioned seems most viable over a period of time. A shame that as we get older in many cases we have to eat less just to maintain our current weight let alone lose weight.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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