The Fast Diet Recipe Book is out now

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The Fast Diet Recipe Book is out now

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  • The Fast Diet Recipe Book is out now

    At last, a few rays of sun arrive – and with them the first Fast Diet spring. When Michael and I started work on The Fast Diet back in October, the weather in the UK was already cold and gloomy, which, even with the best will inΒ  the world, made eating on a Fast Day something of a challenge. British food in winter tends to rely on filling meals, on pies and stews and dumplings and potatoes – all delicious, but hardly ticking any boxes for Fast Days. But that’s all changing with the season: warmer weather means that eating and cooking plenty of protein and plants – the good old Fast Day mantra – is suddenly so much easier.

    Order the book now.

    Next week sees the arrival of the Fast Diet Recipe Book – it’s already being dispatched by Amazon, so some of you will have got your copies. As you’ll see, each recipe is carefully calorie counted and nutritionally balanced – thanks to our resident nutritionist Dr Sarah Schenker. There are tons of great low-calorie recipes for winter evenings, but you’ll also find lots of the ideas that are perfect for summer nights: plenty of fish, tasty salads, lots of light veggie dishes which are easy to prepare and delicious to eat, ideal for a Fast Day, but just as good on any day of the week. The American edition of the cook book comes out in a couple of months, and all of the recipes will have been translated into US measurements. We hope you enjoy it and that it helps make all your Fast Days a breeze.



    Recipe book arrived today…… excited to now be able to get more creative with a fantastic selection of wonderful recipes! 8 weeks in, 10lbs lighter, feeling and looking great,,,,. Michael and Mimi you are my god and goddess!!!

    Thanks Mimi, looking forward to receiving my copy – do I need to give Emmie a nudge? πŸ˜‰

    To find the ‘The Fast Diet arrives in the USA’ thread that this Recipe Book arrival notice replaces, go to the ‘in depth’ link at the top of the page and click on the ‘Michael & Mimi’ link there.
    To my mind, the USA thread is more significant than the more limited ‘Drink Soda or not?’ thread. Could these two be swapped over, perhaps?

    Hi Mimi, Hi all,
    Just wanted to say I tried the Tikka Dahl recipe last night… yum! Would really recommend you try… can’t believe how tasty and filling it was.
    Thanks… keep up the good work πŸ™‚

    Got my copy of the book today, thanks Mimi & Emmie! Looks fantastic, can’t wait to try some of the recipes out πŸ™‚

    Nice piece of wok – sorry I mean meant work!
    Waterstones Β£3 off at the moment. Nice big size format book.
    I like the soups…
    Nice one Mimi!

    Where in the UK can I buy the Garlic Company Crisp Roasted Garlic Bits?

    Love the book. Been picking out all the meals I want to try and not just on fast days πŸ™‚

    Just ordered the book and recipe book, can’t wait now for them to be delivered. Wish me luck!

    Hello team cookbook! Delighted to say that the recipe book has stormed the charts, which is truly amazing – bit of a tussle at the top between the original book, the cook book and Dan Brown! Thank you for all your support and great comments. I have been doing a fair bit of PR – the books just seem to have struck a chord and become part of the fabric of life. Busy times. It was my Dad’s 75th birthday today and he has lost 29 pounds so far and looks lean for the first time in forty years. FORTY YEARS! Honestly overwhelmed by that…

    If you have bought the cookbook, do let me know what your fave recipes from it are. Tried to balance the unusual with the safe, but always tricky to please everyone all the time – bit like doing a massive dinner party for thousands and hoping everyone gets something they love! Our reviews on Amazon were afflicted for a few days by a technical blip on the Kindle Fire edition – now fixed, but very disheartening and totally beyond the control of me or the (brilliant) publisher. But things are picking up now and the 5 stars rolling in. Many thanks to all, and hope your fasts are going well today – it is Thursday after all!

    My recipe book arrived yesterday. I can say that it has so many easy, delicious recipes that it has given me the momentum to make this diet work. I feel happy for the first time in ages as there really is a chance of me losing weight and keeping it off. The recipes are really my type of food, what a bonus! Thank you Mimi and Michael.

    So pleased Lesley! Happiness for the first time in ages – that’s brilliant, good luck and let us know how you get on.

    Just bought the much awaited book and it was well worth waiting for! Some really good ideas, recipes and photos, many many thanks…. This book will be used not just on fast days but non-fast days with some tweeks. Hubby and I are getting close to our target weight; around 6lbs left to go for me after losing 24lbs since end of Feb. Our daughter has decided to join us, she has been very impressed with our weight loss and had her first successful Fast day yesterday. As has been said by many many other people this has been a happy, life changing experience for us all πŸ™‚

    Mimi – where in the UK can I buy the crisp roast garlic bits you mention in the recipe book?

    hello from Australia πŸ™‚ Just bought the recipe book on Kindle…so have now watched The program, read the book, now have the recipes…am just finishing week 2…I kinda like the feeling of fasting ? ( does that make me a sick puppy? ) but also like the feeling of eating ( naughty things especially) πŸ˜‰
    I have managed to recruit my husband, who is vaguely insulted he overshot his first 600 day by 80 calouries…
    we are both pretty fit and are both 50 years old. We are looking forward to getting rid of a bit of body shape we can’t seem to shift with running and generally being good about our food choices…although we holiday a bit…my sign of a good holiday is 2kg πŸ™‚

    Another Aussie. I started as soon as the show ran on SBS last month. I’ve lost more than a kilo which is impressive. Will buy recipe book on iBooks tomorrow (more credit required) so I can try interesting meals. Measuring foods is interesting. A friend has been doing 5:2 for some time and he’s lost a substantial amount of weight. Thank you for bringing this research to us.

    Any word on when the US edition of the cookbook will be coming out? Desperate for it!

    US cookbook out in July – with proper American measures and the correct name for coriander! Hope you enjoy

    Oh I just love this cook book!!’Light Weight Cottage Pie’ is absolutely delicious- a real hit…… even on non-fast days!! The ‘Hot Thai Stir Fry’ is fabulous – can’t believe just how many veg there are- it’s a massive portion!! Then there’s the ‘Smoked Haddock, Spinach & Egg’- so tasty and low cal! There are so many more we want to try & will!! A huge thank you – makes fast day eating a bit more intersting and dare I say it fun!!

    Can somone tell me if the number of persons the menu is meant to serve is not listed, does that mean it is intended to serve one?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question.

    Hi, I saw the TV programme and I have just bought the two books. Reading the introductory bits of the recipe book, it says that the recipes reference the GI and GL of the ingredients (p11). Also, on p16, it mentions that each recipe shows the nutritional bonus (NB) “together with a GI or GL score where useful”. I have looked at quite a few of the recipes and I can see no indication of these figures. One recipe does mention GL, but only in the context of leaving out a particular ingredient if you want to save on calories and GL.

    I picked the recipe book up tonight in a local supermarket at half price, so perhaps they were reject copies!

    I saw the program and ordered both books right away. After seeing the recipes in the book – to much ham and kippers for me, I wasn’t sure what would be in the recipe book. It arrived yesterday and is wonderful. So many tasty, colorful recipes! I think, I’m going to fast myself through it πŸ˜‰

    Thanks so much!

    I bought this Recipe Book as soon as it was available, but I have a really big gripe; I’m talking the Garlic Company crispy garlic pieces. Twice, on this forum, and once via Twitter I have asked if it is possible to purchase these in the UK, but you have not bothered to reply, so I can only assume they are not available.
    What is the point of publishing a book specifically for the UK when you quote ingredients that can only be purchased in the US???????

    Just roast or toast garlic we can buy here in the UK ?

    Sorry guys but I don’t like the recipe book, the food is to fancy and not to my taste but I love the principle of the 5:2 or 4:3 diet so shall carry on as I am adapting my favourite recipes.

    Hi Mimi, I’m trying to decide which recipe book to buy. I’m currently living in the USA but I’m Australian so prefer metric and coriander…

    Are the recipes the same in both books? Are the calorie counts the same or are they different in the US book to reflect the calorie content in the foods?

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