The Fast Diet: Have Your Cake and Eat it This Easter

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The Fast Diet: Have Your Cake and Eat it This Easter

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  • The Fast Diet: Have Your Cake and Eat it This Easter

    So, Easter is on its way, with its glorious high-calorie promise of holiday bingeing and general excess. I must confess that I have never really been one for Lent; as with dieting, giving up something entirely – especially chocolate – is not my style. Over the course of my 20-year career, I have in fact been emphatically anti-diets, so it may seem odd that I have now written a book devoted to one. It’s no U-turn; The Fast Diet, co-written with Dr Michael Mosley, works so brilliantly because you don’t have to give anything up at all. You eat absolutely normally for five days a week and only restrict calories (to a quarter of your usual intake) on two days. So come Easter Sunday, I’ll be eating the kids’ chocolate eggs, just as I do every year. And on Easter Monday (or even Tuesday, if I fancy a little bank holiday indulgence) I will return, guilt free, to my bi-weekly 500-calorie fast.

    It is times like Easter that illustrate why the Fast Diet has been so well received. In just two months, we have garnered a huge following and it is the diet’s flexibility that seems to be the key to its success: most of the time, there are no awkward dinner-party clichés (‘just salad, dressing on the side – I’m on a diet’), no need to be the dull colleague passing on post-work drinks, no need to count or fret. The diet works because you know that tomorrow you can have that glass of chardonnay/roast dinner/chocolate muffin. If you have ever struggled with the strictures of conventional, every-day dieting, it’s a liberating thought.

    The book has now reached number 1 bestselling status on both sides of the Atlantic, which is hugely exciting for Michael and me. While the science is still young, the research is mounting and the results impressive. Some of the most common questions we get are about what to eat on the Fast Days; for this reason we are publishing a comprehensive Fast Diet Recipe Book on May 2, including plenty of information about how the method works, together with more than 180 meal ideas, rich in protein and complex carbs, so you won’t find yourself flagging on a Fast Day. This Lent, I reckon we can all have our cake and eat it.

    You can read Mimi’s blog on Huffington Post today

    Easter eggs and hot cross buns… bring ’em on!
    Over Christmas I ate like a pig, fasted on 650 cals for my fast days (I still did 2 each week :)) and over the 2 weeks of festivities I lost quarter of a pound. As I understand it the average person gains around 6lbs over Chrismtas. Can’t go wrong with The Fast Diet 🙂
    Looking forward to Easter – and I bet after all the chocolate eggs I’ll be looking forward to my next fast day again 😀

    Congrats to Mimi & Michael on the international bestseller. I truly believe this way of eating could change the shape of the world (well, the people in it anyway :)). You should both be very proud indeed!

    shiningmoogie, I share your enthusiasm for The Fast Diet! And I’m also so grateful for Michael and Mimi for spreading the word. I’ve only been on it for 6 weeks but I feel so great, I’ve lost weight, I’m alert and alive, all my joints feel better – it’s terrific and I’m sure it’s doing me good. I love fasting, find it very easy, and the joy of guilt-free eating on the other 5 days is amazing. I’ve not felt guilt-free when eating since I was about 12 (I am 53). Awesome.

    Thanks shiningmoogie and Fabulous50 (you sound like you are living up to your name!) Such a high – the book is at number 7 in The New York Times bestseller list this week, so seems to be doing really well in the States. As promised, I have been celebrating with (very premature) Cadbury’s Easter eggs!

    I am so looking forward to the recipe book, but I live here in the States. It’s not on amazon! Will it be available for sale here? LOVING THIS WAY OF EATING.

    Thank you!

    Really liked the idea of the body “repairing” while fasting, plus all the other health benefits and started my first week with gusto. The day after my first fast during my second week I knew I was ” coming down” with something, and went on to have the filthiest cold and chest infection I can remember. It’s been years since I’ve had a full blown cold like that- usually, at the first sign of a sore throat or anything ( rare) I take echinacea and it never gets a hold.
    Feeling so ill, I instinctively didn’t do my second day’s fast. I tried to research “benefits of fasting with a cold”, and couldn’t find any. Even worse, there seemed to be evidence that calorie restriction can drastically lower your immune system and your body’s ability to fight off infection.
    Has anyone else fallen ill when they don’t normally? It just seemed such a coincidence!
    I’m well again now, and though I feel like I’m the only person in the world with a possible negative reaction to this eating plan, I’m still keen to try it again this week and put the illness down to a “one-off”. If there’s any medical science about it for reassurance, I’d appreciate it.
    Secondly- I’m a bit unclear now- is it the length of time that you go without food ( ie, the fast”, that helps your body repair, or the fact that you’re just restricting calories on two days?

    I just bought the book on Amazon and it arrived QUICKLY! I am starting today and am looking forward to eating in this manner and not having to continually think about food. I did very well on a different diet as a single person but now that I am married I need something that works with my husband who enjoys cooking. I have chosen Tuesday and Friday as my fast days (I work Tuesday thru Saturday) Here’s hoping…

    I will be starting tonight at 11pm aiming to fast until late breakfast at 11a.m.
    At 5′ weighing in at 8.9 my BMI is 23.68 and while this is at the top end it is supposed to be ok. However I am almost 65 and I have that middle aged spread above and around my stomach so I know I have to do something.
    A happy 65th birthday would be to see this start to drop off before May 2nd.
    I have to do this alone since my husband is lean and eats like a horse – he grazes all day and likes a substantial meal at night.
    I tried the genesis research 2 day diet last year and managed for a bit however I think it did not suit me because it is based on milk. I lost weight but not the fat.
    Monday and Wednesday will be my fasting days…

    Have your cake? My wife Jane, our 15 year old son Rowan, and I started 2 weeks ago so we have gone through 4 four fast days. I took my family and my Mum and Dad out for a massive Chinese buffet lunch as a Mother’s Day treat comprising 18 savoury dishes consumed between six of us – LOL. Even after the Chinese banquet I have lost 8 pounds in those 2 weeks and 3/4″ off my neck. I feel great!

    Thanks Michael and Mimi.

    I’ve been following this way of eating since Michael’s TV show in August. I’ve lost over a stone, and a large number of inches! This is the easiest thing I’ve done, and will definitely be a continuing way of life. Food tastes so much better after a fast, and I find that I eat much less on non-fast days as well. Husband is also doing it and has lost similar amount. We fast on 3 days (Mon/Wed/Fri)and find this regime suits us. We’re both vegetarians, so our 500 calories go a long way on the fast days. We weigh ourselves every day – we have a chart (!) and we’re quite competitive with each other, so it’s a bit of fun to see who’s doing best. I’ve lost a whole dress size and now had to buy new jeans as my own were literally falling down. I can’t thank Michael enough for being the guinea pig, and letting us all in on this brilliant new way of eating.

    ok with my first day 11pm to 11pm…
    went to bed with my little tot of whisky before 11 and read for an hour …fasted until 11.30 a.m and had early lunch…only needed a 62 calorie soup! A ryvita with marmite at 1.30 then dinner at 6 -chiili cone carne with salad at just under 300 calls then just before 11pm a 75 cal yogurt to see me through the night.

    Cramps in my legs?

    My husband and I started the fast diet in January becuase it seemed such a natural way to go about life, and it feels so right physically and mentally / emotionally. We have christened our diet the “2;2;3” diet – 2 days at 500 calories, 2 days eating absolutely whatever we like and 3 days eating a healthy, sensible diet with a normal calorie count. We are both loving the freedom of the 5 non-fast days and both steadily losing weight and feeling healthy. And the blow-outs are truly sublime! Thanks Michael for bringing us the science and Mimi for making it accessible.

    Hi all, Just wondered where alcohol intake comes into this? Obviously on fast days it`s a no which is not a problem, but from a purely calorific point of view what about the other days? and weekends? when most of us tend to up our consumption. Can you still do the 2 fast days and not worry about the rest with the same results? Really???

    It’s brill, I had time off work lately on holiday and kept up with the fast 2 days buy literally ate like a king for 5 days, prob exceeded daily calories two fold! Didn’t gain a thing! Normally I’d be looking at least half stone gain! I’m also averaging 6lbs a week loss normally and feeling great! I often now turn my nose up at food even on feed days, just not hungry! It’s like it’s reset my body’s hunger signals! It’s a very strange but great feeling

    Finished week1 with a 4.4 lb. loss…no problem on the fast days at all…just peeing like crazy! LOL My energy level is up. What is great I have not had to say no to those little extras that make life “sweet”. I do not feel deprived which I think makes diets fail in the long run. This is not like a diet…it is like breathing…completely natural. Thank you Michael and Mimi for sharing this with the world.

    Hi we have been on this fast D over 3 weeks , wedont want to lose lots just maybe a stone no more, its the health benefits we are interested in , so far so good loving it . I stopped smoking 3 years ago I trusted the oerson who wrote the book and it worked . So I am trusting this book and advice to help me . After reading your hook I feel good that it helps to understand why its fasting , and what happens. We are giving it 3 months

    Sorry spelling , reading glasses broken

    Week 2 of the 5:2 diet, lost 6lbs last week, so did my husband! Our 500 calorie days (600 for hubby) are Tuesdays and Thursdays, I’m usually busy at work so that helps loads. Can’t believe how easy this is and sustainable, I’ve been on a weightloss journey since August 2012 and have lost 32lbs to date. I used meal replacement shakes/bars/soups previously and they worked well, but I was looking for something that will be a life long plan…without the daily restrictions and I think I’ve found it! It’s my 500cal day tomorrow, already have something yummy planned for tea. Loving this diet : )

    This is week 4 of our 5:2 diet and have successfully lost 12lbs and my husband 8lbs which we are really pleased with. The fast days are good, infact I actually look forward to them! On the non fast days we are eating well but better than previously; have become far more aware of what we are eating and more importantly quantities. We have one and 1/2 to 2 stone to loose each for our 25th anniversary holiday in June which I am sure we shall reach. I have followed numerous “diets” during my time, but this just feels really natural and not at all like a restrictive “diet”….here’s to our next fast day 🙂

    Update we both have lost a few pounds each , I can fit into a pair of jeans I couldnt a month ago , woop woop, inches lost too . I am buzzing its a great way to lose weight and inches too. It does make you think about your food intake on none fast days. I feel so proud too , nothing like a sexy little number fitting me for a change .

    I only heard about this diet last week in the school playground, a friend told me about it as I have been dieting on another famous diet since August last year and lost 21lbs on the diet. I am still overweight and my BMI was high when I started on the diet it has reduced but still high. I have anothr stone to lose before I am at my target weight. So I spent the weekend watching Michaels documentary on the Ipad for 1 hour then I bought the diet book off Amazon. I was surprised at the results and this isnt just about losing weight, the documentary was really interesting, fasting seems to prolong life. Its something we are not used to doing and when you talk to some people about it they think you are starting yet another fad diet! Well I got through my first fast day yesterday and my hubby was also convinced about the benefits of fasting so hes doing it with me. It wasnt as bad as I thought, I made a lovely veg chilli for our evening meaal and stuck to the calorie restriction. I felt alittle disorientated in the afternoon and had a sour taste in my mouth but I drank loads of water. What i did notice was I had alot more energy, I didnt fall asleep at 8pm like I usually do, I also struggled getting to sleep and woke up today at 6am birght and breezy and surprisingly not hungry!! I have also felt much happier and cheerful and im not dreading my next fasting day like I thought I would. I have not over eaten or felt the need to overeat today but it is my first day. I am not weighing myself until my usual weigh in day so we will see. I will be happy if I lose 1lb a wk doing this as it does seem doable. I have spread the word to friends who are struggling with weight issues and they have started fasting with me. I think we need to look on it as a way of life and not a diet. I really hope it works and I lose some weight. This forum is a great idea for help and inspiration.

    Like cherylmark, I have felt disoriented a couple of times. I have survived three weeks of fasting and I am having little trouble not eating. Coworkers look at me quite strange when I tell them that I can not go out to eat because I need to keep my calorie count down to 600 for the day. I do try to plan my fast days around food activities. I have also noticed that I am not as hungry on my non-fasting days. I currently work out with a group at work and we weigh in on Tuesdays. I look forward to weighing in to see what i have lost each week. After 2 weeks I had lost about 6 pounds. We shall see what this Tuesday brings.

    Is there a cookbook suitable for Australians and if so can you download via ipad??

    I am on week 2 and have lost 8lb! Amazing! My BMI is within normal range, gonna do 2 more weeks of 5:2 then go to one day a week to maintain weight. Feel so much better, more energy. The first week was hard and I didn’t feel too great but the second week much easier.

    I have been doing this since late last year and have lost over 1st 7lbs and 7inches off my waist. I am now back to my pre-menopausal weight and have never felt better. I now have an 8 hour feeding window every day, not as bad as it sounds as I just skip breakfast and don’t nibble late at night. As I no longer wish to lose weight, I hope to reap the long term health benefits, I have stopped counting calories now and as long as I stick to my 8 hour window my weight does not fluctuate, in fact this is the most stable my weight has ever been so I’m thrilled, thank you Dr Michael and Mimi xx

    Well, I’m an American. I just got the book & read it until late in the evening; planning to do my first fast on Monday. I’ve been a yo-yo dieter all my life; not obese, but overweight (5’3 and 145 lbs). BMI isn’t too bad: 25.7, but my waist! Yikes. 38 inches! So here I go. I should mention that I’m 81 years old and in very good health; no prescription drugs; love to eat, love to cook. Retired, busy. I’ll be back with update next week.

    I read the book over the weekend and both my husband and I started on our first fast day today. I was afraid I would be starving by now but am amazed at how good I feel. I’ve been drinking lots of water with coffee in between. I do have one question…is it ok to chew sugarless gum on fast days? Thank you!

    I’ve ordered my book and can’t wait to start .
    My other question on the fast days can you still excersise ?

    (This is an edited version of the previous blog from 24th. March).
    As I write this on 23rd. March 2013 Britain is engulfed by Arctic weather, we have the coldest March weekend for 50 years! So, I thought some fellow fasters might like a recipe for a warming winter soup that won’t break the calorie bank on a fast day!

    (Makes 7 x 250ml portions)

    This recipe is adapted from one for veg. stock by Sarah Brown in “Vegetarian Kitchen” (BBC Books 1984)


    450g potato (peeled and diced)
    150g onion (coarsely chopped)
    100g carrot (peeled and diced)
    50g celery (chopped)
    30g garlic (optional) (crushed and peeled)
    7g olive oil
    1 bay leaf
    1/2 tsp dried thyme
    1.4 ltr water

    (note: veg weights are after peeling)


    1) Take a 2 1/2 litre heavy based saucepan and heat the olive oil gently (do not burn otherwise this will produce a free radical, carcinogenic effect).
    2) Place the prepared veg in the pan and continue with the gentle heat for about 5 min.
    3) Next add the water, herbs (and garlic if using) and bring to the boil.
    4) Allow to simmer for 1 1/2 hours in the covered pan.
    5) Let the ingredients cool sufficiently and then purée in a food processor and weigh the purée in a suitable container (remember to allow for the container). We are aiming for a total weight of 1.75Kg. If it’s less add boiled water to bring it up to this weight. If it’s more, reduce by further cooking without the lid.
    6) After the target weight has been reached, decant the soup in 250ml portions (there should be 7 portions) which can be frozen for future use.

    You may wish to season the soup (probably best done at the table).

    I use freshly ground black pepper and some sea salt.

    In the original recipe Sarah Brown did not include seasoning because the recipe was intended as a veg stock only.

    Another point to make is that you may also wish to thin the soup slightly, as each portion is quite concentrated (it saves space in the freezer). I suggest about 100ml of extra water per portion. This will not affect the calorie content of the portion of course.

    Calorie count:

    78 calories per 250ml portion.
    (Calorific value per 100g = 31Kc)

    73 calories per 250ml portion without garlic)
    (Calorific value per 100g = 29Kc)

    Do try the version with garlic, the flavour is fantastic.


    Colin (Fast Cat)

    Long live the fast dieters! (hopefully we will).

    This blog makes great reading. I started on the fast diet 2 weeks ago and have completed 3 fasts. 12lbs lost and I feel great! Why didn’t I start this before?? It has slotted very easily into our way of life. It’s really heightened my awareness of what we’re eating, but I’ve been totally unrestricted on non fast days, just more thoughtful. It’s great!

    I started the diet 6 weeks ago, and despite eating (and drinking!) very well on my off days, I have lost 11 lbs. Some weeks I don’t lose anything, if I have a weekend with lots of socializing, but that’s ok as there’s a steady downward trend. Just another few pounds and I’ll be at my ideal weight. I exercise by nordic walking (pretty hard up hills!) around 3 to 4 times a week, and I think I have more energy on my fast days. I certainly don’t feel any ill effects. I am feeling fitter than I have for years. I’m so glad I found this diet, I plan to stick to it for life (holidays and high days excepted) as the health benefits are more important to me than the weight loss. I’m someone who has always struggled to keep my weight down, although I’ve never been more than a stone overweight, and it was getting harder and harder after 50, and I NEVER thought I could go so long without food! I try to keep my 500 cals for one evening meal as I find I don’t feel any less hungry by eating breakfast, and I enjoy a larger evening meal more.

    Just a comment about drinking wine or other alcohol on this diet.. Michael tweeted me that his recommendation is no wine on the fast days and 2 glasses of wine or whatever max on the non fast days-this way your’e under the 21 units per week hopefully and giving your liver a rest the 2 fast days. Bear in mind that 2 glasses of wine is about 300 calories so subtract that from your 2000 cals and I reckon it’s do-able.

    I just started – now on 3rd fast day. Not a big problem – only hungry from 10:30 till 1 pm. I’m 81, not seriously overweight: BMI 25, weigh 145, want to lose about 20 lbs & fit into “large” instead of “Extra large.” Problem, of course, is the tummy. Are we supposed to restrict calories on non-fast days? I thought the book said not. I did overdo a little yesterday – Easter – so that my total loss for the week is only 1/2 lb., but that’s better than a 6 lb gain, right? I think I can do this!

    Now half way through on fast day 3. Have found it easy to fit in to my schedule, not weighed myself yet, but have already felt a difference in clothing. I am also exercising daily as well. Has anyone suffered with headaches during fast days? I suffered on my 2nd fast day and earlier today. I am drinking water continually as well to ensure I don’t dehydrate. A work colleague who has been off a week, mentioned today on how much slimmer i was looking and she didn’t know i was doing the 5:2diet! I will weigh myself after my 4th fast day, so fingers crossed!

    I’ve been on the diet about 1.5 weeks. I decided to fast 3 days a week (a 4:3 instead of 5:2) to drop some weight quickly before some 10k runs I’m doing (more like jogs for me, but hey, at least I’m trying!). I’m on my 6th fast day today, and I have to say, I’m not really finding it easier. I’m able to stick to it, but my stomach is grumbling a lot. Also, I’m finding training runs (jogs) extremely difficult on fast days. Are others of you having these problems?

    I’ll stick with it (switching to 5:2 after the races), I guess I was just hoping the fasting would get easier. I’ve already seen centimeters coming off my waist, which is pretty amazing for 1.5 weeks!

    Hi all, i’m in the middle of my first fast and have to say its not that bad, porridge for breakfast at 7am a few cups of black tea big plate of chicken and veg stirfry at 7pm quite satisfied:-) only used 489 cals! (if my calculations are right).I’m an ex-rugby playing 36 year old 5’10” 17stone so need to loose abit of weight I have looked at other diets but they seem a faf which this isn’t so i will stick to this, won’t be setting any goals yet just see how it goes for now.

    Hello Michael and Mimi, watching your show on PBS here in St. Louis. Found it extremely fascinating. Wondering if you ever compared your fasting regime with that of the Orthodox Christian faith. Amazingly similar in many respects. Will check out your book. Good luck.

    I am loving this way of eating! I don’t think of it as a diet as for the first time in years I am not permanently thinking about what I should and should not be eating! I feel totally liberated. I am 43 and although not seriously overweight I don’t want to put any pounds on and could happily lose a few. I have found the fast days surprisingly easy and on the other days I eat what I want, as I have generally healthy diet I don’t say no to anything and have lost weight! although not a huge amount, but I decided from day 1 that I wasn’t going for a quick fix. As far as I am concerned this is the future for me, I hadn’t realised how conditioned I had become to think of foods as either “good” or “bad”. I feel energised and my skin looks great which is an added bonus. I was concerned by some posts that it may affect my sleep, but I have slept normally and actually wake up more alert after a fast day. A couple of my colleagues are doing it too with mixed results, I acknowledge that this may not suit everyone but I certainly would recommend trying it out!

    I’m enjoying this diet so far and glad I persisted through day 1s headaches, nausea, food cravings and sugar issues. I’m not hugely overweight, but I have a handful rather than an inch – makes me wonder if there was an underlying sugar related issue that hadn’t quite surfaced yet, or if it was simply a reaction of my body because I was used to eating every 3ish hours. Anyone noticed how much better food tastes when you’re actually hungry?!

    Sunflower – I also got my first cold in years after starting the diet but it only lasted a few days and I did not get the bad cough everyone else seemed to develop. Like you I did not fast whilst feeling ill. However I love this diet for the health benefits and in hope that my body is regenerating cells. I have noticed a surge in energy and can even manage high impact aerobics on my fast day – not bad for a 56 year old female!

    ‘THUMBS DOWN’ review given to 5:2 diet:

    Last week’s ‘Inside Health’ programme (BBC Radio 4, Tues 2 Apr, repeated Wed 3 Apr), included a feature on intermittent fasting diets. All of them, including 5:2, got a real ‘thumbs down’ review (as just ‘the latest fad diet’) from the programme’s resident woman GP sceptic, who says the scientific evidence for the various diets’ health claims is way too thin and unproven.

    As far as the doctor was concerned, any weight loss from 5:2 comes from just reduced calorie intake, the same as it does on any other diet. One point that I think she failed to appreciate, was the motivational power of 5:2. If one finds it easy to keep to the 5:2 system as a long-term, lifestyle choice, then it does work better than other ‘restricted intake every day’ diets, overcoming the yo-yo effect and enabling one to reach and SUSTAIN one’s goal weight.

    Most exponents of fasting diets readily accept that more, longer-term research is needed but just the possibility of positive health gains is motivating and, therefore, worth pursuing, it seems to me. Interestingly, another feature on the programme, about obesity and its links to cancer, referred to the negative significance of high levels of a particular growth hormone – the same growth hormone shown to be reduced by fasting diets.

    re fast-day headaches: I fixed mine by having a protein for breakfast (i.e an omelette instead of porridge). I have felt absolutely fine since then. Completed 9 fast days so far and lost 10lbs so I am truly delighted. Thank you Michael – I wish I could get your Horizon video for relatives who would like to see the science behind the 5:2. Anyone know if I could get it???

    I’m sorry to have to say this but I think it’s ingenuous, if not misleading, to say – as Mimi S. does, in ‘The Fast Diet’ book – that after a fast day ‘tomorrow you can eat as you please’.

    When Michael and Mimi each began using the 5:2 system, Michael was ‘mildly overweight’ and Mimi was ‘never overweight’ (their starting BMIs being 26 and 21.4 respectively). Clearly, neither of you has ever been habitually out of control when it comes to food, whilst many of us contributing to the forum DO have or have had that problem.

    I think clearer guidance is needed about what Kate Harrison describes in ‘The Diet Book’ as ‘normal eating’ for non-fasting days. What if one’s habitual – i.e. normal – intake has been 3000+ calories per day for years, for example, and one has never managed to embrace concepts such as ‘portion control’ or ‘healthy eating’?

    The theory behind 5:2 is that gradually one re-educates one’s appetite to eat less and more healthily 24/7, without even consciously having to work at it. That does seem to be true for some of us but I wonder how true it is for those people who are experiencing little or no weight loss and/or know they have an issue with self-control?

    Those of us who are thriving on 5:2 write glowing reports. I suspect those of us who are not thriving, either keep a low profile or disappear from the site altogether, still feeling a failure, having given up yet again. It just is not true that for five days a week you can eat as you please, so long as you fast for two days. I think more help is needed on this.

    Jeanius – I have to agree with you. I do tend to binge eat and am now trying to re-educate myself to try t o stick to 2000 calories on a non fast day. This should be easy for me if I cut out the chocolate, cakes and puddings which are my downfall. Also the mentality that you deserve a treat! The fast diet forces me to et healthy on at least two days and if this “diet” results in weight loss long term then it’s worth doing. It’s easy to stick to and easy to fit into any lifestyle. I think that is the attraction. Whether its the latest fad diet only time will tell.

    Reply to Celia O’Brien: This afternoon, I posted a link to a site on which you could watch Michael M’s original Horizon documentary (entitled ‘Eat, Fast and Live Longer’). I notice my posting has now been removed. Search around on the www under the programme’s title and, hopefully, you’ll find it, in the same way as I did.

    I have been doing the fast diet with some good sucess but my main issue is not the fast days, its the non fast days. What is normal? Its forgetting what is normal is what got me in trouble in the first place! So after failing to loose some weeks, but feeling great on fast days etc and loosing all confidence in myself that I know what normal is, I decided to track my calroies for a bit on non fast days making sure I am staying within my limits and eating balanced food groups. I have started using Myfitness Pal to track non fast days and it seems to be giving me some confidence.I have always felt good on this diet but feel I need some re-education on what 1700-2000 calories looks like. I am trooping through to loosing my excess 10lbs with more knowledge and looking forward to having nailed ‘Normal’ again.

    Sounds great, DuBeDo. Well done for getting yourself the appropriate information and finding out what works well for you. Getting ‘Normal’ nailed is such a brilliant target. May you continue to thrive.

    I initially lost a kilo a wk end as I was doing the diet on 2 consecutive days and the loss stayed off on the non fasting days. Now when I eat on my non fast days my weight seems to be going back up and im back to the start again. Has anyone else experienced this? I have a fairly healthy diet on non fast days and only drink 1 glass of wine a wk. I only had about 9 lbs to lose so not hugely overweight. I dont know if this has anything to do with it.

    Hello, Polly – have you already read the two threads that exist on this site about the problem of not losing weight? For some reason, they are tucked away, out of sight, but they can be found via the ‘in depth’ link at the top of the page, then the ‘q and a’ link. I’m not sure if there are any comments there that can directly help you with the issue you’ve raised but just maybe…..
    There are other interesting threads in this section too, away from the main page, that others might not have noticed and may find helpful: such as problems with sleeping or food suggestions for vegetarians.
    Whilst great ‘good news’ stories can be inspiring, I think support and advice for the not-insignificant number of people who are encountering difficulties could do with being given a higher profile.
    To my mind, there’s no point in pretending the 5:2 system is more effective than it is, otherwise it becomes the same as The Emperor’s New Clothes, and leaves many people discouraged and/or blaming themselves for their imagined inadequacies.

    Hi jeanius
    I found the thread you’re talking about after I had posted my comment here. As you say, its not just so easy to find! There seems to be quite a few people who are having problems either keeping the weight off or getting it off in the first place. Im hoping that its because there is something specific about this group that they just havent pinned down yet, and once they do, will come up with a solution as to how to make the diet work for them too. It would be great if everyone could get the benefit of this diet, not just in weight loss but the health benefits too. Eagerly waiting Mike coming back with some suggestions on this.

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