The Fast Diet, Corrie and chronic pain

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The Fast Diet, Corrie and chronic pain

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  • The Fast Diet, Corrie and chronic pain

    Gratified to hear that the stars of Coronation Street are doing well on The Fast Diet. One of the most interesting quotes to emerge in the press this week was from Cherylee Houston, who plays Owen’s daughter Izzy. She has been on the diet for six weeks and is finding real success with it. According to The Sun, ‘Cherylee, who uses a wheelchair, has a form of the rare painful tissue disorder Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and finds the diet helps manage her pain… Says Cherylee: ‘When I looked back I realised the fasting had changed my pain pattern a lot, which is amazing…’

    It’s something that Michael and I alluded to in the first book, and a subject which is of increasing interest. Michael says: ‘Studies show that intermittent fasting leads to reduced production of so-called inflammatory factors and that may be one reason why it may help with a range of conditions from arthritis to asthma . There is also some evidence (mainly animal, but human studies have begun) that within a couple of weeks your brain starts to produce a protein called Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor in response to intermittent fasting and that helps improve mood, which may also be helping.’

    We are very interested to hear your stories about the effects of intermittent fasting. Has it improved your chronic pain? Do let us know.

    Beyond pain relief, Cherylee says she’s feeling more energetic on the Fast Diet too: ‘The diet is about allowing your body to replenish itself,’ she says. ‘Our bodies weren’t really designed to eat three times a day continually. We need down time. And what everybody is saying is that, after they’ve done it for a couple of weeks, they get more energy.’ We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

    I started june19 th and going to make my FD Mondays and Wednesdays , as I suffer from chronic fibromyalgia , CRPS, and symptomatic Tarlov disease, take strong painkillers regularly I am curious to see if 5:2 will decrease my pain, very happy to report as the weeks pass. With 41kgs to lose this could be a long thread! More a large reel than a cotton spool!! Will weigh 26 th June . Off to malta the following Wednesday and will continue with 5:2 , on an all inclusive holiday, will miss breakfast and lunch and sit down to the evening meal with everyone. Feeling more optimistic this can work for me than ever before. Losing the weight will be wonderful , but the best effect for me will be boosted energy and hopefully less pain in my life. If the body heals itself on. Fast day then I am hopeful that a Jones fracture sustained on June 10 th will heal and I can avoid an op to pin it if not, fingers crossed.

    Hello, Chriscrock – I hope your foot heals well. I’ve just watched an informative YouTube clip describing the whole process, which might be useful for understanding your body’s needs in this respect:

    Will you be able to bear weight on it in time for your holiday? I’m a great believer in rest to promote healing, for whatever illness or injury, and good quality nutrition too. I hope you manage to get both and are fully mobile and well-mended as soon as possible. Also, best wishes for success ahead using the 5:2 approach.

    Thanks Jeanius for ‘you tube ‘ info, its good to show others what is involved as I have had according to those who know me , just another brake! Have in the past broken nearly every major bones in the body including neck,back, pelvis legs etc etc!! But its been 22 yrs since the last brakes and this on top of everything else would have seen me eating the fridge never mind it’s contents! If it wasn’t for me starting 5:2. So I am hopeful I have begun to change my life and become ‘me’ again.

    Chriscrock, why do I get the impression that you’re not a lie-down-and-rest kind of person? And I’m not even going to ask how all those bones got broken, back in your heydays!
    That’s quite some catalogue of conditions you have now. May the changes you’re making bring you all that you wish for – I look forward to hearing about your progress. Have a great time in Malta.

    I am commencing my fifth week of 5:2 with a slight lapse last week being only 6:1 (mostly due to being busy and lack of planning). The most stunning effect that I have had is loss of pain. I have low back pain resulting from a chain of events-frozen shoulder which upset my balance, then fell down stairs and severely sprained my ankle (couldn’t use crutches due to shoulder) and gave myself 5 bulging discs and end-plate crush fractures in my back. I have to take slow release Jurnista(very potent centrally acting analgesic drug of the opioid class), regular paracetamol, and Endone for breakthrough or incident pain. But in the first week of 5:2 – there was no pain. Ankles which had begun to freeze up with arthritis are flexible, knees and hips don’t complain, and I have not needed to take additional pain relievers (with the exception of one day at work whereby I sat in one spot for hours writing an important application for funding. I expect the weight loss to be slow as my Thyroid is slack (Hashimoto’s) and having removed my Implanon, menopause is rushing to take its place. Despite the fact I started this for weight loss I don’t care if that happens or not – to be pain free is fabulous. I am sharing with other family members the impact on pain as it is a crime to keep it to myself. thanks guys

    Hi, ShimmeringSue – What a wonderful experience for you, to be pain free! I wonder whether you can point to any particular food/behaviour that you did or didn’t have/do during your first week of fasting that might be the key to this marvellous result? It might be the body’s ‘repair mode’, said to be switched on during a fast, but I think it would be great to really understand your individual process, wouldn’t it, so that you could ensure that the positive effects continue indefinitely? That’s certainly what I wish for you and every joy and success.

    I have chronic back pain due to two back hernia operations and reoccurrence of a further hernia. 10 years after my last operation my weight has increased by at more than 30kgs, although I will say I have never been thin this extra weight gain has really had a detrimental effect on my general health and of course my back. I have struggled to loose weight with out success, so after a friend and my sister-in-law persuaded me to have a look at the 5:2 diet I decided I’d have a go. On Tuesday this week I will be starting my first fast day (not doing monday as its my physio day) will then do the second day on Thursday. I’m a little apprehensive but really want to give it a go, its time for a change and get my self healthy. I not only want to loose weight but I am hoping I can alleviate some of my back pain. So I’ll keep you posted.

    Good luck sylverv, let us know how you get on!

    Hi all!

    I am so glad I found this thread, I thought what I am experiencing was in my head, either way I was fine with that but it’s the fast diet that is changing my life. My background: I had a condition known as Sponylolisthesis and Degenerative Disc Disease. I had extensive back surgery in May of 2013. While I am doing well and recovering I could not seem to get a handle on some nerve pain in my right leg and my back pain, although better after surgery was not going away. I have been on nerve pain medicine and a strong anti-inflammatory everyday. I found it very difficult to sleep as the nerve pain in my leg would keep me up even with the medication. Nothing helped. I was stuck in this pattern and taking the meds for it were causing other issues I was having to deal with on top of all of it. I know this sound unreal but I started the fast diet only two weeks ago, I have only one meal and that’s dinner so I fast all day until my one 500 calorie meal. I am now off of ALL the medication I was on and my pain is diminishing! My nerve pain is virtually gone and I sleep like a rock at night. My back pain is almost gone completely, just a bit sore when I wake up but nothing compared to what it used to be and I can only believe it’s going to get even better! Trust me I had tried everything over the last year, yoga, physical therapy, walking, stretching everything my Dr recommended to get rid of this chronic pain but nothing helped! I am completely amazed by this! I am an athletic female and once again runner and not overweight but I will keep with this diet for the rest of my life! Thank you so very much for sharing this diet, you have changed my life!

    A recent trial of using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for fibromyalgia sufferers has shown positive changes in their brains and a reduction of their pain. The chamber apparently induces ‘neuroplasticity’ in the brain – repair and reorganization.

    I firmly believe fibromyalgia is the brain misinterpreting pain signals so this looks really exciting.

    As intermittent fasting also apparently induces neuroplasticity, I’m really hopeful that my fibro will improve on the fast diet.

    I like this study how great it is I don’t know but it does shine some light

    See section 3 which I found especially encouraging.

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