The blood sugar level is the key.

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  • The main thing is for me to eat food, like vegetables, protein and some dark bread.

    I also have OBEMISED-caps: no calories, but some fiber from potatoes and lot of water.

    And tea every evening at the same time. But for me works very well to watch my weight daily at the same time, in the evening and morning. So I really can see, what is going on.

    I’m not sure that weighing yourself twice a day is very helpful. My weight can vary by up to 2kg either way from food and drink, so I wouldn’t get any extra information, just “noise” and something more to worry about. IMHO my weight on a particular day is meaningless in isolation: what I’m interested in is the trend over time…

    I agree with York, weighing too often is not a good idea. It was frustrating for me to see no weight loss for the first few weeks. So I stopped weighing for 3 weeks and planning to do it only once a month.

    I am losing every night 500 – 1100 g.. If I dont eat and drink more at the daytime ( + 500 – 1100 g ) I will lose 1 kg in one week.. It has worked 6 last weeks..
    Personally I dont give up, because after a month the weight could be, what ever..

    – But this is a free world and everyone is able to do, what seems to be best..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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