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  • Hey all,

    I’ve been doing the diet now for several months and have lost over 2 stone, as an avid tea drinker I found that certain teas and blends really helped to keep me feeling fuller on fast days and made life a bit easier when trying to eat healthier on the remaining days. I’m currently putting together a few teas specifically for 5:2 dieters so I was just wondering – is this something that would interest anyone? 🙂

    Do share … I would love to know more WOW 2 stone that is exactly what I would like to lose!!! so far this week ( my first ) I lost 1 lb … (smiles)

    Do post any hints and tips I for one would love to read more ”) xx

    Yes! Let us know what works for you. Getting ideas from other people is how this eating plan works.

    I go with green tea with lemon and stevia.
    though it may not sate me tge way food does. The thoughts about the benefits has mm ade me cling to it. So yes very intrested to add variety to what helps a fast day. Say under 25 calories would peak my intrest.
    congratulations on your loss.

    in the next few weeks im going to try to find away to use a red bean water and mask its flavor or make a types of soup that is strained into a thin water.

    I like Lemon and Ginger tea on fast days, its very warming and since I have lost weight I feel the cold more – ready to welcome a warm summer 🙂

    I drink a lot of Rooibos tea. I do different flavors. I just love it.

    I also drink a lot of tea on fasting days… green tea, rooibus tea and also schoko chai

    I’ve only drunk peppermint tea for years. The best one in my opinion is Pukka 3 mint.

    Non caffeinated green tea and peppermint tea, separately or combined. A sure fire hunger pang eliminator in my case.

    I’ve been drinking decaf Celestial Seasons Orange Mandarin Spice. It’s so flavorful it’s very satisfying.

    I also drink Earl Grey, Jasmine and other Green Teas… but I find the Orange Mandarin Spice surprisingly satiating.

    Hi all, stupid question with fruit teas do u count the cals or not x

    If the tea has calories, you count them.

    ice tea (o calories) is my favorite! Seriously it helps me stay full and its YUMMY

    I have stocked up on several fruit-flavoured Twinings green tea; I also always keep peppermint tea on hand. No sweetener, no milk.

    Hi I might be being really blonde but when you say ice tea are you literally making tea and pouring over ice or a bought item 🙂 x

    The bought item stuff is usually sweetened and it’s bad tasting anyway. It’s one of those things that you can’t really bottle because most tea flavors are too fragile. In the US it’s pretty common to brew up really strong tea and then pour it over ice in a pitcher to make iced tea or ice tea. The ice melts and dilutes the tea to a normal strength and is served ice cold. I don’t know if they do this anyplace else. In the southern US, where my dad was from, they sweeten it to almost a syrup (at least that’s what my mom, a yankee would say), but as kids we all thought it was pretty good that way. In the north, it’s commonly unsweetened and thus zero cal and delicious and natural and inexpensive.

    That reminds me that when I was a kid in the 60s, iced tea was the thirst quenching drink we all drank. We have hot, arid summers here and drink a lot of liquid, and back then it was mostly unsweetened iced tea. Pop, or soda, was an occasional treat and many days would go by between 12 oz bottles of the stuff. But now, iced tea is much less common with kids and pop, in huge bottles or cups is ubiquitous. It’s a disaster.

    My absolute favorite fast day drink is combining a zero calorie vitamin water from kroger. Its mango flavored. But I add sunkist orange 10 to it about 25% soda. That way a 20oz combo of the mango/orange is only 3 calories. If I want to sweeten it further I can add stevia to it. I found on fssting days if filled my belly with water about a half an hour after eating was like adding a half hour to how long I stay unhungry.w

    100% vitamin c, a, b3, b6, b9, b12,
    25% zinc.

    favorite food to pair with? Fish with orange zest and mushrooms with aspragus.

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